She Says… Writing About Not Writing

It seems silly to write about not writing. But this week, that’s all that there is time to do. And given that this is the second week that is the case… I’m going to guess some of you will stop checking here to see if I’ve written anything. I hope you don’t — but I get it. You come here to read. And, well, lately there hasn’t been a whole lot to read.

It’s been a bit of a tricky schedule for the last few weeks.

Benjamin came home from his 20-day work adventure in Spain last Wednesday. While he was in the air on the last leg of his journey, a flight from New York to Boston, I had to get on the train from Boston to New York. We literally passed each other going in opposite directions, in the air and on land. Ships passing in the night. It couldn’t have been worse timing, but it couldn’t be avoided while we both met our professional responsibilities. I dropped the kids off at school in the morning, Grammy picked them up, gave them dinner and put them to bed (she was happy to get a little playtime with them, and we were very grateful that she could be there to connect the dots of our crazy travel week!), and Benjamin got home a couple of hours later. Despite the tricky logistics, it all went quite smoothly and the kids loved being able to get some grandma time and didn’t feel disrupted at all. I got home from New York on Friday night and Benjamin and I FINALLY got to see each other again.

We’ve spent our time since then simply enjoying being together. Appreciating each other. Playing with toys we haven’t played with in a while. Taking walks. Playing on the playground for the whole afternoon without other plans. Making our favorite dinners and eating them together, laughing at Owen’s antics and Emmett’s hilarious head-bobbing and dancing while he smooshes food into his mouth, spilling most of it on the floor. Breathing in the quiet, post-bath, pajamaed moments with each boy before bed.

You know, normal stuff.

But at the moment I’m too busy enjoying the normal stuff to find time to write about it too.

This week I’ve had another work event Tuesday and Wednesday (local, thankfully!) but it has meant that I haven’t been in front of my computer during the day, and all I want to do is see my family at night.

So I’ll be back. Next week.


2 responses to “She Says… Writing About Not Writing

  1. Leaving understanding and a hope you will enjoy you fambam and type again soon.

  2. Props to you my dear! You have your priorities right where they should be!

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