She Says… Family of 4

It’s no secret that my lovely husband is good with a camera. As a result, we have an abundance of gorgeous photos of our family. However, they all have one thing in common: they don’t include Benjamin. I make a point to turn the camera around on him once in a while, and while I’m not half-bad as a photographer, I’m nowhere near a professional. And then, of course, the pictures are lacking another important member of our family (me!), so they are still not complete.

Enter my talented, professional photographer friend Elizabeth of Elizabeth Horne Photography. She takes amazing pictures.

She came over a couple weeks ago to capture the beginning of our little family of 4.


I can’t even begin to pick my favorites. I love them all.

0006 0011

She captured that twinkle in Owen’s eye, and his nonstop rambunctiousness. I know firsthand how hard it is to catch this kid being STILL for even a second, which makes these images even more impressive.


Emmett’s scowl cracks me up. He makes that face a lot — such expressive brows!

0031 0032

Brothers being brothers.


Me and the boys. It’s still a little surreal to say “the boys”.

0067 0071

A rare, sweet, quiet moment with just Emmett.

0099 0115 0124


Any attempts at a family photo were foiled (enhanced?) by Owen’s hilariousness. I must say, though, I love these even more than a “perfect” one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. That’s our family, in a nutshell.

0113 0121

Case in point.

Welcome to the craziness, Emmett.



13 responses to “She Says… Family of 4

  1. Oh my gosh, the pic of Owen licking Emmitt on the head is priceless! You have to put that in his yearbook someday! 🙂

  2. Very sweet photos! And that last one of Owen licking Emmett is hilarious!

  3. Love love LOVE your photos!! Especially the last one of Owen licking Emmett’s head. Priceless!!!!

  4. Amazing photos and such a beautiful family!

  5. Tim and I still look at each other and laugh when we talk about “the kids.” Wonder when that wears off? 🙂 LOVE these – my favorites are the one of you, Owen and Emmett and the ones of just you and Emmett – so sweet! And holy cow – so much personality captured in the images of Owen!

  6. Priceless!! Love the one where he’s climbing on your head, haha. What an adorable family you have. 🙂

  7. He licked…his brother…LMAO over here!! Oh, the ones with you gazing into those new baby eyes ❤ Anybody ever tell you that you and Benjamin have a very Prince William and Duchess Kate look to you? I see it.

  8. You have a beautiful family!!! I was thinking the same thing regarding the resemblance to Prince William and Duchess Kate

  9. Ohmygoodness Owen licking Emmett’s head! Makes me even more excited for our little one to arrive!!

  10. Angie All The Way

    They are great! I love how they capture a “real” family dynamic in a fun way 🙂

  11. Adorable!!!! I LOVE the one of you and the boys! The licking one is a good reminder for me – to keep my boys away from the new baby girl, at least for the first couple of weeks! 🙂

  12. I love these photos!!!! They came out great!

  13. I must say, I really LOVE the precious one with Owen on your head, and you guys looking at the baby — but I REALLY LOVE Owen LICKING EMMETTS HEAD. hilarious. So real. love you guys!!!

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