She Says… A Solid “Meh”.

A few days after Emmett’s 4 month doctor’s appointment we felt ready for one of my favorite baby milestones. Or, rather, something that was one of my favorite milestones for Owen, so it’s all I’ve ever known. In pure 2nd baby fashion, it went completely differently than what I expected.



We started playing with solid food on the earlier side (a little over 4 months old) with Emmett for many reasons, not the least of which is that now that he is on gross hypoallergenic formula (another story for another blog post!), I feel strongly that introducing him to some better/more interesting flavors and textures is important. Also, it’s REALLY fun. I love introducing my babies to the tastes and smells and experience of enjoying food.

We were in a similar situation with Owen when he turned 4 months. The minute I put that first bite of avocado in his mouth it was like Christmas morning. His eyes lit up, his lips smacked, his toes curled in happiness. The kid ate like a Hoover from the very first day. And pretty much never stopped (save for some picky eating phases along the way, all of which ebbed and flowed and eventually left again).



Emmett’s verdict?




I started him with avocado just like his big bro. Lord knows I ate enough avocados while pregnant with/breastfeeding him that he’s practically been eating it since the day he was created. However, that familiarity didn’t seem to help much. He just wasn’t into it.

He tolerated the spoon on his lips. He tolerated me dabbing a little avocado mush onto them. He licked. Scowled. Got full-body shivers. Used his tongue to push it right back out.

Given that he’s still so little (5 months yesterday — another blog post in the works!), I’m totally not sweating it. Or pushing it. After the first time I waited a week before trying again. Since then I’ve been offering a few bites every night when we eat dinner as a family. He sits at the table in his high chair and enjoys the company, if not the food so much. I’ve offered avocado and sweet potato.


The only time he will really open his mouth and eat? When big brother Owen is doing the feeding.


Which sort of feels like an accident waiting to happen (I heard myself saying, “Oops! Don’t stick the spoon all the way down his throat!”). But honestly? Both boys love it. Owen loves being the big brother (read: IN CHARGE), and Emmett sits there and giggles nonstop at Owen.

Owen’s new favorite game: Will Emmett swallow or spit his food back out?

So although he’s not exactly Hoovering yet, I’m hoping he’ll warm up to food soon. Yet another reminder of how different 2 kids can be!


6 responses to “She Says… A Solid “Meh”.

  1. Simon still hates avocado and most things of that texture at 2.5.
    I hope this isn’t the case for you – but Simon didn’t start eating food consistently until about 15 months and closer to 20 before I would say he ate well. It was always just enough that it wasn’t a real problem for weight gain. Kids are so nuts in how they are different from one another.

  2. Owen is so so cute and look at Emmett staring at his big brother! I got all teary eyed watching that video. Brothers!!!!

  3. Just curious since I’ve been researching on when to introduce solids myself — what’s your take in early food introduction being linked with increased chance of food allergies? Love the video. 🙂

  4. @Kasey, That must have been very challenging!

    @Sabrina, Their relationship is pretty much the sweetest ever.

    @Jessica, It’s a great question, especially considering that our family is genetically predisposed to allergies/intolerances. From what I have read (which is a lot), there is evidence that suggests that early food introduction is linked with food allergies and also evidence to suggest the opposite. Even with all that we DO know about food and our bodies, I am not convinced that researchers have found a definitive link for either theory. We’ve discussed this with our pediatrician and his position is “the jury is still out — but in the meantime, kids need to eat”. So that’s my guiding principle for now. On a personal level, both of my kids had food “issues” prior to even introducing solids at all, so who knows.

  5. With both of mine, we tried at 6 mo. on the dot and they were NOT into it. Neither really seemed to enjoy it until about 8 mo. though that could be due to their having both been early.

  6. Owen’s laugh in the video is amazing! What a hilarious kid!

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