He Says…Twins?!…WTF?!

http://sheerbrandage.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/doublemint.jpgYou all are killing me here.  Twins.  TWINS!

Many things DO come better in pairs.  Shoes, gloves, beers…but BABIES?  That just sounds like a crazy idea.  I have been quite aware for some time now that my lovely wife Kate thinks twins would be divine.  I have been pleased to realize, though, that our chances were very slim; neither of us has twins in our family, and most multiples (I think) come from infertility treatments.  Now here we are getting a little “assistance” in that department, increasing our chance of twins.  I realize the chances are still quite slim (thank god) but this is one “side-effect” I am not quite ready for.

Now, I want you all to realize that if we DID have twins, I would certainly love them.  And sure it would make for cute family photos, etc., but I didn’t realize until recently that many women out there actually hoped for twins.  I would like to use this forum to remind my wonderful Kate of all the stories of our friends who have had children in the last few years and all the work it was for them, all the feedings, all the sleepless nights, etc.  Now multiply that by two.  That just sounds like disaster.  I doubt there is enough caffeine in the world to keep us up for all of that.  I have witnessed several parents of twins laugh at Kate when she said she wanted twins.  (See, they understand me.)  And another thing…what if we had twin GIRLS?!?  Talk about a father’s nightmare…teenage twin daughters.  I think I need to think about getting my shotgun license and putting extra deadbolts on the bedroom doors.

Here is the other little problem: I want two kids.  This has not been 100% agreed on between Kate and myself, but my feeling is that if we have twins the first time, well there…we have our two kids.  Now Kate has made it quite clear that having twins, does not in her mind count as “two” kids.  I think it is more her desire to have babies on more than one occasion.

Again, this is obviously out of our control, and I am all for taking the steps we ARE taking to get pregnant, but I am hoping I have some supporters out there rooting for my side, that we get blessed with ONE beautiful, healthy child.


4 responses to “He Says…Twins?!…WTF?!

  1. hmm… I wonder why that is, why women want twins? personally, I would want them so that I could get two children with half the effort. 🙂

  2. I guess you could argue that it is half the effort in the conceiving part, but once they come out, I am guessing it is easily double as hard.
    But I think maybe it’s just that women are more crazy.

  3. My husband and I are the exact opposite of you guys, he is hoping for twins and I think he is certifiably insane.
    BTW – My friend with twins swears that the first 2 years are hard, but after that it is a big payoff and they are built in playmates.

  4. Twins are exciting and adventurous! I think that anybody who has twins in their family is blessed, because then they get to witness true love: between twins and especially identical ones. And I’m on your wife’s side (ha,ha): twins don’t count as two kids- two kids mean two pregnancies, for me, so if there are twins, then that is a cheat! LOL. I am a female who has always wanted twins so there you have it……………

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