She Says… He’s Getting Good!

There was a time, a few short weeks ago, that I wondered if Owen would EVER learn to sit because he always. wanted. to. stand. He wasn’t happy unless his little legs were straight or bouncing. Put him in a sitting position and he’d immediately straighten his legs and flatten himself on his back. He’s incredibly strong and has always been a very “busy” baby, so it’s not like I was actually worried about his development; I just wondered when I’d ever be able to plop him down on the ground to play without worrying about laying him on a cold/hard floor.

Well, folks, that day is closer than I thought.

Over the last two weeks, like magic, Owen has been sitting. And not just sitting, but sitting and playing for long periods of time without toppling over or getting frustrated or flattening to his back. Picking up toys and bringing them to his mouth. Toys that used to be too heavy for him to lift, and now they don’t even throw him off balance. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly babies learn new skills.

Wanna see? Please excuse the quality of these videos (and the fact that there are three of them, and one not one, nicely edited version)… it’s not one of Benjamin’s usual masterpieces. It’s the Mommy Cam 🙂


8 responses to “She Says… He’s Getting Good!

  1. I absolutely love being able to sit my baby down with some toys, it’s the best. She will occasionally tip over, and I just posted a cute video on my blog of her tipping over, almost crying, but seeing the dog changed her mind. Crazy babies!

  2. Awwww look at him sitting! Yayy!!! Funny we have the exact same toys for Cameron! lol I’m wishing we had a boppy now – looks like the perfect soft landing!

  3. I am SOOOO relieved to know that Owen is taking to sitting, because Paisley has been the exact same way about standing. She hates her bumbo seat, always straightens out her legs and refuses to let me sit her down at all. So, I’m happy to know that maybe she will take a liking to it soon!

  4. Precious!!! Look at those blue eyes!!!

  5. i cracked up every last time he tipped! too much. he has the CUTEST chubby cheeks now… i want to eat him up! love, aunt kim.

  6. I love seeing owen’s milestones. Makes me excited for Lucy to get there!

  7. Oh man, he’s so cute! I can’t wait til my little dude can do that! He’s a month and a half behind your’s but he’s LOVING sitting up even though he can’t on his own quite yet…..

  8. we have that same stacking / ball toy thing too!!! my son is the same way with always wanting to stand / practice walking. i always wonder how he’ll ever learn to crawl. it is crazy how fast they figure out sitting, huh? one day tippy, next day solid!

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