Our Babymaking Story

It’s hard to believe that our blog has turned into an infertility story. We started it in March 2009 when we threw the birth control pills out the window and decided to start a family, thinking that it would be a fun way to chronicle our pregnancy and the adventures we would have raising babies together. Little did we know that we’d take an unexpected emotional detour before we got to that point. Here’s our story so far…

February 2009 – Kate completes her masters and Benjamin is finally ready. Goodbye, birth control. Hello, babies! Or at least we thought that’s what would happen.

March 2009 – Kate doesn’t get her period when she is supposed to. We blissfully think we are one of those lucky, uber-fertile couples who got pregnant their first month trying. No such luck.

April 2009 – Benjamin turns 30. After a few negative pregnancy tests and a little research (thank you, Taking Charge of Your Fertility!), we realize we’re not pregnant, and there must be some other reason for Kate not getting her period. Kate calls her gynecologist, who says to make an appointment in a few weeks if Kate still hasn’t gotten a period.

May 2009 – Kate sees her gynecologist. Gets bloodwork done to test hormone levels and is put on Provera to take the “Progesterone Challenge”. Bloodwork comes back perfectly normal (doctor says, “Beautiful!”) and Provera withdrawal results in a small amount of bleeding, which are both great signs.

June 2009 – Still no period. Gynecologist says to wait it out. Kate starts charting her temp every morning and finds no thermal shift, which indicates that she’s not ovulating.

July 2009 – Gynecologist suggests that we see a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). It’s the first time anyone has used the word “infertility”, and we’re scared. Kate thinks that maybe exercise is impacting her ovulation, so she chills out on the cardio and takes up yoga.

We go to Boston IVF for our first appointment with Dr. P, our RE. He orders up a round of diagnostic tests. Bloodwork, an internal ultrasound and an HSG. And a semen analysis for Benjamin. Kate completes all the tests like a champ, even though she is kind of a baby when it comes to needles.

August 2009 – Test results are in. Although all hormone levels are normal and HSG was clear, Kate is diagnosed with Lean Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Dr. P prescribes a round of Clomid (50mg, the lowest dosage) and tells us to use an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) to see if the Clomid results in ovulation.

September 2009 – After a few confusing OPK readings, we finally get a positive! Yahoo!

A week later, Kate experiences one day of bleeding. Since it is 7 days past ovulation and not enough to count as a real period, we self-diagnose as implantation bleeding and think Kate is pregnant. Again.

She’s not. Blood test confirms the negative result (as if three days of home tests didn’t confirm it enough!). Dr. P says to wait until her period comes and then try again next month.

October 2009 – But her period never comes. She goes back to Boston IVF for more bloodwork, which shows low progesterone, which indicates that she didn’t really ovulate after all. The positive OPK reading might have been triggered by a high enough LH level to set off the test, but not high enough to actually release a full egg. Dr. P increases the Clomid dosage to 100mg.

November 2009 – Kate takes round #2 of Clomid. When she hasn’t gotten a positive OPK by cycle day 14, Dr. P orders an ultrasound and bloodwork to get the skinny. Ultrasound shows two big, mature follicles (24mm and 25mm) raring to go! And bloodwork confirms that her body is in the midst of ovulating on its own. Yippee! Doctor’s orders: go home and make whoopee. One week later, a progesterone test shows a nice, high number indicating that Kate had a strong ovulation (for the first time, maybe ever!). Kate tries acupuncture in an effort to maintain her total mind-body wellness.

The two week wait finally ends, and Kate takes a home pregnancy test at 14 days past ovulation. BIG FAT POSITIVE! Benjamin, ever the videographer, catches the emotional moment on film.

First beta at 14 days past ovulation comes back at 387, a beautifully high number for 4 weeks pregnant. We can’t believe it. We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 🙂  Second beta at 17 days past ovulation comes back at 1467 — much higher than the expected number (which was double the first beta). Great news! There’s most likely one very healthy baby in there, or possibly TWINS!

December 2009 – First ultrasound shows ONE healthy baby, heartbeat and all (and Benjamin captures the tears on film… again). This is it, folks. We’re really, truly pregnant this time.

January 2010 – Second ultrasound actually looks like a baby, 2 arms, 2 legs. One little hand even waves at us during the procedure. We hear the heartbeat and confirm a healthy baby at 10 weeks.

March 2010 – We announce that we are having a BOY!

July 24th, 2010 – Owen is born! See his video birth announcement.

Trying for #2

Late April 2012 – Though all of our friends have already moved on to their second, we were specifically waiting for a 2 1/2 year age gap between kids. We’re FINALLY ready to “try” again and pulled the, ahem, goalie.

June 13, 2012 – After a delayed positive pregnancy test on our first month “trying”, an early ultrasound shows smaller fetus than expected. Could be late ovulation or a growth issue.

June 27, 2012 – Follow-up ultrasound shows delayed growth again. Doctor gives 50/50 chance of pregnancy being viable, but can’t say for sure.

July 5, 2012 – Another follow-up ultrasound shows nearly no growth. Pregnancy is not viable, but doctor has to wait for heartbeat to stop on its own before any next steps can be taken.

July 12, 2012 – Final ultrasound shows no heartbeat. We decide to induce a miscarriage at home with medication.

August 2012 – Kate’s period returns right on schedule post-miscarriage and after one normal cycle, we are ready to start trying again. Cautiously.

September 2012 – Kate has has extremely long, abnormal and confusing cycle.

October 2012 – We use an ovulation predictor kit to make sense of what’s happening when. Got a positive OPK late into the cycle, when Benjamin was [thankfully] not traveling.

November 2012 – POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! Early ultrasounds show perfect growth and a healthy, viable pregnancy.

December 2012We share the good news.

February 2013 – Ultrasound shows we’re having another boy! Kate goes into full-fledged planning mode.

73 responses to “Our Babymaking Story

  1. Wow! Your story sounds like my story to a “T”! My husband and I bought a home in November 2008 and decided that we were ready for me to come off the birth control and start trying! I kept waiting and waiting to get a period, but it never came. Finally, I decided to see my gynecologist. She told me to wait a couple more weeks and if I still didn’t get a period, to take Prometrium. About 98 days went by with no period. So I took a round of Prometrium and then 10 days later I had a period. My doc had told me this would jump start my body and from here on out we should be in a good position. Well I went another 2 months without a period so we tried the Prometrium again. That worked but then she also put me on 50mg of Clomid days 5-9, again hoping this would jumpstart my body. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Long story short, my husband and I used 2 rounds of Clomid before being advised by our gyno that we would need to see a fertility specialist. In August, we began treating with a specialist and I was told that I too have PCOS. I have 20 follicles on my right ovary and 24 on my left. I’ve taken all other baseline tests and everything has been ok. So, it’s really just a matter of getting me to ovulate. Which hasn’t been so easy. Actually I thought I had ovulated in August, I had the positive OPK test and couldn’t actually believe I was seeing a smiley face. It would be the first time I had ovulated in at least 9 months! But I too took a progesterone blood test and had a 2 which my doc told me means I hadn’t ovulated in a very long time. Since I haven’t had a period again in something around 50 days, I took Provera and now we are on a round of Clomid, this time at 150mg! We are also being monitored by the doctor. Hopefully next week we get good news!! Good luck!

  2. Michelle, Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your story — isn’t it amazing how hard it is to get a concrete answer about what’s going on inside our bodies?! It seems like in this day and age we should be able to get some sort of scan and have the docs know everything about our reproductive system.

    Good luck with the increased dosage of Clomid… I hope you get a REAL smiley face soon, and a happy baby soon after that. Keep in touch!

  3. I accidentally bumped into your site while searching for stuffs on Clomid. I also have PCOS. For my case, I get my menses every month without fail but I just don’t ovulate … I always thought that anyone who gets their menses ovulate but it’s not true.

    Well it’s been 3 months since we’ve tried to conveive. Like you, we thought we were those “uber-fertile couples who got pregnant their first month trying”….

    Our gynae gave us metformin and clomid (100mg) and last month I did ovulate but the pregnancy test were negative.

    I’m taking the same dosage of metformin and clomid as the previous month. Fingers crossed!!

    My gynae said NO exercises from the time you ovulate till two weeks later.

    I hope you will get a positive result soon 🙂

  4. Obviously when I had my baby and stopped reading blogs for awhile, I missed a huge amount of EVERYTHING going on here. I’m glad that you added this page so that I knew where to go!

    That said, I am so so sorry to hear about all of the developments. We tried, thought we were pregnant, were crushed when we weren’t, tried again, got pregnant, miscarried, tried again, thought we were pregnant, were crushed when we weren’t, tried again and got lucky. I cannot imagine it having gone differently now and I know that Charlotte was worth the bother, but I think about all of the heartbreak that came before my pregnancy with her, and oh, Kate, my heart breaks for you. Just keep it up; I hope to hear some fantastic news soon!

  5. CA, Congrats on ovulating last month! It sounds like you found the magic concoction very easily 🙂 Good luck this month. My doctor confirmed that exercise was not the cause of my anovulation through some hormone levels, so I’m not worried about over-exercising anymore (although I found I love yoga, and don’t need as much cardio as I used to). Everyone is different, as my doctor said that exercise was perfectly safe in early pregnancy.

    Sarah, I had no idea! I always imagined you were one of the lucky few who didn’t have to struggle with such things. Thank you so much for your kind words — they mean a lot! Charlotte WAS worth the rocky road, and I hope to have my own little success story very soon. I’m sure once that day comes I’ll barely remember these few months of frustration.

  6. Yeah I hope the same previous cycle dosage will make me ovulate again this month 🙂

    My gynae said I could keep on exercising (like 3-5 times a week) but not during the 2 weeks after ovulation. It was a little weird for me not to exercise as I love to run but of course, for baby’s sake I’d anything 🙂

  7. I was just wondering if you were being monitored via ultrasound and whether you were taking an hcg shot (ovidrel) to trigger ovulation. I think these are both critical during medicated cycles. It is not enough to test progesterone after the fact because you don’t know what’s going on in those ovaries and when you need to give them an extra boost.

    Also, if your bloodwork was normal (ie LH, testosterone, prolactin, FSH, estradiol, insulin- I’m sure there are more but my memory is hazy), you may not necessarily have PCOS. Having polycystic looking ovaries on an ultrasound is not enough to diagnose PCOS, as was my case.

    I also was in the questionable “lean/ atypical PCOS” category, though ovulation was like clockwork and hormone levels were all normal, so there was some other subtle problem going on that was not necessarily attributable to PCOS.

    I understand that, in your case, you are not ovulating but could this be some leftover effect of the birth control pill? It’s only been a few months and I’ve heard that a woman’s cycle can be messed up for a very long time after taking birth control? Was your cycle regular before going on the pill?

    I highly recommend the book “The Infertility Cure.” I read it the month I got pregnant (though, admittedly was on gonal F at the time) but swore I would follow the book’s recommendations (some of which I did that month) if I did not get pregnant.
    The link http://www.amazon.com/Infertility-Cure-Ancient-Wellness-Pregnant/dp/0316159212/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1256643350&sr=8-1

    Email me if you have any Q’s. I have a whole list of stuff I did differently the month I got pregnant. Not sure which one it was or if it was just high time after 2 years of unexplained infertility.

  8. Hi Kate!
    I started reading your blog after I found it on The Bump Mommy Blog Awards. Love it! I’m TTC #2 and am about a week behind your current cycle. (Just went in for CD21 bw today. My progesterone was low with my first preg which I m/c and my son, so they put me on 200mg 2x day to be safe). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you ~ everything sounds great this cycle!!! I’m not all that hopeful for this cycle for me b/c we started “having relations” (tee hee!) a little early and lost some steam right before “O”….but did manage to hit O-day. So who knows? When are you going to test??? Since you didn’t trigger, you could possibly test on the 21st – 10DPO. (I’m such a POAS-pusher! LOL!) Anyway, best of luck to you. I’m sure you’ll have your little bundle of joy in your arms very soon. Your blog is awesome. 🙂

  9. Wow! I just read the blog after Ari shared the movie with me. I can’t believe what you guys have been through. What a hard, amazing journey. So much love to both of you and hope for the road ahead.

    Much love,

  10. Congratulations to you both! What an amazing story… and it’s only just beginning!

  11. Congrats on your pregnancy! I just read through your whole blog and it’s fantastic.

    What a story! Sounds so similar to mine. It gives me so much hope!

  12. I still love your blog. I finally got my referral to an RE and he UNdiagnosed me with lean PCOS, so this has been a fun ride. Apparently my body just has a big brain fart in that department. My body decided to work on its own after I took the Provera, so now we’re waiting to find out whether or not to start Clomid.

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  14. I have PCOS and just stumbled upon your blog after googling provera and clomid. I just finished taking provera and I’m waiting for my period to start so I can try my first round of clomid. It’s so great reading happy stories like yours…. it gives me hope!

  15. Wow what a remarkable story. It’s comforting to know other women out there have this same problem. I was on birth control since I was 16 (I’m 32 now). My husband and I decided it was time to come off birth control April of 2010. We weren’t necessarily “trying” to conceive but we weren’t “not trying” either. We really wanted it to be a surprise. However my period came twice after getting off birth control and then it didn’t come for 3 months straight. I thought “hey maybe I’m pregnant”…but nope. I went to see my ob/gyn and she thought maybe I wasn’t ovulating. So she gave me some Provera to take. This was in November.
    It did kick start my period. Ok great! December…no period. Went back to doctor and she wanted me to take Provera and Clomid. HOWEVER… neither of us were wanting to have a baby with any fertility drugs…regardless of how small the dose. It’s just our preference to let this be as natural as possible. So anyway I’m on my 3rd round of Provera…just had a period and praying that next month I’ll be good to go. The doctor does want me to have an ultrasound to test for PCOS. We’re just in a very tight financial bind. So much going on!!
    Anyway congratulations to you guys. God willing in the next year or so we’ll be pregnant!

  16. Hi there, what a beautiful story. I was researching clomid online and came across this site.
    My husband and I have been together 5 years, we got married last july. I’m 24 and he’s 27. We started trying last july and have been trying for 14 months now. I fell pregnant within 2 months of our trying but sadly miscarried at 2 months last november shortly before the miscarriage my grandfather died.
    We went to the gp alot after the miscarraige, they diognosed me with depression and I refused anti depressants or any help at all. I wanted to get myself through it and I did, sadly I didn’t fall pregnant so we had numerous tests which showed I am normal fertile and so is hubby he has a higher sperm count then it should be. We were reffered to our local hospital and we are now on our first round of clomid, 50 mgs. I am experiencing mood swings from hell and tiredness.

    I have regular periods of 30 days and I ovulate 7-12 days after every cycle. The consultant has only given us 3 month supply of clomid s and says I shall be pregnant within 3 months of been on clomid and said I would have fell naturally within the next 6 motnhs to a year. x

  17. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  18. I came across your YouTube channel one night scrolling through “Live Pregnancy Test” videos, as I was feeling particularly down about my continued infertility. Your video set my heart on fire to keep fighting through this emotional roller coaster. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 21 months now, and we are currently on a break from treatments due to a lapse in insurance coverage. Thank you for sharing your journey! I’ve also started blogging about mine, but only to an extent. This makes me rethink my whole blog, and I’m ready to open up about this struggle so people can truly understand.

  19. so sorry about the loss of baby #2 😦

  20. I have read your blog in it’s entirety and have been following for about the past six months. I have one child, named Owen, born just weeks before your Owen. We got very very lucky with him. We went off birth control about 7 months before we got pregnant and we just waited for it to happen. Last september we decided we were ready to start again. In February I became pregnant with Mo-Mo (monochoriotic, monoamniotic) twins (one amniotic sac, one placenta) In May I miscarried at 17 weeks. They had strangled each other and were not getting any oxygen. Well, last month we decided we were ready again. I was given the provera challenge and clomid. Today is day 2. Your blog is such a great reference and I look forward to reading more posts. I hope that when you are ready for baby #2 again you will be able to conceive without too much heartache. Thank you for all the great information and for sharing your lives with us!

  21. Look how far you have come. I feel proud to have read (and felt part of) your journey.

  22. I had to leave a quick comment after reading your story. I wanted to thank you for posting this story, which sounds oh so much like what my husband and I am going through, basically step by step. I found your blog by searching for “clomid” and going to be starting my 1st round soon. Its good to read about your success with it. Good luck to you and your family.

  23. Ur story is heart warming. U guys can be so lucky her body decided to ovulate by itself. I however was on cycles since August 2010 2 years of no luck left me without motivation…

  24. Thus story is kinda helpful. I’m worried about infertility and will be talking to my dr soon hopefully to try round 1 clomid.. opks are all positive and periods are regular had one irregular cycle on month 3 and dr saud I didn’t ovulate and try using opks… thus would be baby # 1 for us after an abortion at a very young age. I regret it daily and now think I caused myself infertalization issues

  25. Hi Kate,

    I really enjoyed reading your story. I am so happy you were able to finally concieve and have a healthy baby and one on the way. We too thought we would be a normal couple who got pregnant right after after stopping birth control. Not so lucky…
    I stopped birth control in Sept. of 2009 and I started having menstrual cycles every 31 -33 days which mean its not regular. (had no idea) – After a few months of no positve pregnancy I decided to go see my OB. Well they told me not to worry and just have patience. I knew something wasnt right and I wasnt ovualting so I went back to the doctor. They did a HSG scan and saw one of my tubes might be blocked and the doctor also found a large cyst so I had to have surgery. While they were in there they discovered I had endometriosis stage 3 (I had no symptons at all). Well after the surgery doctor felt confidant we were good to go and will get pregnant on our own. Well after healing and have a normal cycle I discovered – Im still not ovulating. So the I went to an RE and they did lots of blood work and said my hormone levels are normal and everything looks great but I am not ovulating on my own (RE has no idea why I am not ovulating). So he put me on Letrozole for 5 days the next cycle. Went back in for a scan – have mature follicles. He then had me trigger to ovulate – went back in neg pregnancy test and blood work shows I did not ovulate either. Devasting!!
    So the doctor added follistim along with Letrzole to help me – I did this for 7 cycles – each month I was ovualting but not getting pregnant (last 4 of those we decided to do IUI to increase chances (we go into see RE and he cant explain why im not getting pregnant -says my body is responding beautifully and is working properly with help of course)… this was all through out 2012 – In November my period was really heavy and came a week early. Again devasting… I started another cycle in December and it was the longest cycle ever…my follicles took forever to grow…after 2 weeks from trigger we took a test an got a positive!! The greatest day of my life…went to RE did blood test right away. They said my HCG was low so had to go back in 2 days and needed to increase 66%. Went back that Friday and every was increasing nicely and growing as it should. RE scheduled for me to come back in 6 weeks. And said we will hear heart beat at that time.
    Went back Jan 9th 2013 – and RE stated there was no heartbeat….WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!… We didnt give up hope..thought maybe it was just too early and I wasnt miscarry..no bleeding no cmplications. So went back in a couple weeks later and my HCG was still climbing reached 90,000, but unfortanelty fetus still had no heart beat and was growing at a very slow pace so the RE said I needed to do a D&C. I wasnt ready…. I wanted to miscarry natrually, but after waiting and waiting nothing happend. I finally had a D&C Feb 8th 2013. A few days later feeling lots of pain went back to RE and I have a infection in my uterine lining so they put me on antibiotics. I am still healing and recovering… as one should, but this whole thing has been the worst few months of my life. Why does this happen?!?!?! Well they said its just chromosonal and that it is very common. Says we have to wait at least 3 cycles before trying again. My question…which I have been having a hard time finding out – since i got pregnant …and my hormones and body is healthy do you think maybe this pregnancy woke up my body and next cycle we can ovulate without any fertility drugs…I would really love to ovulate on my own and get through this without drugs. Its so hard going through that…

  26. I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I’m so glad I did!
    My story sounds very similar to yours (your first pregnancy).
    We have just had clomid intake increased to 75mg (after six months of lesser doses), then when we saw our fertility doctor on day 17, we had a 24mm folicle.

    We are currently ten days post ovulation, so are patiently waiting until the three week mark so we can take a pregnancy test.

    Lots of prayers and crossed fingers in the meantime. Hopefully we have the same result as you did!

    Thanks for such an inspiring story. Not easy, and a long process, but very much worth the wait!

  27. Dear Kate,

    I love your blog. You are inspiring and positive. I’ve read every entry and often return here when I feel hopeless and frustrated.

    I am also a Kate… I’m 34. Thank you so much for sharing EVERYTHING you think and feel. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and my feelings are actually normal. I have unexplained infertility. To be honest I’ve never tried not to get pregnant but it’s been four years of trying and other than four chemical pregnancies I’ve had no luck. I hope to start IVF this fall.

    I have been living a year ahead of where I am for the last three years. I just turned 34 but all I think about is what’s ahead and how I won’t have a baby for then. By March I was already at Christmas… no baby. I feel every passing minute. I just want today to be over and hope that a month from now everything is different… and that a year from now I’ll be happy.


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  30. I stumbled upon your blog while searching details related to my infertility. During your first attempt at a child your story sounds remarkably similar to mine. My husband and I are currently going through the “work up”-blood, semen, ultrasound, HSG-last thing to do is day 21 blood work. Your story is very encouraging and I am thankful you had the courage to share it. Thank you!!

  31. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this blog’s content everyday along with a cup of coffee.

  32. very touching esp bcoz am going thru d same problem. bn ttc for d last five years. am happy for u

  33. Clomid does it stop the slow bleed from provera use?

  34. Wow I just read ur story I’m going to be forty but my daughter is sixteen and I misscarried alot in six years I haven’t gotten pregnant my husband want a bby my daughter by his ever mnth my period cmes I cry the doctors say I’m nt ovulation when. I’m supposed. To

  35. Hi just read your story and I am so happy it worked for you .. I have pcos and 50 mg didnt work for me so now on 100 mg and start taking my second lot next week .. I was giving up all hope but reading your story has helped and maybe just maybe I could be a mummy next year x

  36. Hi Kate,
    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. We’re TTC our first and I found your story so comforting, so thank you for sharing (we’re in the Boston area, married 3 yrs with a 3 yr old lab and my husband will be 30 in September… so your story really felt familiar :)). I have lean PCOS and no period after 3 months off birth control. I just started provera and hopefully will start clomid in a few weeks! 🙂 I’m just curious, did you ever consider pre-seed? I’ve heard clomid can effect CM… so I’m just curious if you researched it one way or the other? Congratulations on your beautiful boys!

  37. Please help me I came on my period Aug 3 last month and I came off on the 9 and a month and a half later no period today is September the 19 and ive been cramping for 2Weeks now but no period please help me

  38. Hi everybody,
    I just found the site while randomly browsing over net. Well …I am also in the same boat which is called TTC. Married since June 2011. Me and my husband decided for a 1 yr gap for family planning. So after June 2012 we started planning out. After 3 months of unsucessfull attempt we decided to visit a Gynoclozist. Bt when we went to the gynec she advised not to take any medical help as it was too early(Only 3 months). So she said us to try it naturally as it’s take 1month to 1 yr to concieve. And also advised me to loose some weight as i am overweight. Did some ultra sound and blood test along with his siemen’s analysis.All came with good result except my TRhyroid was a bit high. So she prescribed me the lowest doge i.e. 25m.g Thyrodoxine/day. Again since Aug 2012 to Dec 2012 we tried blindly with no luck. And one final month got to know something called PCOD while doing follicular study. I read lot of things and how hard to concieve if you have that. I broke down with tears. Then in Jan 2013 we sifted from one place to another in the city. One of my friend gave me refference of a gynec. I went to her. She prescribed me Clomid 50 mg along with Nidagen 100mg for some rounds. I tried for 4 rounds. But still no luck. I am not so lucky. Finally the doctor advised me to stop the medicines as they don’t allow the patient to take the hormone medicines more than 4 months. She told me to stop all the medicines and give a gap. I decided not to think about this and decided to go for a vacation. We went to South trip for our 2nd anniversary. From May 2013 to AUg 2013. After 3 months gap i again went to her. She advised to do Ovarian Drilling along with HSG to test wheather the fallopian tube is blocked. As all these treatments can’t be covered by mediclaim. We couldn’t be prepare for the same. After 16 months of try i finally crossed my hands. Losing my hope day by day. Left upon god. I wish some day i can have a story to post here. Doing lot of prayers. Friends… a lot of good wishes who finally got success. I know how the pain is……….Desparately need my little one…..SORRY GUYS FOR A LENGTHY AND BORING STORY. I wanted to share my pain because i know all of us suffered. There may be someone who can convince her by knowing my story that, there is someone in this world who is going through the worst situation than others…..

  39. Wish you all a lot of baby dusts…….

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  55. I am thrilled for your family, and I love that you document your journey. That said, claiming this is an infertility blog is insulting. Twice, you decided to have a child, and both times you were blessed to become pregnant within months. Granted, with tremendous heartbreak in those in between months, for which my heart deeply goes out to you. But needing mild medical intervention to become pregnant rather quickly does not an infertility story make. And for couples waiting years, which is medically-defined infertility (12+ months of trying without viable success), it stings to have someone claim a journey they did not walk when it took them six months and a little boost to make their dream family.

    PS. I literally just found your blog, and when reading your posts, saw your link to being roasted on gomi. Dang. Regardless how annoyed I may be with some of your claims of hardship, I am so sorry the internet breeds a place where people think it’s OK to talk about strangers that way. I’ve been the butt of that before for not supporting “Infertility Awareness Week” (and I credibly am someone who wrote an infertility blog, though I can see how someone who’s never really struggled ttc somehow thinks out of ignorance that they actually faced infertility somehow), and it really said a lot more about the people talking to each other about me than it said about who I am. Only one person addressed me and had a conversation. Shame on the culture of behind-the-back vulturing.

  56. Samantha hayes

    Sooo inspirational! My husband & I have been trying for more than two years, my doctor says I have low estrogen levels & to high testostorone levels so she put me on BC for 8 months to try and Level my hormones & regulate my cycles. I’m on my forth month & in the mist of finding a NEW doctor. 😦

  57. Am trying for baby since 9 month.after having a gap of 3 month now again started to be close with my husband.is this gap helps me to conceive.i had taken tablets for more than 5 months.bt no use.pls help me

  58. I had a miscarriage when I was 17, most of my family was actually relieved that I had lost the baby so that I could focus on college etc. Years later, now that I am married I want to start my family and have another baby, and it has been so stressful because now that I am ready it won’t happen, it seems like I am not ovulating anymore, so I really pray that clomid does the trick for us. I have seen so many negative pregnancy tests in the last 4 years I wonder what a positive would look like.

  59. Hi Everyone, I am glad to have read all of your stories regarding TTC. I use to feel so depressed because I am trying to conceive and I too am having difficulties. I wondered did I put career first and mess up my chances of being able to get pregnant? I just turned 32 and no luck for the past 6 months. The sad thing for me is that I get all the signs of early pregnancy each month and its always a negative reading. Now I am pushing myself to be hopeful and more informed only to stumble upon this site. I am on my second round of clomid praying to have positive result in a couple weeks.
    I ovulated and healthy eggs too but still was not conceiving. The issue with PCOS women around the world are facing is so sad.
    For me I am trying to take it one day at a time and i try not to cry about the situation. I believe God has his plan in store for all of us and I know on the right time we all would bring forth that bundle of blessings. I even read someone had a baby girl name Charlotte and that is just reason to give me hope because that is the name I too selected should I conceive and bring forth a healthy baby girl.
    Good luck ladies baby dust to all…..just remember sugar in our enemy in this entire struggle to get pregnant…you iron supplements and light exercise…last but not least fight of all signs of depression because you cannot blame your body just push towards taking better care of it.

    Best of luck to you lovely ladies…..it will happen for us in time.

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  61. Congratulation on your first and second pregnancies thank you so much for sharing your story. I just wanna say your story gave me hope that it can happen to me I’m 25 years old me and my fiance he’s 26 we been trying for 4 years straight now and nothing has happen for us yet my doctor prescribe me with metiformin and prenatal I started 500 on metiformin HCL and PNV prenatal plus multivitamin 2 months ago stop taken it on August of 2015 and September 2015 I took it for two months and started back November 2015 week and 4 days. I started my period last month on November 10 and with off on the 15. So i haven’t missed a period since i been taken metiformin and prenatal it feel like my cycle is back on track but i haven’t been to the doctor about 3 months now so i startes taken a higher dose of the metiformin I was taken one each day now i take one and a half everyday so today is the 12th of November and I’m two days late so could I be pregnant and when can I take a pregnancie test or is this normal what should I do thank you for any help.

  62. Hi Kate, I know your blog is really old. But, it has encouraged me and made me cry when I seen BIG FAT POSITIVE☺️. Just thought I would let you know. My husband and I are trying to conceive and I’m currently on round 2 of provera.

  63. Louise McNamara

    just found this blog and it’s really helped me feel a little more hopeful. I am 35 and currently finishing my degree in Diagnostic Radiography. Having talked about babies extensively for the last 2 years with my partner he said degree first then babies. If that’s bot motivation enough together my head in the books, I don’t know what is!

    To my surprise Simon (my partner) suggests I should come off the depo injection (March (2015) of which I have been on for over 13 years. Having read all about it, he said it could take up to 18 months for my body to start having a normal cycle again. So as you say we pull the goalie, giving me time to finish my studies and look forward to making babies when I finish June (2016).

    December 2015 comes round and I’m starting to feel nervous that theres no sign of anything happening so I call my doctor who shares my concern. She suggests I should have had some sign such as spotting or irregular bleeding, but nothing. She then suggests a round of bloods and suggests, given my age we should start investigating. My bloods all came back normal (Great, my mum exclaims, I don’t share her enthusiasm as it still doesn’t explain the issue) so next step is the internal ultrasound (not overly looking forward to it) being a Radiographer I know what this involves also the added worry someone i might know Will carry out the scan. Oh well – In for a penny, in for a pound! The scan is In two weeks so I’m filled with anticipation and dread. Wish me luck xxx

  64. Thank you so much for your story!!! It puts me at ease! I did bloodwork and was told “everything looks normal”, and I had the same questions “how is it normal when nothing is happening”. I completed 1 round of progesterone and started my period on day 9, positive ovaluation on the strip test on cycle day 19; however no period so I must have not ovulated. Just started second round of progesterone… Fingers crossed I ovulate this cycle. Next step is ultrasounds.

  65. Aarti Mishra

    Side effects of gloom are amazingly normal amid barrenness. Being dismal when you can’t without much of a stretch consider is obviously an unbelievably normal reaction.If you have worries about your mind-set, request that your fruitlessness specialist allude you to a nearby advocate who spends significant time in barrenness directing.

  66. Symptoms of depression are incredibly common during infertility. Being sad when you cannot easily conceive is of course an incredibly natural reaction.If you have concerns about your mood, ask your infertility doctor to refer you to a local counselor who specializes in infertility counseling.

  67. I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago, and knew going in there would be trouble. But when my husband and I met everything fell into place. Just weeks after getting engaged we realized we were pregnant, BY ACCIDENT! Scheduled the appointments and waited, ecstatic at our good fortune. Appointment came, and there was no heartbeat…We were devastated.

    We started trying again, but I didn’t ovulate anymore. So for the past 15 months we’ve tried. We finally went through with the infertility appointments and finished our first round of Letrozole in the end of June. Went in July 2 for follicle tracking, only to find no follicles but what looked like a spot where one had grown and released already. So we hoped. And this morning we got a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!! Levels are good, now we wait to see the viability ultrasound in August!!!!!

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    However, I would expect anyone to make their pregnancy announcement about Doctor Muna Infertility Spell with my post, Even my best friends announced their pregnancies to me after fascinating Doctor Muna infertility spell. I can still remember each and everyone of them over the years we were trying to conceived. God has us all on a different journey and while I agree we need to love and be sensitive to one another, I totally disagree that we should ever make someones else’s joy about our pain. I have to chalk all this self focus up to a generational thing. This is my only explanation. I am a follower of Christ and i got to give what belongs to Cesar unto him to helped me conceived. We should weep with one another. If these are good friends of yours they should know about Doctor Muna Enthusiastic Infertility Spell period!! Their Pain should never be about your Joy!

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