She Says… A Very Happy Holiday

Christmas 2013-8 Christmas 2013-7 Christmas 2013-6

So I mentioned on Christmas Eve Eve that both boys got RSV for Christmas. What I didn’t know at the time was that they would also both be hit by a stomach bug later that day (vomit central), and Owen had an ear infection on top of all of that. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! At that point, all I wanted for Christmas was to spend a few hours not covered in someone else’s bodily fluid.

Christmas 2013-2 Christmas 2013-4

Thankfully after a pitiful, weepy, super-sad 24 hours (this stomach bug was rough!), Owen was back up and running. Emmett’s stomach issues lingered on and off for the next two days, plaguing our Christmas with random Exorcist-style, projectile vomit sessions.

Christmas 2013-21 Christmas 2013-23

Nonetheless, Christmas was awesome.

Christmas 2013-26 Christmas 2013-27 Christmas 2013-30 Christmas 2013-31

Owen couldn’t calm himself down enough to nap on Christmas (too much excitement… who can blame him). Usually that is pretty much a death sentence for our day. But the holiday brought out the best in him and he had a wonderful day, entertaining one and all at our Christmas dinner with Benjamin’s family. Emmett had a great day, but decided to decorate my outfit with one final projectile vomit right before we sat down to eat dinner. Yum.

Christmas 2013-20

Unfortunately Owen woke up Thursday morning to the hard truth that Christmas was over. There was no more advent calendar. No more anticipation. That was a tough pill to swallow and we had a morning full of tears and tantrums.

You can’t win ’em all, huh?

Christmas 2013-13

So now both boys are feeling better and we’re looking forward to the next holiday!


2 responses to “She Says… A Very Happy Holiday

  1. Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting them.

  2. I’m curious to know how you are planning to manage Owens “tablet time”. I’m similar to you in that we just don’t do tv in the house. My daughter watches maybe 5-10 minutes of kids song youtube videos a day and that is it. She is almost two, and I find that I am in the mega-minority when it comes to no screen time. (my husband lets her watch cartoons in the morning on the occasion he is home, I hate it, but I can’t be in charge of everything!)
    What types of tv time rules do you have now that owen is getting older?
    Would love to hear what works in your house! My daughter remembers everything, so if I let her do something ONCE she will ask for it again every, single, day, like 30 times a day…..

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