She Says… Wedding Bells

Ginger Wedding-11Ginger Wedding-13

As I mentioned, my little sister got married last weekend. She was the last of my three siblings and the only family member to get married since we all started having kids. We were all thrilled to be part of her wedding weekend celebrations, especially Owen. It’s pretty exciting to welcome a new uncle to the family (and to get to wear a bowtie!).

Ginger Wedding-10

Seeing Owen all dressed up with his cousins just about burst my heart into a million little pieces. They were SO PRECIOUS.

Ginger Wedding-15 Ginger Wedding-16

The wedding was during the day, partially so the kids could be part of it. While it was a LOT more work (for the parents) to have them there, it made the day so incredibly special. My sister is a brave woman to bring on all that chaos!

Ginger Wedding-17 Ginger Wedding-19 Ginger Wedding-22

It’s probably also the only time I can imagine gettin’ down with my babies on the dance floor, since I’m not one to schlep them to night time events when they should be sleeping. So we relished every minute of it.

IMG_4249 IMG_4251 IMG_4255

Well, every minute until Owen skipping his nap (twice) caught up with him and he literally started crying hysterically and couldn’t stop. Then we went home. It was over an hour early and while I was sad to miss the rest of the dancing and the sparkler send-off, I knew what was best for my kid(s) and wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself knowing that they just needed to get home. Yeah. That, and my feet were hurting. It’s been a long time since these toes were in heels!

Ginger Wedding-6 Ginger Wedding-7

The rest of the weekend was spent soaking up time and making memories with my family. Oh how I love this bunch — it never feels like we get enough time with them since we live far away.

Ginger Wedding-4 Ginger Wedding-2

Emmett was the quintessential baby doll and everyone (aunts and uncles and grandparents included) fought over who got to hold him.

Ginger Wedding-1

Skipped nap meltdowns aside, it was one for the memory books. Little boys in bowties = perfection.

Congratulations to Aunt Ginger and the new Uncle Seth!



4 responses to “She Says… Wedding Bells

  1. Angie All The Way

    I am legitimately beside myself in the cuteness of all of this! I die. And you look gorgeous 😉

  2. Toddler + bow tie is indeed a cute combo.. OT but where did you get those adorable pjs Owen has on.. I have a 3 yr old who would love them!!

  3. @Vanessa, They are from Carter’s. They just had an awesome BOGO pajama deal. Hope they still have them in his/her size!

  4. Thanks for the luck for those ones but found similar space themed ones 🙂

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