She Says… Snow days and schedules (or lack thereof)

Happy New Year!


Apparently I needed a little vacay from the blog as well as work since I haven’t blogged since Christmas. We had a wonderful week “off” from our normal schedules (presents! sicknesses! family! more presents! short school days! SNOW!) but now we are anxious to get back to normal. Well, Benjamin and I are. Owen has no idea, but he is too. Dude gets all out of sorts when his daily routine is messed up (read: our “wonderful” week, while undeniably wonderful, was rife with uncharacteristic tantrums and whiny/sad ‘tude).


Yesterday both boys went to school and Benjamin and I clicked away at our computers, working working working. And then the weather channels went craycray talking about the impending blizzard.


By pickup time the snow was coming down really hard, and this morning we woke up to this.


Lots of snow, yo. 12+”. And it’s still coming down. Daycare is still open (HALLELUJAH!), but not until 10am. So we’re having another weird schedule day that will involve a lot of shoveling as soon as Emmett goes down for a nap.

I love snow. I do. I don’t even mind shoveling (until, like, March). But my work inbox is overflowing and I have more to do than I can possibly get done in a short day. So, umm, Happy New Year?

My blog friend Meg over at Phase Three of Life has a really nice tradition of picking a theme for the upcoming year every January. I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions (except that every year since having Owen, Benjamin and I always resolve to go out more!), but I like this idea of thinking of a theme that can help guide your behavior throughout the year. Meg’s choice, Patience, totally struck a chord with me. I could easily just say, “Hell yeah, sister” (as I do almost every time I read her blog posts) and be done. What mother of a preschooler DOESN’T need patience? But there’s another word that I think I may need to hear even more than Patience.


Work feeling crazy? Be calm.
Owen screaming his head off? Calm your voice before you talk to him.
Emmett STILL not sleeping through the night? Calm down. He will. And you will miss these days.
House a mess? Behind on laundry? Floors covered in crumbs? Take a deep breath. Be calm. It will all get done.
Mind racing with all of the things on your To Do list? CALM. Start with one.

We all need a little calm in our lives, no? I hear myself saying to Owen all the time, “Calm your body.” “Calm your voice.”. The truth is, I should take my own advice sometimes.

May 2014 be the year of Calm.

What’s your word?


5 responses to “She Says… Snow days and schedules (or lack thereof)

  1. I think mine has to be patience – which is something I haven’t had much of lately…

  2. Amen!!! Love your theme choice! I could use some calm in my life. I might have to steal your theme. 😉

  3. Appreciation.

  4. Hmmm. I would have said calm but due to recent events I think I my theme will be ‘enjoy today’.

    We have 2 major health scares over Christmas and I am determined to train myself to enjoy the moment. I am forever planning for tomorrow that I think I miss the present a little.

    So today I’m going enjoy the company of my Nan, Mum and daughter and savour every word and enjoy the laughter because one day my elders won’t be here.

    I’m going to stop planning for tomorrow so much and deal with it when it comes.
    Today I’m going to enjoy …today.
    Today I’m going to listen
    Today I’m going to savour

    Because as I’ve learnt tomorrow may be very different.

    Enjoy your today’s folks!

  5. First, thank you for the shout-out! You’re a dear. 🙂 Second, GREAT choice. I might steal it a bit and alternate between the two cuz calm is what I need when I inevitably lose my patience. 😉

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