She Says… Respite

It’s been quiet around here. Life is moving faster than I can type it.

Work is beyond crazy. Emmett is sick. Christmas is upon us. We’re behind on laundry. I’m working my ass off in every arena just to make ends meet. (Blah blah… isn’t everyone?)

This morning on the train to work I decided NOT to answer emails or get out my computer to do work or even write my To Do list for the day. Usually I end up doing all 3 simultaneously so that the minute I step off the train I am ready to start tackling things. No, today I forced myself do just one thing. I watched the snow out the window while listening to my new favorite podcast. Ok, that’s 2 things. But only one that requires thought.

Two confessions:

  1. My first confession is that until very recently I barely knew what a podcast was. I had never listened to them and didn’t have the time and didn’t know where to start. And frankly I didn’t really care enough to figure it out. Then a commenter here mentioned that she listened to podcasts while she pumped at work. So I figured I would check it out. And I happened upon One Bad Mother.
  2. My 2nd confession is that although I am consumed by fiery love for my children, I also enjoy some really good Mommy snark. This podcast delivers on that. I literally find myself convulsing with stifled laughter while I listen on the train.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to live inside my head and hear my unedited internal monologue, all you need to do is listen to Biz (one of the two hosts). Every time she opens her mouth it’s like what I would say if I were hanging with my totally non-judgmental best friend. Except she has a Southern twang. Even the stories she tells about her daughter Katie-Belle are EXACTLY things I’m currently going through with Owen.

Makes me want to do a podcast my damn self. Or a vlog. Or just… you know… call a friend to chat like that once in a while.

Laughing with these ladies for 30 minutes on the train this morning was the only respite I’ve had — completely alone — from my life’s general craziness in too long.

Do yourself a favor and GO LISTEN. You will laugh. You’re welcome.


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