She Says… Day 11


Welcome to Day 11 of Benjamin being on a long trip to Spain for work. I hadn’t mentioned it because hello! Crazy people on the internet! But I tell you now just so you don’t think I’ve disappeared. I’m still here.

solo2 solo1

The boys and I are having a grand old time, actually. I was nervous about being home “alone” for so long, but it has been so, totally fine. Fun, even. I hate to even say this out loud for fear of jinxing myself, but I think we’re in a” sweet spot”. You know, one of those elusive times when both kids are in happy, sweet stages at the same time and everyone’s sleeping and eating and not getting sent home from school? Those days? Last week I even exercised almost every day and even said, “Hey! It’s WARM out! Let’s wear just vests instead of coats and hats and mittens” one day. I can feel the spring a’comin’.


Please ignore the fact that we almost got a blizzard yesterday.


SPRING IS COMING AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. Are you with me? Maybe if enough of us are on board in New England it will actually happen?

solo9 solo8

I love me some winter, I really do, but the brutal temps have gone on long enough. My knuckles are cracking and both boys have red rashes from going outside to play and I haven’t worn anything except Uggs and a puffy coat in ages. Not to mention that the poor dog hasn’t been walked regularly since the fall. I know, I’m a horrible dog owner at the moment.


Heavy work load at work + all of the workload at home + 2 hilarious boys = no time for blogging. Or exercising. Or dog walking. Or sometimes showering. But aside from those three balls, all of the others are in the air! Hooray!



4 responses to “She Says… Day 11

  1. Love the photos! Here’s to healthy children and spring!

  2. We got the blizzard.

    53 cm. of snow (on top of the over 300 cm. that we already have) plus sustained winds of over 110 km/hr, gusting to 135 km. For hours. And hours. And more hours.

    And more snow coming.

    Apparently spring is unavailable in my part of the world (Atlantic Canada) this year.

  3. @Olivia, OH. MY. WORD. I’m so sorry.

  4. Snow and blizzards… see this is why I live in California, the only thing we have is sunshine and earthquakes 🙂
    Hope baby emmett gets over his stomach bug quickly!

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