She Says… The NuRoo Pocket

I didn’t have a birth plan for either of my births. Especially the second time around, after having been through it once, I knew that those best laid plans almost always change in the moment. The baby is calling the shots. Still, though, there were a few things I knew I wanted to happen if at all possible, like skin-to-skin as soon as my baby was born.

I knew skin-to-skin time right after birth was an important way to bond with your baby and I had heard it could help with breastfeeding, but I didn’t know a whole lot more than that. A few weeks before my second baby was born I attended a webinar that Isis Parenting sponsored about “Kangaroo care”, which is a specific type of skin-to-skin where the baby is put chest-to-chest with mom (no bra or clothes between them) and covered with a blanket for an hour at a time. I learned that there are SO MANY more ways that this position can have a positive impact on mom and baby.

Kangaroo care can (among other things):

  • regulate baby’s heart rate and breathing
  • stabilize baby’s temperature and blood sugar
  • help relax a newborn so much they can even fall asleep for a full sleep cycle
  • improve baby’s latch and suck, thus making milk transfer more effective and helping get a strong breastfeeding relationship started
  • stimulate mom’s oxytocin and prolactin levels, helping with milk production as well as postpartum recovery
  • decrease both mom and baby’s stress responses and cortisol levels, and also reduce maternal anxiety
  • help babies gain weight appropriately when practiced regularly over time

When Emmett came shooting out faster than the speed of light I was in complete shock and awe. Just as I had asked, my midwife put him directly on my chest. He cried and I cried and Benjamin cried. I could feel Emmett’s tiny stomach moving and his little hands squeezed my skin and his eyes looked up at me. I remember getting extremely cold almost immediately after delivery and Emmett was looking a little blue himself, so the nurses covered both of us (with him still on my chest) in heated blankets and let our skin-to-skin contact work its magic. I’ll never forget how he felt against my chest right at that moment.

Emmett Birth-4

After that moment, though, I never really gave skin-to-skin another thought. I was holding my newborn most of the day, but we always had clothes on. Laying around for hours on end with my baby doing skin-to-skin once we got home was not exactly possible, especially with an active 3 year old vying for my attention and the endless revolving door of guests who wanted to come by in the early days.

Enter the NuRoo Pocket.


The NuRoo pocket is a shirt/babywearing wrap that allows you to do skin-to-skin while being completely covered (think: when the guests are still popping in). You can even breastfeed in it (though I haven’t tried this yet). It’s pretty genius.


It was CLEARLY designed by mothers who have been there, done that, because it is incredibly well thought out. The fabric is super soft and stretchy, but also supportive, so it feels good on your bare skin (and sensitive nipples!). The shirt and support belt come in a variety of cute colors and patterns and are very well-made, so it feels like you’re putting on a cute, fitted top (unlike most of my ill-fitting nursing clothes). When used with the support belt right under the baby’s butt, it is completely hands free. I could prep dinner, wash dishes or play Zingo with Owen no problem. For those using it in the hospital, there is even a little slit in the shirt so that the heel can be exposed for needle pricks (skin-to-skin can reduce the baby’s pain perception during these annoying but necessary procedures).

I find it a teeny bit hard to put on by myself (like many baby carriers), as you have to pull it kind of hard and find the right velcro section. But generally Benjamin can lend me a hand and I’m sure I could manage on my own if I had to.


I didn’t receive mine until 2 weeks after Emmett was born. I thought maybe I had “missed the window” of skin-to-skin since he was getting so much bigger. As it turns out, the NuRoo Pocket can be used when your baby is up to 15 pounds, so we have several more months to go.


I can’t say that I’d wear this out to run errands or anything, but it is an awesome option for those fussy evening times. You know, the witching hours. Thankfully we’re seeing less and less of those times in the last week or so, but I still try to get an hour of skin-to-skin most days when Emmett and I are home.

This would be a great gift for a new mom, or especially a mom who already has a kid or two. Anything hands-free is worth its weight in gold, and the benefits of this gift go way beyond being able to check your email while holding your baby.

Visit the NuRoo Pocket website for more information.

Just so you know, I was not compensated for this review — I actually use and love this product. Hope, one of the creators of the NuRoo, offered to send me one to review, but she did not influence this post in any way.


15 responses to “She Says… The NuRoo Pocket

  1. I love love love the Nu-Roo Pocket. I wrote about it too: – it made the “these are a few of my favorite things” list…

  2. I love it too. Do you mind sharing whether you feel the S/M/L run large, small or accurate? I want to get one for a friend due next month, and she’s pretty tiny (size 4 when not pregnant). However, I don’t want to get her something that’s just another thing to try to fit into!

  3. He’s adorable!! One of the things that confuses me about the sling seems to apply to this too – isn’t his head just dangling about? In the sling, my son’s head either seems to be unsupported, or so far into material/my body, I fear he will suffocate. I used the baby bjorn with my daughter and am looking forward to using that again ( super easy to get on/no special positioning required)

  4. Interesting, I’ve never heard of one of these. Just curious, how do you handle leaky nipples (Since I assume you are braless?).

  5. @Kelly, that was going to be my question too. If I didn’t have a bra on with a pad in it I would have leaked like a madwomen, especially in the beginning… How does that work?

  6. @Elizabeth, The fit is very accurate. I was a 4 pre-pregnancy and I got a Small. It fits perfectly. It has a little bit of wiggle room since you close it with velcro, and the fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate the postpartum bulges. I would suggest a Small for your friend.

    @Kristin, When Emmett is awake and alert, he doesn’t really like his head being tucked in to the fabric, but I think that’s actually how you’re supposed to wear it (with his head turned to the side so his nose and mouth are facing the open part of the shirt so he can breathe). I can easily tuck him in like that when he’s sleepy or wants to rest his head on my chest. Even with his head out, though, he’s quite secure… and it counts as tummy time since he has to work a little bit to keep his head upright!

    I have the Bjorn, the Moby and the Ergo and use all three for different things, but none of them offer the skin-to-skin contact that the NuRoo is designed for.

    @Kelly, The NuRoo information says to feed your baby right before doing this to minimize leaking. If I do that, I don’t leak at all. However, I’ve also found that I can use disposable breast pads without interfering with the skin-to-skin and since the shirt is tight, it holds them in place so I won’t leak through.

  7. This is on my must-have list for baby #2 this winter. I figure it will be a cozy way to bond. I know wearing a bra would interfere with skin to skin, but as someone who is larger in the chest area I’m not sure I can go without. Leaking was never a problem though.

  8. Thank you, Kate!

  9. If there’s ever a #3, this is totally on my must have list! 🙂

  10. I didn’t know anything about the importance of skin-on-skin until taking my prenatal HynoBirthing class. The instructor talked about it, and then I took the the web, reading all I could on the subject. My midwife told me it is now proceedural practice in Canada for all births, and even in the case of C-Section, if the mom can’t do it (for one reason or another), they get the dad to, which I thought was amazing. I’ve never heard of the NuRoo, but will definitely check it out. By the time our baby is born, our soon-to-adopted son will be living with us (we applied before getting pregnant), and no ten year old boy needs to see my boobs!

    BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and Own, skin-on-skin. It’s so beautiful. I only have 15 weeks to go, and get more impatient with every post you do.

  11. The Moby can be used skin-to-skin. It’s a little more difficult to put on at first, so maybe this is a point for the NuRoo Pocket, but I just thought I’d put it out there. Both my husband and I used the Moby wrap for skin-to-skin bonding.

  12. IME, LilyPadz are very useful to avoid leaking while wearing the NuRoo.

  13. Ok… off topic. But did I see footage of your big fat owen positive on a Fisher Price add??? How awesome!

  14. @kristy, Yes! That was me 🙂 Fisher Price asked to use my footage for part of a promotional campaign. Where did you see it? I’m dying to catch it somewhere.

  15. I was watching a baby story (secret habbit) on the lifestyle channel when the add came on. It took a few goes for me to realise where I had seen the footage before– it is such a beautiful moment! I googled the add, there is a link to the commercial on this website…. . I am in Australia, so I guess it is being shown on TV here first. 🙂

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