She Says… Camping

Sleeping under the stars with your little one sounds dreamy, right?


To me, camping in general sounds really, really awesome… in theory. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like camping (though it’s been years since I did it). But it always seems to go a bit smoother in my head than it does in real life. Which is why I was pretty pumped when Benjamin decided that he wanted to take Owen camping without me. A boys’ night, he said. Glorious, I thought.

CampingOct2013-3 CampingOct2013-4 CampingOct2013-2

For a kid, especially an adventurous one like Owen, camping is a dream come true. Late bedtime? Check. Eating marshmallows by a fire? Check (well, almost… see below). Running around outside all afternoon, then sleeping tucked in close to your dad all night long and getting to see the sun rise in the morning? Checkity, check, check.

CampingOct2013-9 CampingOct2013-10

So last weekend Benjamin, Owen, one of Owen’s friends from school and his dad decided to brave the wilderness for a night of father/son camping. They picked a nearby campground, checked the weather report and headed out after naptime on Saturday.

CampingOct2013-14 CampingOct2013-13

They made a manly meal of mac n’ cheese and hot dogs. I sneakily also packed a tupperware of veggies, just in case anyone was still hungry. The fire wouldn’t start as planned (read: neither of the dads got their boy scout badge in making a fire!), but the kids didn’t really know what s’mores were supposed to be like (read: roasted), so they were super happy with marshmallows straight out of the bag with a chocolate bar on the side. It’s the simple things in life, no?

CampingOct2013-15 CampingOct2013-19

Not too long after his normal bedtime, Owen was ready for bed. He tucked into his sleeping bag in his tent and fell fast asleep. The dads stayed up drinking by the fire (that eventually got started). I’m not sure that was the best plan, though, as the boys were up with the sun in the morning. Or before the sun, in Owen’s case.

CampingOct2013-18 CampingOct2013-16

When I woke up on Sunday morning I opened my window to see a gray, drizzly morning. It had been raining most of the night. I was SHOCKED that I didn’t see Benjamin and Owen at home already. Rain would have sent me straight home, I think. But no, they stuck it out until morning. It added to the adventure, I’m sure.

CampingOct2013-21 CampingOct2013-22

The boys loved their first camping excursion! The dads? Maybe not quite as much. But no matter how you slice it, it was a rite of passage for all four of them.


4 responses to “She Says… Camping

  1. I loved the pic of the boys sitting together, all criss cross applesauce, like at circle time! Adorable!

    I think you’re wise to have forgone it. There is a certain romanticism to camping, until you are actually there, and there are bugs, its raining, no proper bathroom, and you long for your bed at home. Give me the cabin in the woods any day!

  2. Shew! That is one sexy dad!

  3. I just adore these pics and story!

  4. Wonderful! Next adventure: backpacking!

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