She Says… Tough Cookie

When Owen was a baby he was so tough that I actually asked his doctor if he could have some weird disease that causes him not to feel pain. In retrospect it was silly, but I couldn’t understand how he seemed completely unfazed by injuries that would have made me cry, even as an adult. He is always black and blue from climbing on things, jumping off of them, hitting the walls, bonking his face into things.

He is one tough cookie.

Today we got a call from daycare that Owen had been standing on a block and when he toppled off of it, his head hit the bookcase. He was left with a deep cut below his lip (and he bit his cheek from the inside, making his whole cheek swell up). After a good, quick cry and some hugs and first aid from his teacher, he was feeling fine again. I rushed over to school (thankful I live less than 5 minutes away!) and found him happily sucking on his popsicle reading a book with his teacher.

“I fell into the bookshelf, Mommy!” he told me. And, with a touch of pride in his voice, “I am fine now. It’s just a cut.” “Are we going to go to the doctor? Can I watch tv after?”.


I called our pediatrician to see if they could give me some guidelines about what types of cuts need to be addressed by a doctor and what types will heal normally on their own. Because I have no idea. Once I described the cut to them (about 1″ long, and maybe 1/8″ deep, the skin kind of gaping open), they were very clear: Go straight to the ER.

Benjamin and I did a quick hand-off since he happened to be home today too, packed a quick lunch and some entertainment for the waiting room and he headed off to take Owen to his first injury-related ER visit.


I’m sure it won’t be the last.

In fact, knowing Owen’s antics, I’m surprised we made it this long without one. Our only other ER visit was asthma-related and much scarier.


Thankfully we have an awesome ER right down the road, and all of the doctors agreed that they could use glue instead of stitches for this particular laceration. A few hours later, Owen was headed back to school, anxious to show his friends his cool skin glue, his hospital bracelet and a little toy truck that they gave him in the ER.

Another day, another doctor’s appointment! But all’s well that ends well.


2 responses to “She Says… Tough Cookie

  1. Aw, poor Owen! He really is such a trooper! What a great kiddo!

  2. Ouch! Amazing how quickly they bounce back at that age.

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