She Says… Little Tiny Skis and Missing the Noisemaker


Owen took a trip up to New Hampshire with Grammy and Grampy this weekend by himself. Well, Schnitzel was there too, but Benjamin and Emmett and I stayed home — it made for a lovely little vacay weekend for us all!

Anyone who has had two kids and then suddenly finds themselves with only ONE of said kids (especially if it’s the smaller, quieter one who naps a lot more) will tell you that it is ASTONISHING how easy it feels. How much time there is in the day to get things done. How quiet it is. Quieter than I ever remembered it being when Owen was Emmett’s age.

Benjamin and I packed our weekend with social events (out Friday, hosted a dinner party Saturday and I went out Sunday with mom friends — woot! Who am I?!), errands and finishing projects around the house, and there was still more than enough time to cuddle, hug, kiss, play with and adore Emmett. One on one. Really two on one. For a few moments it made me sad that every day in Emmett’s life isn’t like that — the center of attention, the nonstop holding and appreciating and marveling over what a perfect little dude he is. But you know what I realized? Emmett may never know what it feels like to be an only child, but what he gets in return is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

It’s too quiet here without Owen. There’s no constant “show” going on to entertain Emmett. There is less laughter and less chaos and less silliness. There’s a hole here when he’s gone.

Sure, Benjamin and I enjoyed the quiet. We actually cuddled on the couch and watched tv during Emmett’s morning nap; I can’t remember the last time that happened. We talked to each other and heard each others’ voices without having to compete with Owen’s incessant chattering. We went to bed at night knowing that even if Emmett woke up early, all we had to do was hold him and play with him quietly… there was no little preschool-aged dictator to talk and direct and argue and talk some more.

It was nice. But now I’m ready to have my little chatterbox back.


He, of course, had a total blast. We video chatted yesterday and he beamed while he told me that he ate macaroni and cheese all weekend. And that Grammy laid in his bed with him when he got up too early (4:45am! Not happening at home, buddy!). And that he hasn’t napped once (!!!). And that he got to go in the hot tub. And that they went hiking and he got M&Ms at the top of the mountain.

So. Much. Fun.

They also took him skiing for the first time (next stop: Sochi)! This was a milestone that Benjamin and I were very sad to miss, but it probably went smoother without us there, to be honest. Thankfully Grammy documented the trip with lots of pictures and a video of Owen going the whole way down the bunny hill all by himself. HE ROCKED — stayed up the whole time (and apparently wouldn’t let anyone help him with anything, from the getting dressed to the “magic carpet” lift to skiing down the hill)! Benjamin and I watched the video with happy tears in our eyes. We are so lame.


All in all the weekend was a huge success. I think everyone will sleep well tonight (especially Grammy and Grampy).



3 responses to “She Says… Little Tiny Skis and Missing the Noisemaker

  1. sounds like an amazing weekend! for all of you!!!!

  2. We loved having him. Can’t wait for the next visit. And yes, we’re looking forward to a long restful night of sleep!

  3. It’s amazing how hard it all is with your first baby. Then you have a baby and a 3 year old and you wonder how you ever thought one tiny little baby was difficult…

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