She Says… Latest Favorite Baby Product

Day 16 of partner-less parenting, but we’re making it through. We’re so ready for Daddy to come home (soon! soon!). The bliss of the first 11 days wore off a little over the last week while we weathered a stomach bug for Emmett and some rough behavior from Owen. But my mom visited for the weekend, which meant entertainment for the kids and two more helping hands for me. Hooray for Moms! A wonderful time was had by all.

One of the products that has saved me (and Emmett) during the many solo bathtimes over the last few weeks is a new bath seat.


(Side note: No one is paying me to say this… I just really like this seat and all of my friends in real life were interested in hearing about it, so I thought you might be too.)

Since Emmett was born we have been using this angled seat. When he was tiny I used a foam pad to keep him from sliding around and bathed him alone, but as soon as he was a little sturdier (12 weeks, I think), we started double bathtime with Owen. It’s a lifesaver when there’s only one parent home in the evening, and it has turned into one of my (and the boys’) favorite parts of every day.


At 8 1/2 months, Emmett is obviously sitting like a champ these days (and crawling, and pulling up, and standing, and practically cruising already — SLOW DOWN, BABY!), so he could just sit in the tub like Owen. Except that Owen likes a ton of water “like a pool” so he can practice opening his eyes underwater, and, let’s be honest, doesn’t always follow directions like “no splashing!” or “don’t pour water over Emmett’s head!” or “NO TIDAL WAVES.”. So just putting him in the water is, uhh, a bit dangerous.


I got this Keter Bath Seat on Amazon (that is my affiliate link, so I’ll get a few shiny, copper pennies if you order through that link). It’s currently on sale for $30, but it is usually $79 (WAY too expensive for what it is).

I ordered it immediately, not thinking about the fact that it was sold by an outside seller, as it was not available through Amazon at the time. As someone who is used to my Prime shipping, I am always appalled when I can’t get my item immediately. When I got the shipping notification, it said it would be delivered some time between March 15 and June 15. Umm, seriously? A 3 month window? So I went to return the damn thing because I don’t think I’ll even need it in June and was just looking for something to keep Emmett’s face out of the water while his brother tries to drown him (in good fun!) every night in the bath. And they told me they couldn’t cancel it because it was already on its way. ON A BOAT. Finally it arrived but was mysteriously marked as Registered Mail, which of course I wasn’t around to sign for at exactly the right time, so I ended up having to go to the post office to get it.



But now that it’s here? I totally love it. Emmett does too. Now he’s no longer face-first into the water because his big brother is teaching him how to swim like a fish. (Kidding, obviously. I would never leave him unattended in the tub!)


If you need something like this but don’t want to spend 30 bucks, my dear friend Nancy Holtzman also clued me in that you can use an empty laundry basket once your baby can sit well! Genius!

What’s your favorite new product that makes your life easier with kid(s)?


One response to “She Says… Latest Favorite Baby Product

  1. Great article. Do wooden bath seats like these create a lot of mold?:

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