She Says… It Really Is Magic

Have you guys seen these suits?


For those who do not have 3-6 month old babies, you probably don’t care.* But those who do? LISTEN UP. I’m pretty sure the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit actually is magic. (You can also get it from my favorite resource for all things baby-related, Isis Parenting).

I know it looks like a snowsuit, but it’s actually a cozy but lightweight weighted suit that essentially replaces the swaddle by dulling those crazy baby reflexes. It’s possible for babies to get their hands to their mouths to soothe themselves (which is a big plus over a swaddle for future thumb-suckers), but mostly they just lay there splayed out like a starfish.

Emmett has always been really happy in the swaddle, but lately he’s started swaddle-busting like his big bro and protesting when I wrap him up super tight. Given that he’s pretty close to rolling over both ways (he’s done it a few times tummy to back and he’s getting really strong and reaching while he’s on his back now too), I know our swaddle days are numbered anyway. And, most importantly, he started daycare a few weeks ago and they informed me that daycares in Massachusetts can no longer swaddle babies due to state law!!! So a friend let me borrow her suit to see if it helped him nap at daycare.

Did it help him nap? You guys… I am now currently worrying that he’s sleeping TOO MUCH. At daycare. That is unreal. At home he’s still mostly napping for 45 minute chunks and sometimes connecting 2 of the morning naps into a 1.5 hour nap. At daycare last week he was doing a 2 hour nap in the mornings and afternoons reliably. HE LOVES IT. So last night I decided to try that at night instead of using the swaddle. He slept through his normal wakeup time of 1 or 2am and didn’t wake up until 4:45am! Hooray! I credit the suit entirely.

Magic, dudes. Magic.

Not to mention that he looks like the cutest little marshmallow man wearing it. I think I’m in love.

* That is, unless you want to give THE BEST GIFT EVER at your next baby shower.

Just so you know, this was NOT an official review in any way. I didn’t get one for free and haven’t had any contact with the company (though I totally would!). I just discovered this awesome thing and wanted to share it with you.


11 responses to “She Says… It Really Is Magic

  1. Do they make them adult sizes? I’d like a magic sleep suit.

  2. @Kara, I wish. You know, when I put it on him I thought it was very much like Peanut’s thundershirt.

  3. Any chance you’d change your link from amazon to Isis?

    We need the business more than amazon does.

    We LOVE Merlin – our sleep team suggests as a swaddle transition, we promote it in our webinars and, we have numerous blogs on it – one of the early adopters.

    Thanks for considering.


  4. Never mind ☺
    Didn’t see that your amazon link led to a “Now a Home Products We Love” page.

    Isn’t it fab? Looks like a giant “Peep”!

  5. You may have just sold me on it. My little guy is three months as of yesterday. he sleep well, like 4-5 hour stretches, but if this suit will bump that up, I’m all for it.

  6. thanks for the tip! i think i will get this as a christmas gift for my sister in law who has a 2 month old. though apparently baby has already grown out of the 3mo clothing, so for use after christmas, i may go with the 6-9 month size

  7. We used that suit with my son, and it made all the difference with his sleeping. He slept longer, and I think got better quality sleep, which helped ME get more sleep too, and we were both happier when we were awake! I dressed the baby really lightly though underneath, because I was worried about him getting hot, but it definitely depends on what temp you keep your house. 🙂 Glad it’s working well for you!

  8. When you say weighted, he isn’t going to stop breathing is he?

  9. @nancyholtzman, I added the Isis link in the main body of the post as well. Share the love!

    @haya, Yes I’d go for the 6-9 month size. The hands and feet are open, though, which is a great design, because it means that it can be used even with very long babies and for a long time.

    @Mary, I know, it looks like it would be quite warm, but I actually find that Emmett’s hands are a little chilly when he’s in there because it’s puffy but filled with a lot of air. Currently I’m doing a cotton onesie pajama underneath but I may switch to fleece soon.

    @Cassie, No no no. That wouldn’t be a very responsible design of the product! It’s barely weighted. It’s really just light and puffy and keeps their arms laying flatter than they would in a sleep suit or just pajamas. Not heavy at all. Like a light comforter around them that can’t get up around their face.

  10. So I have to come back and comment again. I bought the Sleep Suit and um, it is absolutely magical. My son has been sleeping 7-10 hours straight at night. A-MAZ-ING! Too bad I still have to get up for some pump relief, but it’s rocking our world. Thanks for letting us in on this awesome find.

  11. @Jess, Hooray! So glad it’s working for you!

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