She Says… Clomid: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I received so many great comments and emails from my previous post about Clomid. I LOVE to hear stories like, “My friend took Clomid and was pregnant with twins the first month!”. And, although they aren’t quite as exciting (but equally important!), the ones like, “I took Clomid for months and had horrible side effects and still am not pregnant.” If you haven’t already realized, I am a helpless over-researcher. Heck, this blog was mostly a place for me to gather my research for myself and others. Even though I know that there’s no way to predict how I will react to Clomid, it makes me feel better to know that I’ve gathered all of the information. I am a planner, what can I say?

In pure Type A fashion, here’s a list of the top things I’ve learned about Clomid:

  • Approximately 80% of women taking Clomid will ovulate within the first three menstrual cycles. (Wahoo! This is great news for me, as it seems that everything works just fine inside my body, except that I’m not ovulating.)
  • Research shows that about 40% of women using Clomid are able to conceive within the first three cycles. About 50% of women are able to conceive within six months of use. (Although I wish these numbers were higher, you have to remember that the women taking Clomid in the first place are already struggling with infertility. So if nearly half of “infertile” women get preggo on Clomid, that’s not bad odds!)
  • Potential side effects of Clomid include mood swings, dizziness, nausea, and breast tenderness. Some women felt horny and others lost their sex drive, most experienced vaginal dryness (as Clomid dries up your cervical mucus… not a good side effect for trying to make babies!), and bloating. Still others had hot flashes and tendency to cry at the drop of a hat. (We’re in for a wild ride, here, folks! And hopefully it’s all worth it…)
  • And last, but certainly not least, the most controversial point about Clomid (at least for Benjamin and I): Taking Clomid increases a woman’s chance of having twins by about 10 percent!

Be still my heart! Seriously, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I WANT TWINS. I have ALWAYS wanted twins. I am dying for twins. The silver lining of struggling with infertility at all for me has been the prospect of an increased chance of having twins! More to come on this later, though. I know my wonderful husband has some words to say about it…

Any more Clomid stories for me? What do you think about having twins?


80 responses to “She Says… Clomid: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. I helped raise twin brothers, so I LOVE twins. They run in my family, so I was hoping I would get pregnant with twins, but alas, it is only one beautiful little baby. I was a teeny bit disappointed, but being pregnant with just one baby has been so delightful (past the all day nausea anyway).

  2. I’ve been following your story for a few months now. Every time there’s a new post in Google Reader, I think “Pregnant!” Ha! I’m rooting for you!

    As far as the side effects for Clomid go…I’m currently 7 months pregnant, and I’ll tell ya – they sound a LOT like prenancy symptoms! (I’ve never been on Clomid, just something I noticed!) Just go ahead and get used to the “wild ride”!

    We thought twins sounded fun as well. We’re truly blessed with this one healthy baby boy that I’m carrying, but walking out of the doctor’s office after our first ultrasound, my husband commented that “There was just one baby in there.” Ha! A little sad, but we couldn’t be happier with what we DO have!

  3. I agree with Lauren that the side effects do sound a lot like pregnancy symptoms, so I hope you don’t have to take it for to long…9 mo’s is plenty for anyone to have to go through that!! And your poor husband, bless his heart…

    As for twins, I too always wanted twins, we have several sets on my moms side of the family, and so I definitely thought it was a possiblity, and for me, my first baby was by no means the first grandchild on either side, there were a few girls and boy spread amongst both families, and so I felt like my baby would just be “another baby” BUT! If I had twins, that would be a first, and sooooo cool…but alas, I did not have twins…just one girl, and to tell you the truth, in those first few months at home with just one baby I truly though that I was nuts to have EVER wanted more than one at a time…lol…babies are hard!! But soooooo worth it and people have twins all the time and survive those first few months no worse for the wear…Good Luck, I hope you get whatever babies Gog has planned for you! You’ll do great with whatever you get!!

  4. Bring on the mood swings! I sincerely hope that your next post is mid “swing” and it’s filled with crazy talk. Good luck!

  5. I don’t have any Clomid stories but I think it’s interesting that the side effects look just like pregnancy symptoms. Maybe just preparing you? Here’s hoping you get pregnant with twins!

  6. Low Fat Lady

    I want twins as well. It would mean I would have two and then I would not have to worry about infertility anymore. I hope the Clomid works for you. When do you start? I start my second round (100mg) on Saturday. Good luck!

  7. Oh! Good Luck. Can’t wait to read you’re pregnant. Twins? I’m not sure if I could manage them…I think one would be enough of a challenge for me! But they run in our family. My dad has two sets of twins (2 brothers & two sisters) in his family. He’s one of 13 kids! Huge family. None of my cousins (I have over 50 cousins) have had twins yet so this scares me a bit…Is it waiting for me? My sister really wanted twins but after having 3 boys I think she and her husband are done. Well, I think he’s done, she would like another. Best of luck!!!

  8. Sam, Who knows, maybe you’ll have twins someday too? You are lucky they run in your family! Hope the nausea passes soon.

    Lauren, Thanks for following! I can’t WAIT to write that “I’m Pregnant” post. Believe me, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. Congrats on your little one!

    Amy, I’m sure you are right that even having just ONE baby at home is a challenge in the beginning… that’s part of Benjamin’s hesitation to root for twins for sure. I’m sure your babies are INCREDIBLY special to your family even though they are not twins. Babies are always miracles (as I’m learning every day)!

    Erin, I’ll be sure to post like a maniac while high on Clomid to entertain you 🙂

    Tabitha, I know, it is interesting that the side effects are very similar to pregnancy symptoms. I guess that’s what you get when you mess around with hormones. Thank you!

    Low Fat Lady, I hear you. Although, Benjamin often asks me, “If we had twins, would we be ‘done’?”. And for me, the answer is “Nope!”. I want more than 2 kids, so even if we get twins, I’d like to try again. But, of course that depends on what it takes to get pregnant the first time, and how well I [hypothetically] deal with taking care of two newborns at once.

    Traci, You may be the lucky one to carry the ‘twin’ torch! That’s a LOT of cousins; how fun.

  9. You’re right Kate! I meant to add that in my comment and lost my train of thought I guess…my kids are very much loved…and special and unique in their own way…it was just crazy pregnancy brain thinking!!

  10. I can’t wait to read that you are pregnant! And twins? Let me share a little secret with you…i want them too. 🙂

  11. i most definitely do NOT want twins. so i’ll send all the twin vibes your way!!!

  12. I would LOVE to have twins. I’ve always wanted to BE a twin so having them would be the next best well, possible, solution 🙂 That’s not what got [Jon and] Kate with 6 is it!?

  13. Ya’ll would be wonderful twin parents! Sending lots of happy Clomid twin vibes your way! 🙂

  14. Amy, 🙂 I know.

    Nikol, Thanks! Right back atcha. Maybe twins for you too?

    Sarah, Ha, appreciate that. Hopefully they don’t run in your family? The chances are still small, even with Clomid…

    Allie, Me too! I think wanting to be BE a twin was the driving force behind wanting them. I was one of four kids, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have enough siblings to play with, I am just fascinated by the amazing bond between twins.

    iamstacey, Thank you! My mom called last night and said that she and my sister were discussing twins (I haven’t told her about the blog yet), and my sister said that Benjamin and I would be awesome twin parents too! Although I’m sure I have NO idea how hard it would be sometimes, I do have total confidence that we could handle it. We are super-organized and a fantastic team. Talk about a challenge to take on together!

  15. just randomly came across your blog- i love it so far! and i conceived twins while taking clomid- they are 13 months now and have been the best (and most challenging!) thing that ever happened to me! good luck!

  16. my god we think so alike it is scary. i have been reading your blog from the beginning (am new to your blog- stumbled onto it from Tabitha’s blog) and am eager to read the rest of it!

  17. I got pregnant with twins the first round on clomid at 50mg! I always wanted twins and actually released 5, yes 5 eggs!! Thank God only two got fertilized, I’m now 17 weeks or 4 months and its a little uncomfortable but worth it! I also have a Doppler and listen to their little heart beats almost everyday! Good luck to you. I’m also 22 years old.

  18. I have had one round of clomid 50mg and i ovulated on day 18 even though we ‘done it’ before, on and after O we did not get pregnant so i’m on second round now 100mg and omg!! im so damn horny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. on CD day so fingers crossed i’d LOVE twins!!

  19. jemimah david

    my friend took clomid and was successful

  20. well i took clomid and i am having triplets.. due to myself have pcos.. i took clomid 50mg 3xdaily.. and my babies are healthy..

  21. Louise Jones-Breland

    Anonymous #2
    I am currently taking clomid 50mg 2x daily(first round, day2, CD 6) I too have pcos. Unlike some of you, my husband is ecstatic about the possibility of either twins or triplets…( he has claimed it since we first got married) and of course before we knew what was wrong. So I’m praying for a great intake 😉

  22. Hi I love your story and i pray for you and your family. I was recently diagnosed with pcos three years ago and me and my husband just finished our sonogram and we are goin to have three budles of joys on our first round of Clomid and I am so happy the side effects are soooo worth it but Clomid is definitely the baby making drug. Goodluck!!!

  23. Louise Jones-Breland

    hi Naomi,
    congrats on your 3 little angels 🙂 I pray that is a healthy pregnancy and an even better delivery! What are you having and when are you due?

  24. Is clomid realy good?

    What are the negative&positive sidE eFfcts of this.aCtUALly i njoy reading alL of your posts,.

    Is,CloMid is goOd or bAd? I want to have bAbies toO.

  25. When all of you are talking about taking Clomid, are you doing this on your own or with iui?

  26. @Marie, I took Clomid “on my own”, under the supervision of a fertility specialist, but without an IUI. An IUI would have been the next step, but for me, the Clomid was enough to get me ovulating so we could try naturally.

  27. Hello everyone!!!! I did a Google search on “Clomid Twins” and I am so glad that I came across this blog! I love reading all of yalls stories! I guess I the same questions everyone has about clomid. OMG I COULD HAVE TWINS ON CLOMID!? YES PLEASE! I’d love to have twins! However, twins also run in my family. My grandfather is a twin and I have twin brothers. My dr just started me on clomid 50mg. This is my 3rd day taking it. I haven’t had any side effects yet. (knock on wood) My dr did blood work to see is I was ovulating. The “cycle day 21” progesterone test. She said it came back saying I was ovulating. She said I had a 7.6. (Whatever that means) Does anyone know what that means? If you do, can you please explain it to me? (In other words, “dumb it down” for me) LOL My other question is, if my whatever levels are at 7.6 and I am taking clomid what are my chances of having twins? However, I would be happy with one baby!
    Thanks, Taylor 🙂

  28. Hi Taylor! A progesterone level of 7.6 is almost exactly what I had (I had 7.5 the first month of testing… 9.5 the second month of testing), anything over a 5 typically means you ovulated, but most doctors want to see that number above 10. My doctor actually wants to see it A LOT higher… at 18-19 would be optimal. The “cycle day 21” test is actually supposed to be a “7 days after you ovulate” test. I suggest getting an ovulation kit, you can find affordable ones on Amazon or eBay, and testing twice a day at CD 12 and so on until you get a positive ovulation test, and then getting your blood tested 7 days from that day. That would make it more accurate if you’re anything like me and don’t have normal, perfect, predictable cycles. I ovulate anywhere from CD 16 to CD 18. PS I believe the chances of you having twins is about the same as anyone else taking Clomid with lower progesterone… I’ve heard up to 30% put the majority of what I’ve researched shows around 10%.

  29. Hi Arian,

    Thanks for your respond. This is my first month on clomid 50mg. I had my blood work on cd 21 again. However, this time my progesterone level was at 4.3! How can it go down on clomid? Is that normal?

  30. Hi I just wanted to post on here that I took one round of clomid 50g on days 5-9!!! Found out I was pregnant first go. YAY!!! Had my first ultrasound yesterday and….. It’s TWINS. Came as a massive shock. The only side effects I had on clomid was crying constantly anything would make me cry and hot flushes especially at night!!!

  31. I just stumbled across your blog, I just started 50 mg yesterday and I’m already horny as crap. I’m also having slight headaches, slight nausea and hot flashes. I’m scared about the chances if twins but excited at the same time. Both my husband and I have twins I’m the family. I’m praying this first round works though.

  32. I was prescribed 50mg clomid and got pregnant with fraternal twins during the first month of taking it. I had a great pregnancy, a vaginal birth and I now have two very healthy eight month old boys.

  33. I too always thought it would be great to have twins but after 13 months with my spunky little girl I think 2 would have been 2 overwhelming!! We are trying for No. 2 now and having no luck. We started trying at 7 mo. pp and are trying for 2 more months and then I want to go see my ob/gyn. I don’t know much about Clomid. I ovulate very late and irregularly from what I can tell. Would Clomid help this? We are doing the baby dance every other day all month just to be safe so we don’t miss the O.

  34. Hi guys im from tx i have been trying for a baby for 2 yrs miscarry the first child at 12 weeks and then a year later miscarrying my second at just 6 weeks my doctor put me on clomid this time because of the periods between took so long so i hope it works. Are you pregnant im excited to have found this i research like crazy trying to see if it might work for me

  35. MRS. Gustafsson

    hi everyone! i have a previous endometriosis, and maybe thats the reason i dont get pregnant and the doctor tells me to took another lab test and ultra sound and she tells me that my endometriosis already gone and i can start to try to concieve and then she recomend me to take clomid 50mg one cycle, but after 2months i didnt get pregnant. thats why my OB advice my husband to took and lab test for his sperm and its turns out he got some problem with his sperm, my husband and i almost loose hope to have a baby..what we did is to pray to GOD together and that month im expecting to have my menstration and my husband is about to come back to his DR, to undergo some medication the next week then 2days i didnt have my menstration i took a pregnancy test and just like other month that turns to be negative, so i came back to the table where i leave the preganancy test to throw it, i see its 2lines and its possitive! i run to my husband to see what i found im pregnant! and i confrim it to my OB im pregnant its possitive! finally! we cant believe despite of some problem with his sperm we make it! im 5months pregnant now :). i hope this will be a good motivation to those who feel that there is no hope, just pray what u need to GOD and follow the doctor advice all will be fine! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  36. What happens if you take clomid when you ate already ovulating?

  37. I am about to start my first dose of clomid meds i have one son who is four
    and i would secretly love to have twins as well… but ill be blessed with whatever god gives me i just hope it or them are happy, and healthy:)

  38. I have recently started taking it. I have found not to b gross but It makes me horney my boobs are sore and I’ve been in an amazing mood!

  39. Hi all; I am 28 and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year and a half. I have always longer (34 days) and slightly irregular cycles. Since we started TTC, I have used OPKs and had difficulty identifying ovulation. Follow up bloodwork on days 3 and 21 showed that I did not ovulate, but I continued using the OPK and got a positive LH surge on day 22. I am ovulating too late and possibly too short of a luteal phase. Husband’s semen analysis is normal and I am otherwise very healthy.

    I started Clomid 50 mg (days 5-9) this cycle and went in for a follicle scan on day 11. I had many follicles, but the largest by far was only 12mm. She told me that although follicles grow 2mm/day, the chances I would ovulate are low. This was VERY disappointing to me, almost devastating. Will it ever happen for us? Will I be able to handle the emotional turmoil? High hopes to sheer disappointment every month? Do I continue clomid or just deal with the reality that I am infertile? So many thoughts and fears. However, I did continue my OPKs and got a positive LH surge on day 18 AND 19! Now I know this is still a little later in my cycle than would be desired, but it’s much better than day 22. By my calculation, the largest follicle would have been 26mm at time of ovulation. I’ve read that anywhere from 16-26mm creates a very healthy, viable egg. During Clomid (CD 5-9), I experienced headaches, hot flashes, and mild discomfort in my ovaries. Nearing ovulation, I experienced shooting pains/cramps in my right ovary (housing the largest follicle) – I think this is a good O indicator and I will look our for this as an ovulation sign in the future. Immediately after O, I experienced very sore and hard nipples and breast tenderness. 4-5 days after ovulation, my breasts became very heavy, swollen, stabbing pains, tender to touch, nipples still incredibly sore. 8 days past O, I have nausea and have vomitted when trying to brush my teeth on more than one occasion. 10 days past O, I had really severe cramps in my uterus that sort of felt like day 1 of my period except no bleeding. Today is 11 days past O and CD 28 for me, and still mild cramps in uterus and very heavy, swollen, painful breasts – my normal bras barely fit me. If these are early pregnancy symptoms, isn’t it too early for me to be feeling such strong sensations and physical symptoms? My sister and I are very much alike – she is 9 mos pregnant and said that her breasts became very enlarged even before her missed period and was her first clue that she was pregnant, so this has be hopeful that this is the same for me. Like anything that makes you hopeful during infertility, it also makes you fearful that you’ll be crushed again when AF comes. I am praying that I am pregnant and this is not just a very intense cycle. I’ll find out by the end of this week! If not, I will continue Clomid and increase to 100 mg. This scares me, as twice the dose means twice the side effects but maybe also twice the possibility of success?

    Ladies- this is not for the faint of heart. I wish you all the luck with TTC, but I also wish you strength and support during this stressful and emotionally draining time. Try to have fun and be resilient. Also, have someone close to talk to. My sister is an OB Gyn, so she has been my shoulder to cry on so to speak and share my frustrations and concerns. I hope you have someone like that to talk to, or have a very sensitive partner to listen to you. Best of luck!

  40. We have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years now, and it has not happened yet. Doctor is thinking about starting me on Clomid. I have a chance for twins, as my dad is a twin, so it runs in the family. After I heard that clomid rasies your risk for twins, I told my doctor that is fine with me, because I really want twins. So I guess we will see what happens when she gets me started on it. I am hoping this will help. Reason she wants me to start on this, is because I am not ovulationg.

  41. I have (collectively) been TTC for over 8 years. (My first marriage ended, in part, because of my infertility.) I am 30, which is the beginning of the end as far as fertility goes. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2.5 years, basically since we married. I am on my second cycle with Clomid 100mg (did 50mg first cycle). I have ultrasound monitoring of my ovaries. Actually had my IUI today, so on the 27th I’ll have my pregnancy test. I had 2 mature follicles, only had 1 the first cycle, so I’m REALLY hoping for twins. My husband is completely supportive of this…..and me. We both desperately want to be parents. He has said since day one that he wants 3 or 4 children and that multiples would be great! Mostly, though, I just want to get pregnant, carry to term and have a happy healthy baby, or two! 🙂
    Good luck to all.

  42. nadia christians

    Is it safe to take 2 to 3 tablets a day, I have just started wit clomid 2-6 days…50 mg.

  43. I started clomid yesterday! I have two daughters 16, 5 and 2 older step daughters!
    I so want a boy but I love having girls! I’m hoping for twins as we’ll!

    I sure hope this works! My husband is about to be 46 and he says one more year and we need to be happy with the ones we have! Which we are! But they are all so amazing of course I want more!!!

    I pray you all get the bundles of joy you all deserve! I wish adopting wasn’t so expensive and complicated. It’s amazing how many people like us could give a wonderful home to such deserving children. The costs, the risks, and the time is so discouraging to start that route. I’m rambling thank you for listening!

    Thanks for putting up this blog it’s nice to have a place to share the thoughts

  44. I started my first round on Clomid this month after being unable to get pregnant with my husband for almost 3 years. We have twins on both sides of our families, so we have almost been aware that twins are a higher possibility. One baby would be wonderful, but two would also be a great blessing and what an adventure. It is so uplifiting to read that couples got pregnant on their first round of treatment. The only side effects I had while taking the Clomid for the 5 days were a great deal of hot flashes. They decreased and resolved a few days after finishing the 5 days (thank goodness). I do ovulate normally, but was started on Clomid to hopefully increase ovulation. Fingers crossed 🙂

  45. I took clomid, and got pregnant 1st time!!!never, thought I would be saying this. Good luck 2 EVERYONE…Remember, it’s all in God’s timing. He will provide… 😉

  46. I have being trying to be pregnant with clomid for 5years now . and nothing happens. so what can I do?

  47. This blog is great. I’m really enjoying all the success stories! So my husband and I have been TTC since July 2013. Little did we know it wasn’t as easy as it looked 😦 My tom was ranging from 40-70 days each time and I was convinced every month that we were pregnant. Every time the test had a – we would be heartbroken. So now my Dr. put me on Clomid 50mg days 5-9. I am actually feeling very good and confident on it. Tonight I will be on my 3rd pill and am really hoping this will do the trick. Twins sound incredible, but whatever the guy upstairs has in store we will be thrilled with. On a side note I am also temping and using a digital ovulation monitor. Good luck everyone and I’ll keep you all posted on how things progress.


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    If these tests are normal and the couple would like to continue with clomiphene treatment, other investigations, such as weight loss or gain, might be suggested. A normal or near normal weight according to BMI reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery.
    Weight gain: – Being under weight also acts as a hindrance in initiating an ovulation, according to body mass index. If the weight is less than 17 kg/m square may increase complication in achieving ovulation.

  49. Hi ladies, just wanted to give you a little hope, i had been struggling to fall pregnant for 4 years, and doctor recently found out after blood tests and a lyproscopy that i just was not ovulating and my right tubes were abnormal, so he prescribed clomid at 100mg on days 3-7…thank the heavens but im currently 7 weeks pregnant after only 1 round of clomid. Just be patient and when the time is right babies will come 🙂

  50. Is there anyone here that I could contact? I am on clomid for 3 months and still not ovulating 😦

  51. Hey everyone!

    God I love this thread. I HATE Clomid. I feel like Kate… So super hopeful. But I keep having horrid side effects. I am a teacher and I got so dizzy leading class one time that when the kiddos went out for recess I lay on the circle time carpet and prayed to any and all the gods to stop me from puking! I wrote a post about feeling optimistic and then crushed by Clomid on my blog the other day!

    If you want a look:

    Hope all you ladies have success on your journey! Wishing you love and laughter on your way there!
    XOXXO Kaeleigh

  52. Beatrice S. A.

    I am so please 2 com across dis, i am most grateful. I believe I hav hop wit dis. Pls can i get dis clomid in my country? I need it so much. My prayer is 2 have d previllage of having a child I can call mine, after a yr of marriage without any, and my periods r irregular. Pls reply me

  53. hi ,,,i am SILKY , i have thyroid and PCOD , so doctor gave me thyronorm 100mg , bigomate tablets, m2 tone syrup , ovacet tablets for getting pregnancy , and we meet in fertilize time , that means after period we ( hubby and me ) meet , so doctor said for only one month u can use these tablets except thyroid then u can get pregnancy in one month , and i uesd CLOMIPURE 50 , so i have successfully completed all ,, now my next periods is would be come in this 8th actually , but im expecting pregnancy , but sadly my periods came 4 days late with heavy bleeding with light dizziness , im upset , can i use one more month with same medicens, my dough is that in these problems of health , can i really get pregnant ? thank you plzzzz help me

  54. minajaffaru

    i took clomid in January i did not get pregnant still than have stop taking it and i don’t have problem with ovulation i just took to have twins and now i get pregnant dis March can i be pregnant with twins

  55. First cycle of 50mg Clomid – we got twins. 🙂

  56. I took clomid and now am feeling bad

  57. Started on clomid last month and i just completed my second month. My sex drive is in the tank though and it sure aint a good thing as am supposed to be getting loads of sex during this time.any ideas on wat to do to increase my sex drive? Secret: want twins badly myself. So l would include you in my prayers.



  59. Im new here and its exciting im also on fertomid 50mg since last months it didn’t work….. I felt like i was pregnant after using it…… My period is irregular so i got my period on 19 june they are so heavy…..have any1 notice dis

  60. Hi. OMG I love this group of wonderful people. . Okay so I have a 14 months old son at home and I want ttc in about 6 months but I am dying for TWINS so if someone can help me.. is clomid safe for the unborn child?

  61. I need twins so wen and wen can I take clomid,is it during ovulation orbe4 my periiod plz reply me

  62. Hi everyone. Almost 2 weeks after taking fertomid i started having all those Pregnancy symptoms that Fertomid is clearly famous for. I told myself that I needed to wait atleast another 2 to 3 weeks before doing a test. Well I waited and took the true blue pregnancy test and it said :Pregnant 2-3. I’ve gone to my GP and confirmed that I’m pregnant. I hope it’s twins.

  63. it is good to appreciate babakule {}for his powerful product that i ordered at the rate of 350$.he sent the package to me with my postal address.i start using it ,on the second week i got conceive .what i a suprise after 3years of barreness.thank you baba.

  64. i used the herbal herbs product which this great man sent to my wife for 350$.my wife use it for three weeks and it work perfect for us ,now we are expecting our first child by next months…this herbal herbs is working perfectly well.this is how i got his

  65. i took clomid 50mg did not ovulate.But hopefully i will start the other dose right away .am praying for twins

  66. So I just went to my Obgyn and she is recommending Clomid for me however I do the ovulation test and i always am ovulating so why would she put me on that??

  67. did enlargement of breast a good sign after taking clomid from the first day of menstruation?

  68. Courtney Condi

    My period has been completely absent for most of my life. I’m 31 years old with PCOS. I’ve had (barely) a dozen periods since age 13. Progesterone doesn’t even work for me! I feel so broken as a women and my husband has hope, but doesn’t understand my disorder. So since I cannot “start clomid from days 3-7 or 5-9 of my cycle”.. I was considering just attempting to randomly take Clomid for 5 days, and continue our sex life as normal.. (About every other day). Would it hurt me?

  69. Had a miscarriage in July after trying for 2 years,I already have two wonderful boys but we wanted to try one last my Dr. put me on clomid & praying this works for us but does anyone know is there a chance of having another miscarriage just really scared for it to happen again the Dr, said once i found out im pregnant that he will start me on another med. on my 3rd day of taking clomid i go back in 6 weeks to take blood work to see if its + PRAYING PRAYING TO GOD & if i am that our baby is healthy & we dont care what we have or how many but what is the possability of having a miscarriage again.

  70. I had a miscarriage last August at 5 months due to incompetent cervix which can occur due to trauma from previous delivery but remains unknown till the miscarriage occurs in next pregnancy it can be treated by a stitch on the cervix for the next pregnancy my pregnancy was a normal natural pregnancy ,my dr advised to try again after three regular cycles and this month I took clomid 100 mg just to increase the possibility of getting pregnant fast as I was so depressed to lose my unborn baby boy, it’s been 25 days since I took clomid my periods are due on 22 another 6 days from now I am anxious ,worried scared mixed feelings if I am pregnant or not ,I am having back aches and cramps when I sleep and wake up in the night ,can’t wait to know when will I get pregnant hoping God gives me a chance again and bless me with a baby boy ,I have two girls also one is 20 and other 5 yrs.i am 41 years old since my last pregnancy was a news for me so I got very excited and specially when everything was going perfect all test clear and a baby boy I was happy but the unfortunate event of miscarriage after completing half the time of pregnancy occurred last August and I was so devastated that I have been still crying to get pregnant again and have a baby .i keep worrying that due to my age if I will get pregnant again and have a baby or not ,keeping my finger crossed and praying to God for His blessing .

  71. I’m so happy I found this blog post. I just started taking clomid today. We’ve tried for 8 years to have a baby with no luck. I have read many of the comments and I feel hopeful. I’m not sure how I feel about twins though but just to carry full term would be amazing for us.

  72. I don’t have an infertility success story because of clomid (it didn’t work for us but we were able to finally get pregnant and carry to term, I had 3 losses, in an unmedicated cycle and our sweet baby boy is now 20 months old) but I’m a clomid baby. If it were not for clomid I would not be here. My parents struggled with infertility for 3 years before getting pregnant with me. I was born in 1977 (so there was no IVF then, the oldest IVF baby is 1 year younger than me) so it’s unusual to find someone as old as me that is a result of clomid. I am though. I am my parents only child too. Clomid does work for some people. =)

  73. I have tired for three years with no positive outcome and a friend told me to take clomide,I don’t have a fertility clinic around me to go to so I don’t knw if I sod just go ahead and take it anyways.
    And yes I will really like to have twince

  74. I, too, have always wanted twins!! I’m 45, never been preggo, and am dying to have a bay! Have not ovulated in the last 5 months. 😦 Am considering asking my ob about clomid…. not too sure, b/c of the dry cm side effect – am dry enough already!! (sorry if tmi)

  75. Valerie Kearney

    Hi Thinking of Starting Clomid for fertility after two miscarriages advice please

  76. I finished my first round of clomid on 8-18 of this year. I had mild side effects. I thought for sure I was gonna be in for the ride of my life. Since taking the first round..i am noticing i am more breasts are actually noticeably larger..i have been told my some people that i have a glow to me…in my deepest heartfelt part of me..i am hoping my husband and i are expecting…however..i have also heard that clomid mimics pregnancy because of the increased amount of progesterone in the body…i wanna be happy..but im also scared as hell…we lost our baby at 12 wks in 2011..and i dont wanna get my hopes up….thoughts…??

  77. Mitchell Glover

    Dear Aluta Spell after going through 3 failed IVF cycles and several IUI’s without any results, I had started my journey at the age of 37 as I couldn’t accept the fact that I wouldn’t have any children of my own. By sheer accident I found your email on a website how a lady was cured from infertility issues May of 2015, I implemented most of your guidelines exactly as instructed in the herbs and found myself holding a positive home pregnancy test in less than 5 weeks! After over seven years of trying to conceive and thousands of dollars spent on infertility treatments, I had actually succeeded to get pregnant the natural way without any drugs or medical intervention all because of your medication that costs less! I’m going to have my first baby in 1 month! I still cannot believe it! contact him today on his website so that your life will be changed for better. This is the solution to every single mother around the globe. distance is not a barrier, he will surely make your dreams come through. email him quickly on his website for solution

  78. Ive been taking clomid 50 mg on my third cycle hoping this is our month. Almost 5 years ago I tried clomid end up with twins on my third round. This time around I feel different then the first time. Ive had breast soreness also around day of ovulation wicked cramps where my uterus is the last two months. Please sprinkle baby dust family is hoping this is our month (crossing fingers) has any else experience the cramping also???? 😘☺

  79. This is my third cycle taking clomid and 2 days after ovulation I have been bleeding sporadically on and off for 7 days. My period is not due until next week and now I believe it’s the meds n not pregnancy. So sad.

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