She Says… Babywatch Update

Or, rather, lack of an update.

38 week appointment with my midwife indicates that the baby is actually farther back “up” than he was last week. Ummm, wrong way, little guy! She swears up and down that this is not bad news or a sign that labor is far away, but it’s hard not to be at least a little surprised by that news. She says that if I had been walking around a bit before my appointment that he’d probably be engaged in my pelvis more than he was, so there’s really no correlation to the way he is positioned and when my labor will start. I asked her if I should be doing more walking to get him down there, and she said no, no, no. Especially since it’s like a bazillion degrees outside. Apparently subsequent babies don’t really need to engage the way first babies do, and “dropping” is not a milestone that actually indicates labor is on its way with 2nd or subsequent babies. Walking may bring on more contractions (which I’m already having very regularly), but won’t necessarily bring on labor.

Still… wrong way, kid! Turn around and see the light!

Same amount dilated and effaced. Head down. Very soft cervix and “toward the front”, all very good things, but no change from my 36 and 37 week appointments.

I’m starting to feel a bit silly for putting everyone on high alert for labor and then… nothing. But really… it COULD be any day! Really! Still! I’m not just crying wolf!

Or, you know, 2 1/2 more weeks. And a possible induction. To be honest I hadn’t even really listened when my midwife and doctor had discussed that with me a few weeks ago because I was all, “Oh, I won’t get there! That’s not going to happen!”. With every day that passes I’m working on opening my mind to the possibility that it could, though I’m still hoping that it won’t.

She also says the baby is not big (which is a big concern for women with gestational diabetes). She estimates just under 7lbs right now. Owen was 7lbs 5oz and born right where I am now (38 weeks and change), so I’m thinking that’s probably a pretty good guess. However, I’d love for this little one to get as big as he can (bigger babies often eat and sleep better!). Another reason for him to keep cooking? We’ve got about another week of work on our basement renovation before it’s ready to receive guests (like my mom who is coming as soon as the baby is born).

So… I’ll give him another week or so, then I’m ready to get this show on the road. Are you listening, little one?


8 responses to “She Says… Babywatch Update

  1. Very, very much in the same boat as you! Except I’m not showing nearly the signs of effacement/dilation that you are … I’m at about 1 cm and my cervix is high and tight. I feel like baby boy has climbed up higher, too, and while I full expected to go early than my 39.5 weeks last time, we’re going to be at 39 weeks tomorrow and the doctor doesn’t seem to think we’ll be seeing him any time soon. That being said, I didn’t show a lot of progress with Elle before she arrived, and labor with her was pretty quick once things started, so I’m hoping that once he decides it’s time, things will progress at a decent pace. I’m tired of wondering if this is going to be the day, or if I should plan dinner for tomorrow, or if I will make it to my doctor’s appointment next week, etc. It’s mentally/emotionally exhausting! We’ve got an induction scheduled (the biggest concern with us is that this baby is getting rather large – while I’m glad he’s healthy and plump, I’m more concerned that a vaginal birth will be more complicated/unlikely if he “cooks” too long), but that’s another 10 days away … hope we both deliver soon and without issue!

  2. Grandma RahRah

    Kate, the commentary about Owen makes me cry and remember what the times just before the appearance of my second, third (you) and fourth child were like. Beautiful, wondrous, filled with questions and the certainty that this was the beginning of a lifetime of a fantastic new family configuration. And so it goes, now the grandchildren are adding depth and beauty and wonder to my older life. By the way, it doesn’t matter where I sleep, right now I am listening to classical lullabies trying to wait out the last few days (hours, minutes) till I can board that plane and help usher Owen into the next exciting phase of his life, being a big brother, the “older one” with all the responsibilities and annoyances and importance that brings. From so far away, I sense the conflicting feelings about won’t he arrive soon? can we have just a few more hours? how is he going to take all these changes?
    and so many more. He and all of you can handle them, it is going to be the greatest adventure, the most exhausting and exhilarating, the most worthwhile endeavor you will ever spend so much time doing. Later on, there is something indescribable about watching your own child be a parent and allow or even encourage you to be a part of it. Thanks.

  3. I’m another Kristin very much in the same boat as well. I’m 39.5 weeks with my second (a boy), but had my first at 38 weeks. I was convinced this one would be here already. I’ve been on maternity leave, my in-laws have been here and left, and my mom just left, which has me sad. I’ve been 2-3 cm for 2 weeks now, lost my mucas plug, but he’s still SO high.

    I’ve been obsessively following your blog recently and feel your pain, although your attitude seems remarkably better than mine. You are so positive, especially in the face of the gestational diabetes diagnosis. Wishing you (and the other Kristin!) the best!

  4. LOL… oh, Kate 🙂

    I’m 38 weeks, 1 day. I had a doctors appointment this morning where I was told I was 75% effaced, no dilation. I had no idea what on earth that meant so I googled it and the second thing that popped up (after a bunch of links to yahoo questions, which I always skip because those people tend to have no idea what they’re talking about) was one of your entries from when you were pregnant with Owen. That was at about 2:45 this afternoon… it is now about 9:40. I have spent almost the last seven hours reading every single entry between then and now! Despite the fact that I had quite the laundry list of random fun I wanted to get through today, I am glad I let my ADD take me away from all of that because I learned A LOT from reading about the last three years of your life. This whole pregnancy for me has been more than terrifying – mainly because prior to finding out that I was pregnant (heh, I’m due three days after you and it was almost January when it dawned on me that maybe I should take a test) I was very against the idea of having kids… ever… and the idea of becoming a mom has really been something that I’ve had to grow into over the course of the last few months. I was having trouble even imagining what my life was going to be like because having a child in that equation had never been something that I ever thought would happen. And once I finally started to get excited about becoming mommy, I started freaking out about being able to handle everything that came with that role. But, having read your entire freaking blog, I’m more optimistic than I’ve been thus far… and being 14 days away from my due date, it’s about time! There are so many things to look forward to that I had never thought about, and I am starting to feel like I will be able to handle motherhood a lot better than I thought I would. So many great things in here, Kate, thank you so much for sharing! It really makes someone like me feel a bit more grounded, I can’t really put my finger on WHY, but it has and that’s the important thing! So, yeah… thank you, you’ve done so much for me – keep on keeping on!

  5. SarahJayBee

    Hang in there, ladies! I went 10 days overdue. If you do end up going over, may I suggest planning some Overdue Treat Days? That way every day you don’t have a baby at least you’ll get a pedicure/nice lunch/massage. It helped!

  6. Dear Kate’s Mom,
    your commentary brought tears to my eyes. How beautifully you are supporting your daughter and her family.
    Dear Kate,
    all the best for the upcoming events!

  7. I almost think having more information about dilation and effacement can drive a woman crazy.

    I swear this baby is going to be late, unlike his sister who showed up quickly at 38.5 weeks. Hang in there, you’re so close! Hopefully he’ll come on his own and you won’t have to deal with an induction.

  8. Seriously… tearing up reading your mama’s comment. Can’t wait for this little guy to make his big appearance!

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