She Says… Easter Bunny Dreams

Easter 2014-1

I’ve always been a little bit on the fence about creating and maintaining the myths of things like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up believing in all of these, and more, and I don’t think that I’m any worse for it. But there is something… strange… to me about telling your kids lie after lie to keep up this farce.

Easter 2014-2 Easter 2014-3

To Benjamin and I, Santa is worth it. Santa is the pinnacle of the magic of the holiday season. The Tooth Fairy we haven’t decided about yet (we have a few more years before that milestone hits), but I’m thinking we’ll spin that imaginary web as well. But the Easter Bunny? That one just seems downright strange to us. A gigantic bunny hippity hopping into your house and delivering a basket? Perhaps no weirder than a dude in a red suit coming down your chimney, but Benjamin and I agreed that it seems unnecessary to lie about this one too.

Easter 2014-18 Easter 2014-19

At our house, Easter baskets are from Mommy and Daddy, and the big bunny who we happened to see last weekend is just a person dressed in a costume for Easter.

Easter 2014-25

I think the whole “person dressed in a costume” conversation is why Owen insisted that he wear his frog costume after the Easter egg hunt (see below). Perhaps in our effort to keep Easter a little less lie-oriented, we confused Easter and Halloween. Ha!

Easter 2014-24 Easter 2014-23

Maybe if Owen was a different kid, one who reveled in stories of make-believe or didn’t try to “figure everything out”, we might have been more likely to tell him some tall tales. But this lie just seemed like more work than it was worth.

Easter 2014-15 Easter 2014-14

Nevertheless, Owen and Emmett were both tickled to come downstairs and find their baskets. We opted not to do an egg hunt at home, since we always go to Grammy and Grampy’s house for the hunt in the afternoon, so we had a nice, quiet morning playing with Easter toys in matching monster pajamas.

Easter 2014-13 Easter 2014-26

In the afternoon we had a nice early Easter dinner with part of Benjamin’s family and the boys did the annual egg hunt. I think this is the last year Emmett will be placated with “finding” just one egg on his own. Owen is going to have some competition next year!

Easter 2014-10 Easter 2014-16

Owen loved being just like the adults this year, with his own little pre-dinner mocktail and blazer/tie combination (that he picked out himself, without fussing at all).

Easter 2014-9 Easter 2014-8

He even asked Grampy to put on a tie so they could match (copycatting again!).

Easter 2014-5

You know, just like the adults… with a frog suit on.

Easter 2014-29 Easter 2014-30

Easter Bunny or no Easter Bunny, we had a sweet day celebrating with family.

Easter 2014-4

And everyone was pooped at the end.


Side note: Apparently we’ve really gotten our money’s worth with Owen’s “fancy clothes”. That red tie was featured on Easter 2012 (HOW CUTE IS LITTLE OWEN!) and the blazer on Easter 2013! I think they’ll both need to be replaced for 2015, but perhaps Emmett with be big enough for the tie by then…


10 responses to “She Says… Easter Bunny Dreams

  1. I love these photos – so great! Little boys in ties is just the cutest.
    I’m with you – the Easter Bunny is pretty strange! We do keep it up for our 3 1/2 year old, but it always feels forced to me.
    Whatever Owen is eating with the strawberries looks yummy!!

  2. Each to their own, these are hard decisions when you are trying to raise an honest child yet want them to feel the “magic” of the holiday. We pretend in the “bunny” and pretend in “santa” just like we pretend in pixies, elves and fairies! The magic is never lost with a childs imagination! Looks like you had a swell Easter.

  3. Easter Bunny- you could tell him about how some people believe eggs/rabbits symbolise fertile land and people give each other eggs to bless each other to prosper.

  4. Fantastic photos! We enjoyed having all of you here!

  5. As someone else said, I firmly believe there is not a *right* answer that applies to everyone. However, you asked, so: No. We don’t pretend to believe the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, leprechauns, etc. are real at our house. I also don’t feel at all judge-y about people who do. It’s just my preference to not encourage a believe in something that I believe is not true. We there are three of us parents and each of us had a different experience with this growing up. I was raised basically this way as well, but still had all of the fun of special Easter hunts, surprises under the Christmas tree, change from the Tooth Fairy — like a special games for special days. Another one of us had a decidedly bad experience when she found out that Santa was not real and she felt that her parents had been lying to her for years and developed a lot of trust issues around that. And the other one of us had the usual experience of believing in Santa, etc. for years and then finding out it was not true and it not being at all traumatic.

  6. My oldest would ask if Owen was Jewish, since he has started wondering why in the world would the Bunny and Santa leave out his best friend. We’re an all science, atheist household and so there’s no real blind faith or “its magic” explanations for the most part, but there is a part of me that loves for him to believe in magic for these few short years.

  7. Was the hula hoop an Easter gift? Because those were our “featured” gifts as well (from the bunny, we’re all about the make believe), and they provided all day entertainment!

  8. So all parents who let their kids embrace a little imagination are big fat, fatty fat fat liars (but only on the holidays you deem “unworthy”)?

    GOMFI, Kate. Your thread is getting bigger by the week.

  9. Uhm Anon. Don’t hate on Kate. You don’t have to follow this blog, you don’t have to agree with Kate, you can express your opinion forsure if you disagree… but ya know do it with a little less bully and a lil more love 🙂

  10. @Megan, Thanks! Everything was delicious. That’s vanilla ice cream w/ strawberries for Owen (those of us who could have gluten had a yummy angel food cake to go with it).

    @Anon., Love the idea about incorporating the mention of what some people believe about eggs. Totally agree that it’s tricky to figure out what’s best for your family — and to each his/her own!

    @Jamie Henderson, Totally agree. We’ve picked one (relatively arbitrary) “way” to go with celebrating holidays, but I definitely don’t judge those who choose a different way, or believe something different than I do. I asked because I’m interested in what other families do, since I only know what mine does. I love your explanation of why you do what you do, and also that you found a way to get the fun of the holidays with an honest dialogue with your whole family.

    @NOLAGirlie, It’s a complicated thing to figure out, even for adults! 🙂

    @Carly, The hula hoop wasn’t new for Easter, but it gives us hours of entertainment. In this picture they were actually playing “lion tamer at the circus”.

    @Anon., Not in the slightest. I wrote that we “do” Santa to show that we pick and choose just as every family picks and chooses. We’re all liars and it’s all in good fun, in my book. To each his/her own. I like sharing what we do because I’m curious what others do as well. No judgment. I’m happy with what my family does because it works for us, but what you or your family does is great if it works for you. Also, re: GOMI, I read it a few days ago, and I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

    @Anon., Thanks for keeping it positive and kind!

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