She Says… Four Months


My sweet baby boy,

This month whizzed by. It flew. You started daycare and I started back at work in the beginning of November and BAM! it’s Thanksgiving already. And judging by the state of our family calendar, it will be Christmas before we know it. The transition back to work could have been devastating. It could have been rough. It could have been rocky. It’s been busy (and still is), for sure, but thanks to you, my little darling, it has been as painless as possible.


You, sir, rock. You rock at daycare. You rock at sleeping there. You rock at chugging every drop of all of your bottles. You rock at smiling and charming every one of your teachers. You rock at staying pretty calm in the evenings even after super long days so that we can have dinner as a family. You rock at smiling and splashing and making bathtime my favorite time of the whole day. You rock at snuggling into me while I nurse you at bedtime, holding your tiny, pudgy little fingers and wondering how we made such a perfect little dude.


I’m beginning to worry that you’re going to grow up thinking your name is “cutie pie”. Because that’s what you hear all day long. I’m sure there’s a lot more to you than just your looks, but it’s the truth. You are DAMN cute. People stop me on the street to say one of three things about you:

  1. You have the most perfect, round head. (I had no idea this was a thing people commented on, but it’s true. You do.)
  2. You are SO smiley. (Mmm hmm, that too. Not stingy with the grins!)
  3. You have the most beautiful eyes. (Sparkly. Dancing. Deep blue like the ocean.)

I may be biased, but I wholeheartedly believe that all 3 things are true.

Emmett4Months-4 Emmett4Months-5

This month, unfortunately, I’ve discovered something that’s not so easy breezy about you. As much as I tried to avoid going down the road of thinking you have some sort of food allergy/intolerance like your brother and your Daddy, I’m pretty sure you do. At least for now. This past month has been a roller coaster of hypoallergenic formula and me avoiding certain foods to see what the culprit is. Though you’re far from figured out, my best guess and working hypothesis at the moment is that your tummy does not tolerate when I eat milk or eggs. We’ve got a pretty good thing going while I’m off both of those things as far as I can tell, and although it’s hard for me to avoid yummy things like cheese, yogurt and chocolate (and pretty much anything baked now that eggs are off limits), it is worth it for the time being to heal you. Last night was the worst night I’ve seen — arching, crying, poop issues. Nothing helped. You couldn’t sleep and you couldn’t eat, which just left you awake and paralyzed by your own sadness. Which meant I was too. Daddy and I took turns trying to comfort you but all you really wanted was to rock with me, half-nursing, half-pacifying.

We got through it. We’ll get through this patch and we’ll get through the next one and we’ll get through the one after that. I’ll always be here to hold your hand and help you through, whatever comes. I already ache for the day that you come home with a problem I can’t fix, like a broken heart. But trust me, we’ll get through that too.


Emmett, you fit like a snug little puzzle piece into our family. Daddy and I fight over who gets to hold you and make you smile. Schnitzel is protective of you and bathes you in kisses. Owen, in the midst his totally-age-appropriate-but-nonetheless-incredibly-frustrating 3 year old ‘tude, is totally enamored with you. His normally wild body becomes calm around you. He dotes on you. Sings to you. Contorts your body in hilarious ways that make us all laugh. Sweetly and softly pats your cheek when you’re crying. Gives me the play-by-play of what you’re doing in the car (“He’s sleeping! No! He’s awake! He’s pukin’ up! He’s looking at his toy!”). Though I know there will be times, likely in our not too distant future, when he’s not so kind to you, you must always know that everything he does comes from a place of love.


Brothers are like that.


Owen’s new favorite game is to get the whole family under a blanket on the couch and pretend to sleep. He calls it a “love cage” and no one can get out. Guess who he ALWAYS wants in his love cage? You. So far you’re surprisingly tolerant of being smooshed into a pigpile with all of us and covered with a quilt. You’re pretty easygoing about most of the silly games we play with you. You’re the best baby doll.


I love you, my beautiful boy. We all do. Even in the middle of the night it melts me to see your bright eyes and kicking legs in the dim light. You are one special little guy.


Couldn’t love you any more if I tried,



11 responses to “She Says… Four Months

  1. Very sweet. You’re boys sound just like mine! Especially with the food allergies. I’m nursing my 8-month old and have only now been able to eat a little egg and dairy. Like you said, it’s hard to avoid those wonderful things, but hey, it’s helped me shed baby weight faster than with number 1! And it’s totally worth it to get rid of the pain and discomfort it causes.

  2. @Meggy, Totally agree! This new diet definitely helped me lose those last few pregnancy pounds — I guess not having access to chocolate and cheese will do that 🙂 That is the bright side! I also agree about it being worth it. I’ve have so many people (friends, family, even doctors) say “Well, if it’s just a little tummy upset for him, I’d just go ahead and eat normally” and it kills me. He’s in SO MUCH pain that there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s worth it.

  3. Totally! My doctor didn’t even believe me when I said baby has a problem when I eat dairy and eggs! He told me, no, he’s just eating too much. But a mother knows, doesn’t she? And me, a total sweet tooth, still have mini Cadbury eggs from Easter season.

  4. I’d say giving up dairy was worth it to have a more comfortable baby. I baked a lot to have treats and you can find some vegan stuff that isn’t half bad (and butter flavored Crisco makes AWESOME cookies). Clearly I took this as a chance to diet.

  5. @Meggy, I’m totally hoarding our Halloween candy for “someday”. Ha.

    @Kara, I’m used to cooking with almond milk since Benjamin couldn’t have dairy for a while, but the addition of avoiding eggs is throwing me for a loop. I know you can make flax eggs and there are egg substitutes, I just haven’t experimented yet. So now I’m just stuffing my face with the one brand of dairy free chocolate chunks that I found ALL THE TIME.

  6. omg, that little FACE. He is gorgeous, Kate!

  7. This particular note makes me well up with tears. I am just so drawn to mother/son relationships. (I have no idea why? brought to you by a thick layer of sarcasm.) What a delight.

  8. Just started following your blog. I love it. I can relate to so many of your posts. Keep up the great work!

  9. The last picture is priceless. You make some insanely cute kids.

  10. He’s so beautiful!

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