She Says… A Weekend of Firsts

  • Emmett had his first babysitter
  • Benjamin and I had our first post-baby date
  • Owen had his first weekend away without us (sniff, sniff!)

On Friday morning we said goodbye to Owen when we dropped him off at school knowing we weren’t going to see him again until Monday. Owen was bubbling over with excitement, telling his classmates and teachers and anyone who would listen that GRAMMY was going to pick him up from school and they were going to have an adventure. It was like summer camp, only better. (And only for a weekend… which is the most time away this Mama could handle right now!).


They had a BLAST. Grammy and Grampy hiked and played and rode every ride at Storyland about a million times. They fed him and bathed him and listened to his nonstop chatter. They endured countless rounds of Zingo. They saw his sweet little face every morning and tucked him into bed at night. Owen worked his grandson magic on them and got away with not eating very many veggies and going to bed a little late (that’s what grandparents are for, right?), but overall it sounds like he was pretty close to perfect.


Apparently he didn’t miss us one bit (he was too busy having a great time!), but Benjamin and I missed him a lot. The house was eerily quiet and it felt particularly strange to go to bed at night with the door to his bedroom open. But don’t get me wrong… we weren’t sitting around moping. In fact, even though we still had Emmett at home it felt like we were on a little vacay ourselves. A staycation, if you will.

Parents with one child, please don’t take this the wrong way, but HOLY MOLY HAVING ONE CHILD IS SO EASY compared to having 2. Especially a quiet, non-mobile one who sleeps a lot.

Benjamin’s goal for the weekend: To not do any dishes.
My goal for the weekend: To not cook any meals.

On Friday night we had our regular babysitter come over to hang with Emmett for a few hours so Benjamin and I could have our first post-baby date night. We made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. I got my hair cut that day and even buttoned some pre-pregnancy pants in honor of the occasion. That was enough excitement for me, but Benjamin made the night even better when he surprised me with a beautiful necklace at dinner! Surprise push presents are THE BEST. (Those who hate on “push presents” must have never been gifted surprise jewelry after the birth of their own children). I am a lucky lady.

Saturday morning we snuggled on the couch drinking our coffees (while they were still hot!) and watched an entire episode of “Orange is the New Black” uninterrupted. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since we watched tv during the day. Oh wait. Yes I can. It was probably July 23, 2010, the day before Owen was born. After running some errands we decided to get lunch while we were out. On a whim. I also can’t tell you how long it’s been since we did something on a whim (and at “naptime”).


Sunday Benjamin did his 2nd triathlon (so proud of him!) and Emmett and I spectated. After recovering at home for the afternoon (and cleaning out the basement… yes, we are crazy people who spend our staycation cleaning our house…) we went out for an early dinner. Emmett dutifully snoozed away in his carseat for the entire meal. Bliss.

It was a rejuvenating weekend to say the least. I adore my preschooler, but I relished the peace and quiet for a couple days. And I could not wait to see his cute little face when Grammy dropped him off today. Perhaps most importantly I realized just how mature and capable and flexible Owen is. Hearing him chat on the phone and tell us about his day and knowing that he’s fully capable of telling Grammy and Grampy what he wants/needs is kind of mind-blowing (as was only having to pack 3 pullups instead of tons of diapers and wipes and extra clothes).

Sniff, sniff… when did my little baby grow up and become a full-blown KID?



6 responses to “She Says… A Weekend of Firsts

  1. Oy, now I feel like a crazy parent, the one whose 18 month old daughter has slept over her grandparents house at least 10 times in her life already… 🙂 Can we say “Mommy weekends off???” I love having my parents local, they love having Kylie at their house, and Kylie just shines with their attention. It’s a win-win-win situation! She comes home talking about what she did, new words she learned, new songs…. Half the time I call my parents and ask… “did you teach her Shoo fly don’t bother me?” “Did dad really go in the pool?” etc.

  2. Awwww so sweet!! I’m telling you, the most important thing couples need in order to be good parents is time alone and time together without the kid(s). It makes all the difference in the world. When my sweet Miss K gets to be a handful (which is less and less often as she’s 10, almost 11 now) we used to ask Nana and Poppa to take her for the weekend. It made us all so much happier, she got a break from us and we got a break from her. We all missed each other like crazy, and the reunion when she came home was just pure joy. It’s awesome 🙂 It’s like in a marriage, my mother-in-law says you have to have time to breathe in (which is spending time together) and time to breathe out (which is time apart). I think it’s a wonderful metaphor for raising children too.

    I’m glad you guys had such a fun, productive, relaxing weekend! And btw, I LOVE Orange is the New Black. SUCH a good show!!

  3. My mother-in-law has been begging me to take my daughter all night for a few months now. I’ve spent one night away from her (when I was in the hospital giving birth to my son) and it just felt…odd. Someday soon, though, I hope to have the confidence you do. You make it sound so fun. Television in the daytime? What’s that? Hah!

  4. @Caroline I’m with you! My oldest spent his first night at the grandparents when he was less than 3 months old. They regularly take one kid or both overnight. I love it, they love it and the kids love it!

  5. @ stef, The first time I left my daughter she was almost exactly 3 months old. It was my birthday and we had a wedding to go to. So my mom and sister spent the night at our house. Since then (and since she was weaned) it’s at least once, if not more a month. 🙂 It also helps that she is an absurdly solid sleeper.

  6. @Caroline, I’M the crazy person for not letting this happen earlier 🙂 It will definitely be something we do again. Soon.

    @Sarah, I love that “breathing out” and “breathing in” analogy.

    @onesosmall, Definitely worth giving it a try! I think it was a great stretch opportunity for all of us. And I can already feel a renewed sense of patience in myself since then.

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