Mercury, It’s All Your Fault. Right?


I don’t generally put a lot of stock in astrology, or where the moon is in its orbit or whatever. Sure, I love a good horoscope as much as the next girl, and once even had my “stars read” or whatever you call it when you get a report about yourself based on the planetary alignment at the moment of your birth. It’s all very intriguing to me, but in a very theoretical way.

After perhaps one of the roughest parenting days I’ve had in a while on Monday, Benjamin sent me a link to this article about Mercury in retrograde making people “go haywire with miscommunications”. And jokingly noted, “Maybe this is the reason they are so crazy?”. Ha, I thought.

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed last night, I noticed 4 separate and unrelated posts where people mentioned their kids acting completely out of character and jokingly blaming it on Mercury’s retrograde. Ha, I thought.

Benjamin’s father is a pediatric dentist and has mentioned in the past that it may seem unlikely, but his office definitely gets packed with strange dental emergencies during certain planetary alignments (and I’ve read the same about emergency rooms when there is a full moon). Ha, I tend to think.

Well, maybe the joke’s on me.

Sunday (June 8) through today my kids have been acting uncharacteristically wild. Emotional. Delicate. Fussy. Defiant. Mercury has been in retrograde since June 7 and will be until July 1st. Coincidence? Perhaps.

But if there’s any truth to this, hold onto your hats, folks. It’s going to be a long three weeks.

Have you noticed your kids losing it more than usual in the last few days? Or any weird connections to behavior and the planets/moon?


On a  somewhat related note, Owen’s class did a unit on the solar system last month. He LOVED learning about the planets and brings up random planet facts in our conversations every day now. Everything that is a circle becomes a planet, and he knows the order, weather and relative size of all of the planets in the solar system. I’ll be the first to admit that space knowledge is not my personal forte, so I have learned a lot from him. Here he is singing about the planets about a month ago. Perhaps HE can teach me something about this Mercury retrograde situation!


9 responses to “Mercury, It’s All Your Fault. Right?

  1. uh-oh, don’t tell Owen, but pluto has been downgraded and isn’t considered a planet anymore…. sssshhhhhh

    My daughter has been freakishly chill, so maybe it has the opposite effect on her?

  2. My dad is a believer in the idea of biorhythms… Not related to astrology, but it does hold to the idea that we, as people, are subject to strong and weak times in different ways, such as emotionally and physically. An interesting idea.

  3. @Caroline S., He knows, he knows. Every time he sings it he follows it up with, “Well, but Pluto’s not a planet anymore. But it’s still in the solar system! So now we have to sing…” and goes on to sing the song again, leaving it hanging at the end. Ever the performer 🙂

    YOU ARE VERY FORTUNATE if freakishly chill is what you’re getting!

    @Seth, Hmmm, that makes sense. I would buy biorhythms before I would buy “Mercury made me do it”. But what do I know!

  4. Haven’t noticed any difference in my kids, but I CAN tell you that a full moon does in fact make a difference. I used to do psychiatric screenings in the emergency room, and when there was a full moon, the increase and intensity of the psychiatric symptoms I would see was off. the. hook.

    The next full moon is this Friday…the 13th. Wooooooooo!

  5. It might be a little advanced for Owen at this point, but my kid (age 7) LOVES this book:
    It’s very simple and has great illustrations and photos, and I’ve actually learned a lot from it too!
    My kids definitely get crazy when there’s a full moon. I haven’t noticed a huge change recently, but I’ll wait and see what the rest of June is like.

  6. Not related to the moon or planets, but in my experience teaching, there is a correlation between the barometric pressure and the kids’ behavior. When the pressure changed (especially dropping in advance of a storm), the kids would be WILD. I even had a principal track the pressure vs the teachers lounge talk and it matched up very clearly!

  7. I have noticed that I personally have been having trouble sleeping around full moons, especially this pregnancy, and so when one is coming (which one is this Friday, I think) I try really hard to positive thinking/relaxation and let go of what’s bothering me before bed, and I sleep so much better. Emmy has been a major pill this week, too, defiant, sassy, frustrating. I chalked it up to travel but it seemed to happen so suddenly, maybe there’s something to it??

  8. My Mom and I consistently have super wacky dreams during full moons.

  9. woah! this is very strange…my kids have been nuts all week!!! Very whiny, moany, fighting with each other more than usual etc. And my friend was saying the exact same about her two. I was chalking it up to being the end of the school year and them being ready for a break but I like this theory!!!

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