She Says… Smileypants

Oh, this guy.


This guy is SO smiley.


“They” say babies start to smile at 6 weeks. This guy looked right into my eyes and gave me the biggest, widest, open-mouth grin at 4 1/2 weeks. His eyes twinkle. His toes point like a little ballerina. He smiles with his whole body. This is not just gas, folks.


Since then we’ve gotten more and more smiles every day. Owen gets them. Daddy gets them. The dog gets them. The wall gets them.

And OH! That dimple (two of them, actually, but the 2nd one only comes out occasionally with a REALLY big smile). Swoon.


Wanna see? My best attempts at getting him smiling on video are captured on Instagram here and here.

They are SO hard to capture because usually they are a result of eye-to-eye contact and smiling and cooing on my part, which is much, much harder with a phone or camera between us.


If you touch his head gently, he smiles. Touch his cheek gently, he smiles. Sing to him, he smiles. He isn’t stingy.


I love that about him already.


10 responses to “She Says… Smileypants

  1. OMG the cuteness.
    FOUR raccoon lovies? You don’t mess around!

  2. adorable. he looks soo much like his brother!

  3. Melting, and I want to smother him with kisses!

  4. Nelida Koppuis

    He looks like Owen!!

  5. So cute!!! He’s so big already!! awnnn… 🙂

  6. Just to clear things up, because it drives me batty that you’ve said smiles this young are “gas” more than once… Baby smiles are subcortical in origin. Contrary to an evidently popular belief, baby smiles have nothing to do with gas.
    Either way, cute kid.

  7. @Gennifer, perhaps you could clear up a common misconception without telling Kate how annoying it is. Geez.

    Beautiful boy, friend! Owen, Jr. 😉

  8. He is delicious! Love those smiles! He looks just like his mama!

  9. Oh, you’re little man I’m sure CAUSES smiles, too! Sweet as pie!

  10. So tiny and already such a charmer! By the time I finished reading this post, I had a smile on my face too! 🙂

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