She Says… Daycare x2

Emmett started daycare. Last week, actually. Without so much as a picture and definitely sans blog post.

Second child syndrome to the max, y’all.

He hasn’t started full time yet, so I’m waiting until then to actually acknowledge it. But in the meantime, while I’m in full-on denial mode, he has started daycare. Today is his 2nd day.

You see, I’m going back to work in early November. So my plan was to have Emmett start in daycare the week before that, so I can work out the kinks in drop-off/pick-up (before I’m actually wearing heels and rushing out the door to make my train). But then the daycare director let me know that the infant room is full on Wednesdays for the month of October, so if I want Emmett to be guaranteed a spot on the date I requested, I have to pay for the Wednesdays prior to that as well. Now, since I’m paying no matter what, I’m using Wednesdays to get us both used to being apart prior to his actual start date at the end of the month.

Last week I left him for 3 hours while I went to the doctor. Side note: Saw the endocrinologist for one last diabetes check-in. I had to take the glucose tolerance test AGAIN (for the 4th time this year) prior to the appointment to make sure that my gestational diabetes hadn’t stuck around as “real” diabetes. Though I really don’t have any of the risk factors other than PCOS/gestational diabetes, I was pretty nervous. Thankfully the test went very smoothly (no bonking like in the past) and the results showed perfectly healthy blood sugar levels. Hooray! No diabetes for me! Now I can eat all of the candy corn! Anyway, back to Emmett. While I was gone he didn’t eat (he didn’t NOT eat, he just didn’t need to while I was gone) and he didn’t sleep more than 10-15 minutes. Oof. He was fine when I picked him up, just really, really tired. They said he was pretty happy, but as soon as he would fall asleep someone else would start crying and his little eyes would pop open. I guess he needs some practice sleeping with so much noise!

This week I knew I had to leave him long enough so that he’d HAVE to eat and he’d HAVE to sleep. Boot camp style. I dropped him off at noon and he’s still there now. Benjamin and I took the opportunity to go out to lunch (SO NICE) and run a few errands, and now I’m at home catching up on laundry and computer stuff (ahem, blogging, which I haven’t gotten to do much lately!). I’m really not worried about Emmett at all; he’s such an easy baby that I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

Did you see that last sentence? I’m really not worried at all? No, aliens have not invaded my body… there’s just something SO different about this whole process than the first time I dropped Owen off at daycare. When I dropped Emmett off last week there were no tears (for either of us). I gave him a quick kiss and smiled and waved. I didn’t worry for a second that he would miss me or wouldn’t be ok without me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve done this before. Maybe it’s because he’s going to the same daycare where Owen is now, in the classroom right next door, and I already know almost all of the teachers and caretakers. Maybe it’s because Emmett is a totally happy, totally easy dream baby. Maybe it’s because I’ve adopted this new zen ‘tude.

Who knows.

All I know is, this transition doesn’t even feel like a transition at all. It’s… awesome.

Here’s hoping I can master the double drop-off and pick-up just as easily!


3 responses to “She Says… Daycare x2

  1. You’ll be great! I had to do the double pick-up with Stella in tow for the first time two weeks ago – the pick-up itself was smooth sailing. It was when I pulled into the driveway that the real fun (fail?) started – getting them into the house proved far more difficult! But it’s gotten easier each time since then!

  2. Kate, please don’t take this as I am saying you don’t love Emmett but it seems as if you don’t blog about him as much as you did Owen and even in your letter to him you talk about comparing him to Owen. ‘Do you ever fear that he will someday find the blogs and see how his brother got all the attention but he was just the “”second child””?

  3. @Anonymous, Interesting question. That my children will someday read this blog is definitely something I’ve thought about and think about a lot. I haven’t blogged about Emmett as much as I did about Owen because (surprise!) I haven’t blogged nearly as much (about anything) since he was born. I have even less time to spare now because I’m spending it loving on BOTH of my boys as much as possible. I know that Emmett will grow up knowing that he is loved wholly and completely, and not a stitch less than his brother. He *IS*, however, the 2nd child, and thus life will be different for him than it was for Owen. I certainly don’t think of him as “just” the 2nd child and I don’t worry at all that he will feel that way. Perhaps if he has the opportunity to have multiple children when he is older he will appreciate how “different” does not mean “less than”.

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