She Says… The Results

Drum roll please… the results are finally in! Ok, ok, the results are kind of anti-climactic, but the result of the results is exciting. Here’s the rundown:

All my labs are normal. Everything looks good. Seems to be what I always hear from doctors… but then why am I not cycling like a normal person? The world may never know. Nevertheless, bloodwork was normal — no high levels of androgens or evidence of insulin resistance or weird hormone levels, ultrasound was normal — no cysts or other physical abnormalities were identified, and the HSG was normal — I “filled and spilled” and the x-ray showed that everything was free and clear. These tests ruled out a ton of fertility issues and health problems (phew!). Oh, and Benjamin’s sperm count was good (double phew!).

Diagnosis: Lean PCOS. Yes, even though I do not have most of the common symptoms. And even though I do not have cysts in my ovaries. Apparently polycystic ovarian syndrome is kind of a misnomer — you don’t need to have cysts at all to have it!Β  Diagnosis was confirmed by my antral follicle count (the number of viable follicles I had in my ovaries at the time of the ultrasound). I had 14 in my right ovary and 19 in my left. Apparently a normal person has about 10 in each ovary, so my elevated numbers mean that I have a few too many eggies just hangin’ around, chillin’ out in my ovaries. They haven’t gotten the signal to be released yet, which seems to be where the problem lies. The good news is that I have plenty of follicles ready to be deployed once I start ovulating. Those are all potential babies in there, folks! Even though the “syndrome” has a scary name, it’s relatively common and, in my case, isn’t an indication of a more serious fertility problem, provided I respond well to the ovulation meds. It feels good to be able to name the issue and tackle it!

Plan of attack: As I thought (and hoped!) Dr. P prescribed Clomid. Clomid (clomiphene citrate) stimulates ovulation. It’s a pill that I’ll take for 5 days. After those 5 days, I’ll use an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) to figure out if it “worked” and when I ovulate this cycle. If I do ovulate, we bump and grind on the right day(s), and hopefully make a baby! Let’s all cross our fingers that it’s as easy as that, mmmkay? I won’t go into all the backup plans if I don’t ovulate… save those for another post. Hopefully one I won’t have to write.

So, the meds are ordered. Apparently they have to come through a mail order pharmacy, so I have to wait until they get here to start. Boo. But, what’s a few more days, right? You’ll be the first to know when they arrive πŸ™‚

Anyone used Clomid before? Did it work? Are there any side effects I should be ready for? I’m so excited!



26 responses to “She Says… The Results

  1. Sweet! Pop those pills Kate!

  2. Great news! I have not used Clomid but have a few friends that have and the only side effect they’ve complained about is cramping… and 2 of thos friends got pregnant after being on clomid 1 month!!

    Good Luck!

  3. so excited to follow along — BEST of luck with the clomid!!

  4. Yay! This sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I bet it feels good just to know that you and the doctors know what’s going on.

  5. Funny…my doc put me on the same stuff – along with 2 other things (the progesterone part…). I haven’thad any side effects yet but was having the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS are you. So – you’re not alone…which means neither am I – and that’s nice to know.

  6. Low Fat Lady

    I was on Clomid 50mg last month. I would take them at night in case you do have any side effects. I had headaches and slight dizziness for about an hour or so and then it went away. Is your doc monitoring you through the whole the cycle? My RE monitors through out the cycle to monitor my progress and to make sure I don’t get ready to fertilize too many eggs.

  7. Low Fat Lady

    Oh I forgot to also say good luck I hope the clomid does the trick for you πŸ™‚

  8. Good luck with the clomid. I had 4 rounds of clomid and I only ovulated once but didn’t get pregnant. I would try it out for a couple of months and go all the way up to 150mg if that doesn’t work try doing injectibles and that did the trick for me because I am pregnant. It was closely monitored and I had to keep getting ultrasounds to see how my ovaries were responding but it was so worth it. I also had artificial insemination which helped a lot. Good luck the only side effect I had was a couple of days of spotting before the actual flow of period. It took forever to start up!

  9. Oh that is such great news! You are on your way. Good luck!

  10. Great news! What a relief to know there isn’t anything seriously wrong, and to have a plan of attack. Fingers crossed that the clomid works fast!

  11. Yea for answers and a plan! My friend tried oral Clomid for a month and was pregnant right away with each of her two pregnancies. I hope it works that well for you too!

  12. Best of luck to you!! My sister took it while trying for her second baby and had no luck (I think she took it for 3 months), but as soon as she went off of it she got pregnant! She’s doing great now and due in November. πŸ™‚ She credits her pregnancy to a wild fun-filled weekend with her sorority sisters, followed by a sweet reunion with her hubby…so you could always try that!

    I also have two friends who took it and were pregnant in no time. All of them had some nausea, but it was only minimal.

  13. Erin, Thanks! I can’t wait to start!

    Amy, THANK YOU for the stories about your friends! That is so awesome to hear. Cramping will be no big deal if it means I’m pregnant soon…

    Sarah, Perhaps it will inspire you to use yours?

    Karley, Thanks! Yes, it is such a relief to know that it seems like a relatively “simple” issue to fix. We’ll see!

    Jessica, Although I would never wish this predicament on anyone trying to have a baby, it really is nice to know that there are others out there working through the same issues. You’re DEFINITELY not alone. Good luck to you!

    Low Fat Lady, My doc did suggest that I take the pills at night, just like you said, to minimize side effects. Yes, my doctor and I have a schedule for monitoring me throughout the cycle — almost every day of the 28 day cycle I have to do something different! Seems like a lot of work :), but a small price to pay if it all works out, right?

    Lisa, Congratulations!!! That is so great to hear that Clomid (plus injectibles) worked for you! If I don’t ovulate on Clomid this month, but have a follicle all ready, my doc is going to go ahead with injectibles. So, although the thought of sticking myself with a needle makes me want to cry, we’ll see how it goes. I appreciate his aggressiveness in treatment, though, as I’m ready to move on to the “being pregnant” part!

    Traci and Sue, Thank you! Hopefully I’ll have good news to report soon!

    Sam, YAY! That is what I like to hear. I hope it does too!

    Colleen, Ha! That’s interesting! Whatever works, I guess πŸ™‚ If Clomid doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll go searching for some sorority sisters…

  14. My hubby and I are pretty close to the same boat as you. I went off the pill in December and was starting to get into ‘normal’ cycles, but they were really long… like 45 days. Then, my cycles stopped but I kept spotting. So, my ob-gyn put me on progesterone… I have 2 days left. Then he said we’d see from there.

    Best of luck with the clomid. I am really enjoying your blog… I feel like you are one step ahead of me & it’s nice to read about someone who’s going through the same thing!

  15. Good luck, just keep thinking posititive and I know easier said than done. I hear so many great results from my clients who used Clomid…cannot wait to see you posting the good news soon.

  16. thebakerbee, That is exciting that you are almost there too! I hope the progesterone helps you figure out what needs to be done for you to cycle normally. It’s frustrating, I know. Let me know how things go πŸ™‚

    MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt, It is so great to hear that you’ve seen good results with Clomid. I’m feeling very optimistic after all of these comments!!! Also, your blog is adorable and, I imagine, will come in VERY handy once I get knocked up.

  17. I just babysat for a precious baby girl born healthy and happy after her mom used Clomid. It works! And have fun with the baby making part;)

  18. I haven’t heard Clomid before but from what I’ve read on the baby center boards, it seems to work. So between that and your positive results – things are looking good!!

  19. So happy to hear things are looking good! My fingers and toes are still crossed for you! πŸ™‚

  20. Congrats on all the great test results! It sounds like you guys are good to go!

    Hopefully the Clomid will do the trick! I took Clomid for two cycles. It turns out my ovaries don’t respond to Clomid and I only made one follicle. We tried following it up with an intra-uterine insemination, but it didn’t work. However, good friends of ours took it, and in one cycle (followed by baby dancing) they ended up with twins!

    Clomid made me moody (sometimes angry, sometimes sad) and I had hot flashes and felt a bit bloated. But others have no symptoms at all! I’m hoping that for you! πŸ™‚

  21. yay! i’m really glad to hear that there’s nothing terrible wrong. i’ll keep my fingers crossed that the clomid works. how cool that there’s something that can stimulate ovulation!

  22. Kara, Aww, yay! Yes, we WILL have fun with the babymaking part. I’m not letting this little setback turn babymaking into a science experiment. It’s still fun πŸ™‚

    Tabitha, Nikol and Haya, Thank you!

    iamstacey, That’s so interesting that you didn’t respond well to Clomid. I did some quick googling and it sounds like a small percentage of women react the way that you did. Very good for me to know as I start popping those pills. I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky ones like your friend with twins! Oh how I would love twins (post coming up on this soon!).

  23. I’ve used clomid for awhile now. I really didn’t respond well to it either. They changed me to something else but I forget the name. Hate pcos stuff!

  24. romancingthestone

    Yay! I am so happy for you girl. Now go make some babies!

  25. Amanda, I know, PCOS is a drag — especially when babymaking! Good luck with the new meds.

    romancingthestone, Thank you! We’ll do our darndest πŸ™‚

  26. I start it in Nov and by reading all of your post I think im gone to take it at night. Its crazy This is all I think about Im praying it works for me.

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