She Says… Cozy Little Nursery Reveal

Emmett is almost 5 months old, but I’m just getting around to sharing his nursery reveal now. (Looking back, apparently I did the same thing with Owen’s nursery). Now I guess it’s not so much a “reveal” as a “hey, my 2nd baby has a room”, but, I know some of you might want to see how it turned out.

The room itself is super small. We had a queen mattress on the floor in there before Emmett was here and there was barely enough room for anything else. So as Emmett grows we will likely have to switch his room with the playroom down the hall (much bigger), but for now, the tiny little room makes for a super sweet, cozy little nursery.


I love the warmth of the grey/brown walls, and the way the whites pop off of the saturated color. I used furniture we already had, and pieces of Owen’s crib bedding (that I had made for him) and used those colors as a jumping off point for the room. Even with a similar color scheme, it turned out so differently from Owen’s nursery.


I made the mobile (just like I did for Owen’s room), but this one was much simpler and I’m much happier with how it turned out. To anyone who wants to DIY, it was a really quick and easy project! I popped circles out of craft paper with my hole puncher and then just sewed them together in a straight light with my sewing machine. Then I tied the strings onto a painted embroidery hoop and hung with fishing wire.

My sister cut the letters out of wall vinyl for me and all I had to do was peel and stick.


NurseryReveal-6 NurseryReveal-2

The fox print was from a cute shop I found on Etsy (details below). The framed alphabet print above the changing table (from was actually a gift from Benjamin to me last Christmas. I think he had intended it for Owen’s big boy room that we were thinking about at the time, but as soon as I saw it I got all teary-eyed as I immediately saw the nursery for our Baby #2 come together. We didn’t even know if Emmett was a boy or a girl at that point, but the nursery would have been almost the same.

NurseryReveal-3 NurseryReveal-5

The 3 personalized prints that say “Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Emmett.” were made by a super talented friend of mine who is the creative director behind Uh Oh Pasghettio, a graphic design boutique that has adorable wall art and invitations perfect for nurseries/kids’ rooms. This trio is available as part of their “collections” (cute coordinating prints that look great together).

Uh Oh Pasghettio has offered to give away a whole collection to a lucky reader! You don’t want to miss it. Just in time for holiday gifting or brightening up your child’s room for the new year.

Check back tomorrow for details about the giveaway.


Room details:



8 responses to “She Says… Cozy Little Nursery Reveal

  1. You’re just the most simply creative person I know.
    Love the mobile idea.

  2. I love it all. The fox print is adorable!

  3. Kate,
    Love the nursery! I have been looking for something very similar in looks to the metal wire and clips you have holding the prints above the changing table; I’d like it to display my kids artwork. Where did you find that?

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    @Maureen, It is the Umbra Photo Line ( I was also considering the Ikea Deka (, which is much longer. And I DIYed something very similar in my older son’s room with just some thumb tacks and rainbow colored twine ( Enjoy!

  5. How funny that you should post these pictures today. I scoured your blog two days ago looking for Emmett’s nursery pics and didn’t find any! I was telling Ruben’s brother about my Cricut and wanted to show him the nursery. It looks amazing all finished and decorated. You are truly gifted, sister. Love the nursery. Love you guys!

  6. So cute! Every time I think I have a clean and organized house I see pictures of yours and then I just want to clean and give stuff away! 🙂

  7. Love that mobile! You should do a post with step by step directions for the not so crafty among us. Or maybe you already did?

    Anyway, looks beautiful 🙂

  8. Gorgeous! Love the colors – it feels very soothing.

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