She Says… WINNER of the Uh Oh Pasghettio Giveaway

How is it Tuesday already?

Oh. Right. Benjamin has been traveling since last Thursday and I’ve been spending every waking minute wiping a butt, wiping the counter, washing the dishes, foraging for food from the dwindling refrigerator supply, playing countless games of Uno, making bottles, cleaning bottles, making salt dough ornaments and supervising their decoration, vacuuming pine needles, bundling children, unwrapping bundled children, and sleeping, showering and checking email when possible. You know the drill. The solo parenting gig (even for a short time) is tiring, yo.

We managed to find time to dance around to Christmas music in our pajamas and I taught Owen how to pillow fight (HILARIOUS), but alas, there wasn’t enough time for blogging yesterday. But now Benjamin is home, the kids are at school and I’m back in front of the computer.

So… drumroll please…

the WINNER of the Uh Oh Pasghettio curated art print collection is…



Congratulations Amanda Christopher, I hope you will love The Chase collection! I will email you with details.

A huge THANK YOU to all who entered. And for those who didn’t win, there’s still time to order your prints before Christmas!


4 responses to “She Says… WINNER of the Uh Oh Pasghettio Giveaway

  1. Amanda Christopher

    I am THRILLED! what an amazing surprise on this dreary rainy (wishing for snow) day in Richmond, VA – thank you!!!

  2. Congratulations, Amanda! And we might just have a little something up our sleeve for those of you that entered but didn’t win. Keep an eye on your email for details!

  3. You are NOT a single parent, Kate. Your husband is traveling. That is astoundingly insulting to both *actual* single parents (like myself, recently separated from my husband and raising two children on a single income–mine–alone) and, I imagine, your husband.

    I couldn’t even get past that line to read the rest of this post. I sincerely hope you take down every mention of that phrase on your blog, Twitter, or Instagram. How very distasteful.

  4. @Sarah, Thanks for pointing that out — you are right, I should have chosen different words. Regular readers will know how much I adore and respect my husband and his contributions to our family, and many times in the past on the blog I have also praised and revered single parents (like my mother). Of course I did not mean to offend and I apologize if you read it that way.

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