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She Says… Diaper Dabbler

As I mentioned, we have the “big stuff” (crib, changing table, glider in the nursery and carseat brought upstairs from the basement) ready for Baby #2’s arrival, but I haven’t really gotten around to the “little stuff”.

Like diapers.

Diapers are not actually “little stuff”, I guess. I mean, you NEED them. But I know from experience that the hospital sends you home with a stash, so maybe I haven’t gotten around to stocking the nursery because I know we’ll be ok. At least for the first… day.

Before Owen was born I did a lot of research on diapers. Would we use cloth? Biodegradable? Pampers? Huggies? Luvs? Target brand? What I realized after having him is that you really don’t know what will work for your kid (or your life) before your kid arrives. Ah, perspective is a beautiful thing, no?

I remember stocking Owen’s nursery with Pampers. Except when I came home from the hospital I looked at the package and noticed that it said “Baby Dry”, which was something I had been warned against by some friends because their kids had weird rashes as a result of the chemicals. As a new mother holding my tiny newborn, the idea of chemicals that could give my kid a rash put me in a tizzy and I nearly threw that barely-opened package out the window. Waste of money #1. Next we tried some of the more environmentally-friendly options and I found that they just didn’t work for us. Waste of money #2. Those of you who have been reading for a long time know that Owen was a super-peer from the day he was born, and he was exploding diapers left and right (and not just in the normal newborn way). Finally after buying countless packages of various brands and styles (wastes of money #3, #4, #5), we landed on Huggies Little Snugglers. They fit Owen’s skinny little bod really well and contained *most* of his peesplosions. That’s what we’ve continued to use into toddlerhood (and thank goodness for Huggies Overnights!), though thankfully we’re nearing the end of the diaper stage with him.

Of course in the newborn haze I could barely remember which ones I’d tried and how they worked for Owen, and I certainly didn’t have the presence of mind to think of a solution to all of this diaper trying (and diaper failing). But thankfully someone else created what I could not. A few months ago I came across Diaper Dabbler, a service that provides “sample packs” of various types of diapers along with an easy-to-use spreadsheet for you to write down how each one worked for you.

They have a number of sampler packs already selected. For example:

  • The Prepared Parent has 26 different varieties covering 18 different brands in 2 different sizes – newborn and size 1.
  • Mommy Mainstream has the most common diapers found in many retail stores (Huggies, Luvs, Pampers).
  • Mother Earth is for the parent who prefers something more environmentally-friendly with less chemicals (Honest Company, Earth’s Best, 7th Generation, Huggies Pure & Natural).
  • Modest Mama is easy on the wallet, containing one of each of the most common store-brand diapers (Target, Babies R Us, Costco, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens).

They also offer toddler packs or packs by size. As well as a handy little sheet for you to keep track of which ones worked for you. And a reference guide with rankings that shows information about each company. Finally, if none of the samplers are the right fit for you, they can even put together a custom pack based on your interests/needs.

They also gift wrap. What a cute idea for a baby shower gift! Perfect for a new mom, or a 2nd time mom like me who doesn’t need any more receiving blankets.

Diaper Dabbler kindly offered to send me a sampler pack based on some information I gave them about me and my family. I received 3 newborn diapers from each of the following companies: Naty by Nature Babycare (which I’ve never even heard of), Huggies Snug & Dry, Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Pampers Baby Dry, Huggies Little Snugglers, Seventh Generation Free & Clear. I’m so excited to try them out without having to buy a big package of each kind, and the researcher in me is excited to have a chart of data about what worked and what didn’t this time around.

They have a gift for you too! 25% off anything on their site until next Friday, June 7.

Just use the code HOME25.

Now I’m off to put these adorably teeny tiny little diapers in the new baby’s empty changing table.


As I mentioned above, I received a free sampler pack of diapers from Diaper Dabbler and offered to write this blog post. All opinions are entirely my own. I think they have a great idea to save us all a bit of money, and I really enjoyed getting to know the company. Thank you to Diaper Dabbler for offering This Place is Now a Home readers such a big discount as well!

She Says… Wet Morning

Sigh. It’s another cold, gray, dreary, foggy, rainy morning in Boston. We haven’t seen the sun in days weeks years. Where is spring? It’s going to be summer before we ever get a taste of spring, I’m afraid.

Not only is it a wet morning outside, but it was a wet morning inside, too. Little Mr. Owen woke up at 5:15am (again) with soaked pajamas and sheets. I thought maybe we had another “lovey overboard” scenario going on, so I crept in and said “shhh” with the lights still low while I searched for that beloved hippo. It wasn’t lovey’s fault this time, though. One of his legs was tucked safely in Owen’s mouth and his body was draped over Owen’s face, just the way he likes it. So I picked Owen up to give him a little snuggle and a pat and realized his pajamas were soaked, right up to his neck. And there was a puddle in his sheets. Oh boy. Here we go again.

I have written before about Owen’s amazing ability to pee through any diaper before. After that post we have switched to size 5 overnight diapers (which are bigger, but somehow he still manages to overflow) and cinch him in as tight as I can manage, but we’re still having floods some nights. Not every night, but at least twice a week. Since so many people on that post suggested that I try cloth diapers or diaper covers, I went to this awesome cloth diaper store near my house and asked for their advice. They suggested adding a cloth insert to increase absorbency with the nighttime diapers I’m already using. We’ve tried it a few times and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I asked about waterproof covers, since that sounds like exactly what we need, but they said that covers wouldn’t help with more absorbency and they wouldn’t necessarily seal the moisture in, so they wouldn’t help our particular issue.

I have one big question about cloth diapers, though. And maybe I’m being totally dense here. But when we first used them I was appalled to take Owen’s diaper off in the morning and realize that the insert was SOAKED (um, duh… I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen). Meaning that his little bum, from butt crack to belly button, had been sitting with soaking wet fabric against it all night. Isn’t that how babies get diaper rash? We’ve never dealt with diaper rash, so I don’t really know. I use a dab of vaseline during the day (though not so much anymore) and I’ve started to use Desitin at night since Owen went through a night pooping stage… but how in the world do baby’s butts survive cloth diapers?

Anyway, I’ve been going back and forth on using these inserts, but sometimes he even overflows a size 5 overnight diaper WITH a cloth insert, so I’m at a loss. Come on moms of superpee-ers, I know you’re out there! What do I do? I’ve thought of double diapering, but can’t really get that to work either. The one time I tried it the outer diaper was bone dry and the pajamas were still wet. Mystery.

I realize I should be glad that Owen doesn’t wake up crying every night for no reason (and that he generally waits until 5:15am or so, which is the norm for some early risin’ babies). While his wakeups been more frequent recently, there’s always a reason! And a good one, too. Could you sleep if you were covered in cold, pee-covered pajamas? Me neither.

Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for our last! weekend! of packing! Pretty excited to just get everything packed and move on to our next big adventure.

He Says… One Month!

Today is Owen’s 1-month birthday.  Happy Birthday, Owen!  It’s pretty amazing that it’s been only a month.  It kind of feels like a year, and it’s pretty amazing to think that we were in the hospital one month ago.  I imagine in a year we will think, “where did that year go?”, but for now this seems like the longest month ever.  In a good way though.  We have learned so much about our little boy and have already seen him grow, and adapt to life on the outside.

Kate wanted to write today, but she had planned to take Owen to her workplace for a little visit, and wasn’t sure if she’d get time to sit down and write.  I know she wants to share some of her reflections on the past month.  For me, it has certainly been eye opening on so many levels.  In many respects it has been easier than I had anticipated, but maybe that is to be expected because I often imagine worst-case scenarios.  A lot of it has to do with Kate’s awesome skills as a new mom, and her low stress level throughout, which helps to keep me on an even keel.

I can’t imagine life without our little man, and look forward to all the months and years with him ahead.

I thought I’d also share this funny video my dad shot on his phone last week when we were visiting with them.  I had just been commenting to my sister (who is next to me in the video) that Owen had NEVER peed on me.  That changed.