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She Says… Two Words for You


Owen has been complaining of his stomach hurting for the last few days. But he was eating fine, had no fever, and was acting only slightly irritated by it. There wasn’t much for me to do other than watch and wait. Then two days ago he said it hurt when he peed. I called the doctor and discussed it with them, and together we decided to continue watching and waiting, not knowing if the two things were connected. In the absence of other symptoms, a kid with a stomachache isn’t really treatable (especially a kid with known food reactions — we thought for a few days this was a possible reaction to gluten that he was figuring out how to put into words, even though we had no idea where said gluten would have come from).

Long story short, the puking started today at school, and I dropped my pile of pre-Christmas work (and oh, there was a lot of it) and dashed out the door. When I arrived at school he was a puddle of pukey hair, tears, and floppy body curled up in his teacher’s lap.

Those of you who have read this blog since the beginning know that Owen gets sick a lot, but he almost NEVER acts sick. He’s generally so happy that I can barely convince the doctor’s how sick he is. Today was the total opposite. Poor kid was wiped and just kept whining, “It hurts!” while doubled over clutching his stomach.

I took him home and we spent the rest of the morning wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching tv. He was so amazed I was letting him watch tv and play games on my phone — I’ve never made exceptions to that rule before. But there’s a first time for everything, and his sad eyes were killing me.

He’s sleeping now and I’m going to count us SUPER lucky if that one big puke was all this bug was. Fingers are crossed, and an appointment with the doc is booked in a few hours.

NOT the way I wanted to start my Christmas break, but a Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do.


She Says… Bocelli

You know how I told you Owen is in love with Elmo? Well that love affair pales in comparison with the newest love in his life…

Andrea Bocelli.

Yes, seriously.

The other day we had to do an extra breathing treatment before bed to treat Owen’s pneumonia. I turned on the tv ready to put on a DVRed episode of “Sid the Science Kid”. When I turned on the tv, though, a concert of Andrea Bocelli singing opera in Central Park was on. Owen’s jaw literally dropped open. He froze. He gazed at the tv silently, in a trance.

“Do you want to watch this instead of a show?”
“That’s Andrea Bocelli. He’s singing opera.”
“Ahhhh” (he sang a quiet soprano note imitating the opera singer in the sweetest little airy voice)

Owen was mesmerized for the entire length of a breathing treatment. He whined when I turned it off. He picked up the remote and handed it back to me. “Pees? Ahhh. Mo! Mo!”. Please? Opera. More opera.

Now THIS is a love affair I can get behind. Although I’m a little sick of how many times we’ve heard this particular concert already, the songs are gorgeous. And for a music nerd like myself, who knows almost every word to almost every Broadway musical, studied voice for several years and performed in every show I could find from Gilbert & Sullivan to Sondheim to Andrew Lloyd Weber to Cole Porter, I can totally appreciate the music. And, hey, the picture moves slowly (bonus for babies) and it has given us the opportunity to talk about conductors and choirs and singers and music and orchestras. These are a few of my favorite things.

So now the question is, where can I find concert DVD’s of more performances that are equally as beautiful and calm and serene as this one, but with no commercials? It kind of sucks to have to fast forward through the commercials and commentary.

Has your child ever been totally into something generally not for kids?
P.S. Thank you for all of your kind words (and, ahem, sympathetic laughter) on Friday’s post. Last week was nutty, but we’re doing our best to break the cycle of crazies. We’ve had a really nice weekend and Owen is recovering well from his latest fight with pneumonia. He even slept until 6:30am this morning, and so did I! Much needed rest for both of us.

She Says… A Love Affair

Someday Owen is going to realize that most other kids get to watch more than 6 minutes of tv a day and don’t have to wear an inhaler mask when they do it. But for now, while I am still in control of the remote, that’s all he gets.

In the mornings we get up, I get Owen a sippy cup of milk, and almost immediately he is grabbing the remote and shouting “TV!” TV! Teeeee Veeeee! Mommy!”. Every morning my response is, “Oh! You want to watch TV? (Yup.) Only if we get to do a breathing treatment, ok? (Yup.) Can you say please? (Peees!) Let me get your medicine set up.” And he waits like a drug addict waiting for his fix, waving the remote in the air until I turn it on. Once it is on, he allows me to do the whole treatment with no fussing or pulling or twisting away. Hallelujah. That is totally worth a few minutes of tv time. No matter how many weeks and months we have done the same routine of ONLY watching tv for the 6-7 minutes it takes to give his daily preventative asthma treatment, he still insists on asking for it all day long.

With Owen, the key to being engaged in tv used to be music. When we were first trying to get him to stand the breathing treatments I used to turn on the tv and would have to sing on top of that in order to get him to sit still. Finally I realized if I could find a show with music, then I could rest my own voice. So we started watching a show called Sid the Science Kid. The pace is slow, the characters are cute, the topics are toddler-friendly and there are at least 3! songs! in every! show! That means one per asthma treatment in our house. A Disney singalong dvd is on our Christmas list in an effort to actually listen to music I appreciate too.

But recently there’s been another love affair blossoming. A love affair with Elmo.

Or, as Owen calls him, “Amo”. We’re not Italian, but the dual meaning of that pronunciation is not lost on me.

There is something magical about Elmo.

I can count on one hand the number of times that Owen has seen Elmo on tv. I put on Sesame Street a few times but generally it didn’t hold his interest; there were too many boring parts with no music! But as soon as that “dah dah dahdah, dah dah dadah” of Elmo’s World came on, Owen’s eyes glazed over like he was in a trance. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhmmmmoooooo” he croons.

He’s still bored by the rest of Sesame Street, so it’s not really a good option for us every morning, but we’ve taken to watching one Elmo video on the computer in the evenings after daycare. (One. Despite the sweet “Mo? Mo?” from Owen as soon as the video is over.).

WHAT is so special about Elmo and why do children fall head over heels in love at first sight? I’m trying to tame this love affair and not feed it with more tv time or stuffed animals or Elmo-themed crap. But I’m pretty sure that who/what Owen loves is beyond my control.