She Says… Halloween 2013, The Last of the Rainbow Costumes

As you know, we LOVE Halloween up in the This Place is Now a Home home. Benjamin and I loved it long before Owen came around, and ever since he was born I love it even more seeing the magic and craziness and silliness through his eyes.

halloweeniphone (5)

For Owen’s first Halloween I pimped his Bjorn out to look like this popcorn bag. Who knew that little costume would end up making the rounds on Pinterest and Babble and Buzzfeed and lots of other sites? Certainly not me! His second Halloween I could not get my act together to make a costume as I normally like to do, so we settled for a $5 dog costume from the consignment store down the street. Score. He totally loved it and couldn’t have cared less about my handiwork, or lack thereof. Last year I jumped back on the homemade train when he requested a pumpkin costume.


Felt + hot glue + a minimal amount of sewing = my jam, folks.


This year, knowing my costume-making time was limited with a newborn in the house, I asked him to pin down his costume idea weeks before Halloween. As anyone with a 3 year old will tell you, this is a gamble, since he could easily change his mind at any second. So when he picked what he wanted to be, we talked it up for weeks and weeks and I let him help me with the process as much as possible so he could understand that I couldn’t just magically change the costume at the last second. It worked.

Halloween 2013-2 Halloween 2013-1

What did he request? Well, after thinking up many, many crazy and hard-to-craft ideas, he finally shouted out, “A BUTTERFLY WITH ALLLLLLL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW!”.

Halloween 2013-7 Halloween 2013-4

And thus the rainbow butterfly idea was born.

Halloween 2013-5

I love that his innocent little heart had no preconceived or gendered notions about rainbows or butterflies. I loved watching peoples’ faces as I told them that’s what my sweet 3 year old SON wanted to be. I loved watching his face light up as I added each color to the wings. The kid loves his colors.

I realized the other day as I heard Owen refer to something as a “girl thing” because it was purple that this may be our last year of uninhibited rainbow love (despite my assurance that boys and girls can like ANY COLORS). I’m so happy I could celebrate it with this costume and I don’t even care if he’s embarrassed of it years from now.

Halloween 2013-6

The wings turned out just as I had imagined them. I knew I couldn’t make them out of hard plastic or cardboard because I just knew as soon as he put them on he was going to be running around full speed ahead. I was right. So I essentially freehanded a pattern of a wing shape with a little “body” in the middle and cut it out of black felt twice. Not wanting to futz around with sewing and turning it inside out and stuffing it, I pretty much just made a sandwich of two pieces of felt with 2″ craft foam in between and sewed the edges shut from the outside. Then I cut shapes out of colored felt and hot glued them on.

halloweeniphone (4)

In the end I needed a bit of readjusting as the straps weren’t placed quite right, but nothing a little hot glue couldn’t fix a few minutes before we headed out the door.

halloweeniphone (3)

Emmett tagged along as a little caterpillar (swaddle + hat we already had with a pipe cleaner made into antennae).

We all had an awesome time trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, but I was equally as pleased when Owen said, “I think we should go home. I have enough candy”.

Thankfully the sugar high has worn off since then and we’re back to our normal life. But the wings are still in full rotation in our dress-up bin.


7 responses to “She Says… Halloween 2013, The Last of the Rainbow Costumes

  1. You are the most awesomest of awesomesauce, ever. You just are. Don’t argue.

  2. You put the rest of the motherly population to shame. Darn you. 🙂

  3. so creative! love his costume 🙂

  4. Yay, love this gender neutral, rainbow colored, beautiful butterfly costume! He looks great and your skills are impressive!

  5. Christine Griffin

    We also had a 4 yr old boy who wanted to be a black cat named Smokey for Halloween. Black sweat shirt with black sweat pants worked great with his tail and ears. Cat whiskers and he was ready to go. How beautiful that are children have the freedom to not be encumbered at this age. Sadly I doubt his innocence will last much longer. Your butterfly was a very handsome butterfly. What a beautiful mom you are.

  6. I just loooove that he picked this. So, so sweet! Great job, mama.

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