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She Says… Normal Again?

Something exciting happened yesterday.

Side note: If you are a friend or family reading who doesn’t want to know about the inner workings of my body, you probably want to skip this post.

As I was saying, something exciting happened yesterday. It was both expected and unexpected at the same time.

I got my 1st period since January of 2009. And if I ovulated (like a normal person), then I ovulated for the first time since I was, like, 17 (since the birth control that I was on made it so I didn’t ovulate for the decade that I was on it). That’s a LONG time.

I have heard that pregnancy can sort of “reset” your body after struggling with infertility. For the last 10.5 months since Owen was born, my fingers have been crossed that my period would come back. (For those who haven’t been reading long, I went off birth control in January of 2009 and my period never returned, so I had to see a slew of reproductive endocrinologists and take Clomid to force my body to ovulate in order to get pregnant).

Prior to January of 2009 I would’ve killed NOT to have my period (such a pain, no?). But this time, it was the most welcome surprise. Also, about 2 weeks prior I think I remember seeing some other signs that indicated that I was actually ovulating. Go, body!

It’s awesome, awesome news. Maybe the next time we try to make a baby we won’t have to try quite as hard. And I don’t even mind that it happened while I’m at the beach. Perhaps my fertility luck is changing, and I can be a normal babymaking person for the next round.


She Says… A Lot To Be Thankful For

One year ago today, this happened:

[Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bDkUKGjCyo%5D

On that day, our lives changed forever. The thing that we wanted more than anything else in the world became real. And every day since then has been a blessing. One day we were entrenched in infertility research and seeing doctors and trying treatments… and the next day we were planning a nursery. Pretty amazing the difference a day makes. This year, more than ever before, it seems, we have a lot to be thankful for.

See what I mean?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

She Says… Baby’s First Halloween!

Happy (belated) Halloween! Last year on Halloween I wrote this post with pictures of some of our Halloween costumes from previous years (and this was the getup we came up with last year — a little lighthearted infertility joke, if you will). I LOVE Halloween, and I love having a husband who is as into dressing up as I am.

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year I was taking the pills that would eventually lead to creating Owen! I remember seeing all of the little ones dressed up for Halloween out trick-or-treating and wondering if I would ever get the chance to create costumes for a wee one of my own. Lo and behold, I got my chance this year!

I don’t sew, but I’ve become quite adept at crafting costumes with hot glue, felt, and some creative uses of household objects. As I imagine all the years to come of making costumes for Owen and any other little ones who come along, I’m beginning to think I should learn how to sew! Hot glue doesn’t hold up so well on a toddler 🙂

And without further ado, here are the pics from Owen’s first Halloween.

She Says… One Step Forward

Wow, that first week of the two week wait went by REALLY quickly. I have been so busy! Even though I’m still thinking about being pregnant almost every second of every day, I have a much more zen mindset this cycle. Less Googling, more dreaming; less stressing, more accepting. I’m doing several new things to help prepare my body for possible pregnancy, and I’m feeling optimistic, but not letting my hopes get too high yet.

Some good things have been going on:

  • My temps have stayed elevated since ovulation (though not skyrocketing)
  • I’ve been chilling out on the cardio and just doing lots of walking
  • I’ve felt lots of twinges and muscle tensing and stuff going on in my lower abdomen — things are definitely happening!
  • No bleeding! This time last cycle (7 dpo) I had my bleeding incident, which, looking back on it, was most likely a partial period as a result of my partial ovulation. Since it was so early and so small, I mistook it for implantation bleeding. But no bleeding this time (yet), which is a great sign!

And the really good news I just got — my progesterone test this morning showed a level of 25.5! A perfectly healthy number! Anything above 10 is considered “good” and confirmation that ovulation occurred, but 25 shows that my body is capable of sustaining a pregnancy on its own without more drugs or supplements. Seeing as last month my progesterone level was .22 (yes, less than one!), a 25.5 is a HUGE improvement.

So… I’m feeling good! I’m off to a midday yoga class (ah, the joys of working from home once in awhile) to meditate on the implantation I hope is happening in there RIGHT NOW 🙂 One more week until the very important blood test!

She Says… Trust Me. I’m a Doctor.

Ok, the nurse called me back. For those that need a little background, check out my previous post.

She said that my follicles looked great! The tech even mentioned during my appointment that my uterus looked “perfect” (there’s that word again… if everything is so perfect down there, why aren’t I ovulating or getting preggo?!).  Oooh, I’m blushing! The two big follies in the left ovary (24mm and 25mm) were definitely mature. Most docs like to see follies measuring 18mm-22mm on medicated cycles. So mine were nice and big! Even more importantly, the nurse said that my bloodwork showed an LH level of 56.6. I googled the heck out of that one, and found out that anything >20 is considered a surge big enough to cause ovulation. Wahoo! Big numbers!

So, bottom line is that it looks like my body is going to ovulate on its own (maybe it’s happening right now?!). The nurse said not to use the Ovidrel. I was kind of bummed, since I don’t know whether or not to trust my body this time around (since last time I got a positive OPK, but then a progesterone test indicated I didn’t really ovulate). I kept asking her, “Ok, but would using the trigger HELP in any way?”. She said no, there was no reason to use it if my body was ovulating on its own. So I’m going to put down my Google PhD and TRUST THE DOCTORS. I didn’t use the injectible hcG (even though I really, really wanted to), and Benjamin and I enjoyed some afternoon delight to take advantage of the possible ovulation happening at that very moment.

We scheduled a progesterone test for next Wednesday to check my levels, and a blood pregnancy test the following Wednesday (the day right before Thanksgiving).  Benjamin and I were instructed to “have relations” (I still giggle a little bit on the inside when the nurse says it like that) today and tomorrow to make sure we hit the ovulation time. Uh, got that covered. Although I may have to go in late to work tomorrow to make sure we stick to our timeline!

She Says… Stars Are Aligning

Every time I write today’s date, a little voice in my head says, “It’s 11/11! Make a wish!“. I guess it’s left over from when we used to make wishes at certain times of the day when the numbers were the same. I haven’t made a wish on a number in a long time, but hey, maybe today’s the day the wish will come true!

I just got back from my appointment at Boston IVF. I gave them some blood and got an ultrasound done to check out how my little follicles are growing. GREAT NEWS! The tech saw 4 measurable follicles (they only measure above 12mm). The two in my right side were 12mm, and there were two fatties in my left ovary — 24mm and 25mm! Yippee, 100mg of Clomid did its job!

I also saw this lovely sign this morning:


So, it’s possible that my body is just about ready to release those fat, little follicles on its own. However, I really, really, really hope that the nurse calls and tells me to use my injectible Ovidrel to ensure ovulation. My ovaries don’t really have the best track record of releasing eggies the way that they should.

Now I wait for the call from the nurse to confirm all of that. Oh, right, and go to work! I’ll post later today with what she says…

She Says… It’s All Relative

This morning on my way to work, I opened up the daily paper and immediately gravitated toward a headline:

“Hated Pregnancy — And Proud to Admit It!”

Wow. I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this struck me as very insensitive. Not only to people struggling to even get pregnant, but what about those pregnant women who love being pregnant? The author describes how she hated being fat and emotional. Oh yeah, but she loves her kid now that she’s not preggo.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to be fat and emotional. That woman has no idea how easy she had it.

As for me, still no sign of life on my OPK’s. As I said in the comments in my last post, I am not too worried about getting a positive on the OPK’s, since I would really like to go in to the doctor’s office anyway for bloodwork and ultrasound to see where things are. I’m going to call right now to make an appointment. Best case scenario: I go in for a check-up and everything looks great (nice, big follicles waiting to be released), and I’m instructed to use my injectible trigger of hcG (Ovidrel) to get things moving. However, my OPK’s have been TOTALLY negative the last few days (not even a hint of a pink line), so I’m beginning to get nervous that my check-up will show NOTHING going on. That would be disappointing after all this waiting and wondering! Come on 100mg of Clomid, don’t fail me now!

What do you think about that article? Offensive, annoying or just one woman’s opinion?

She Says… Home Again, Home Again

Ahhhhhhhh. It feels so nice to be home!

On the babymaking front: I finished up my Clomid a few days ago and have been taking 2 teaspoons of Robitussin a day since then to improve my cervical mucus. Not really sure if it’s working yet, or even if it’s something I need to be doing, but the medicine’s not all that bad, and I figure a little cough medicine isn’t going to hurt me. I started using my ovulation predictor kits (OPK) yesterday morning. Negative yesterday and negative today. That is perfect; it’s kind of nice to have a few days of negatives to give me a baseline and make sure there’s a CLEAR difference between today’s reading and the positive I’m going to get in a few days (positive thinking, right?). Just to be on the safe side, my willing husband and I are covering our bases, so to speak. Last month I got my positive OPK on cycle day 15. This month, cycle day 15 should be next Wednesday. Although I’m going to be using the OPK’s every morning until then just to be sure I don’t miss it, I’m not going to be disappointed until at least Thursday if I don’t see a dark pink line. On Thursday if I haven’t gotten a positive, I will go in for bloodwork and ultrasound to check out my progress. If everything’s looking good but I haven’t ovulated yet, we’ll be instructed to use the injectible Ovidrel that’s been sitting in our ‘fridge since last month. I’m hoping that we get a distinct positive early next week and can verify that I ovulated. That would be a huge success!

In other news: Benjamin and I are enjoying our relaxing weekend together. We went on a little date to Whole Foods last night and re-stocked the kitchen with delicious food. We planned out meals for the next week and made some awesome fish tacos last night for dinner. Today I’m baking bread, catching up DVRed tv shows and exercising. Ahhh, what a wonderful life 🙂


He Says… Start your engines

Compass+race+car(First off, Kate apologizes for not responding to many of the comments the last few days.  She is getting crappy internet service at her hotel in Toronto.  She will be back tomorrow night, and will be back to blogging and commenting.)

So, it’s kind of weird that our readers know exactly what we are going to be doing this weekend.  Not that we are keeping it a secret or anything (I mean our blog is pretty much about full disclosure), but I sort of laugh that we have a big weekend ahead of baby-making sex and you all know about it.  This is one of the reasons I am happy that our parents don’t know about our blog yet (but I apologize to my sister, Lisa, who is a regular reader).

So yes, Kate is done with her second round of Clomid.  If she had any mind-altering side effects, I was fortunate enough to have her away for that (although I think she had none).  She has taken her Robitussin to help with her cervical mucus (gross…if that doesn’t put me in the mood, I don’t know what will).  And we have been apart all week.  Which I think was somewhat fortunate timing in gearing up for the weekend ahead.
So I’m all ready.  She just needs to get back here, and then we can try to make ourselves a baby!

She Says… Even on Halloween

… I can’t get away from the fertility issue! This year, my main man and I transformed ourselves into the epitome of babymakers: Jon and Kate Gosselin. As most of you know, Benjamin and I used to really love Jon & Kate + 8 (we blogged about them here, here and here); before all of their divorce drama happpened, of course. It just seemed too perfect not to parody them this year.


When we entered the Halloween party, we were greeted with screams and laughter — everyone knew exactly who we were, thanks to the very authentic reverse-mullet wig I found 🙂



We even won a costume contest!



As far as the Clomid goes, the 100mgs are going down just fine. No new side effects or weird reactions. Lets hope my eggs get rolling soon… but not 6 at once (a la Kate Gosselin), mmmkay?