She Says… Stranded

Or, thankfully, NOT stranded. Yet.

I’m running a work event in New York this week. Given that the weather reports showed that Mother Nature was about to puke ice and snow all over the East Coast this morning, I opted to hightail it out of Boston and down to NYC last night instead of this morning as planned. Turns out that was a good call, as there’s no way I would have made it here if I was traveling this morning.

That “good call”, however, left Benjamin at home to get the kids to school in the snowstorm (they were still open! Hallelujah!) before heading to work (IMPOSSIBLE). You know what’s tricky? Going outside to shovel snow when you have a 3 year old and a baby at home. It’s dicey to leave them inside alone, but it’s also nearly impossible to hold, or even wear, the baby while you shovel. And let’s just say that Owen’s “helping” doesn’t usually equal helping. Luckily our driveway is a downhill from our garage to the road, so in the worst case scenario you can roll out and get the kids to school, and then come back home and deal with snow removal.

So I woke up this morning to icy rain and slush in New York City, thankful that I only have to walk 1 block to get to my office. Benjamin did get the kids to school successfully (go Daddy!), but called me from the parking lot to say that he might not be able to get home, as he was totally stuck in his parking spot on the way out. Womp womp.

I’m sad to be missing the big storm (I kind of love getting snowed in, despite the inconveniences) and feel guilty leaving Benjamin to clean up the mess on his own. But I am so happy to be “stranded” in a nice hotel in NYC with no plans to travel in this swirling vortex of snowflakes for a couple of days!

On our “home day” on Monday I got to enjoy a couple inches of snow with the boys. That was only scratching the surface of what this storm is supposed to bring (14″!).

snow1 snow2 snow3 snow4

(Side note: See those mittens? Buying a brand new pair of totally huge, totally ugly mittens that Owen picked out himself seemed to solve his mitten issues. For now.)

Happy Snow Day to those on the East Coast, and Happy Freezing Day to many others! Stay safe and warm. And please send all of your best snow-removal thoughts to my husband, stranded at home with two little crazy people.


2 responses to “She Says… Stranded

  1. That picture of Emmett made me, for real, LOL.

  2. Ahahahahaha, Emmett looks THRILLED to be outside in the snow.

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