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He Says… This is just bizarro

So, thanks to reader Liss, who commented that she saw our video on the Australian Today Show, I found the video on line and am posting it here (at least until they pull it from Youtube).

Craziness, right?  Certainly we think this is cool/weird/annoying.  I guess at this point I think we want a chance to speak on the other side, our side, since, so far all of this reporting has been rather one-sided.  They’ve clearly made no attempts to contact people to find out why they are doing this.  Also, I love how they talk about these videos as if they are live to Youtube.  The “reporters” comment on the woman who says she hasn’t told her husband yet.  My guess is that he found out before her video went online.  Duh.

In other news, Kate is in NYC for a few days for work so it’s me, Owen and Schnitzel holding down the fort.  He was so great last night and in a wonderful mood.  Look at how I found him when I picked him up at daycare yesterday: