She Says… Red, White and No Baby

Well, Owen was wrong about when the baby is “popping out”. No baby today (you know, unless I go into labor in the next few minutes and have a baby in under 3 hours) .




(Don’t judge my fashion, y’all. There are VERY few items of clothing that still fit around my belly).

July4th-9 July4th-10 July4th-6

Still, we had a wonderful, if very, very hot, 4th of July.

July4th-8 July4th-11 July4th-12

Parade and all. (Side note: I hate to be a scrooge, but parades are LAME. Even when they are “great”, they are just not really my thing. Sure, the fire engines were cool and all, but the waiting in between acts? In the burning heat? Yeah. Not so much. Or maybe I was just a bit crankier than normal this year carrying around a full size child in my stomach.)

July4th-3 July4th-5 July4th-4

We also invented a new backyard game aptly called “water slide”. It’s awesome.

July4th-1 July4th-2


And then the pregnant lady’s favorite part of the day… we relaxed in the air conditioning, did puzzles and read books.

July4th-16 July4th-15 July4th-14


Unfortunately Owen’s prediction about when his little brother would arrive was not accurate. But I have to say, I’m still glad for one more day with my little buddy.






7 responses to “She Says… Red, White and No Baby

  1. Caroline s.

    Serious kudos to you for even going out in the heat and standing around a parade! I would have sent my munchkin with her daddy, said “have fun” and taken a nice long nap!

  2. Wow! Owen is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen.

  3. When did Owen become a little boy? Goodness he is so gorgeous! And you look amazing. I love the pictures of you two reading. And can’t wait to see them with another little boy in your lap.

  4. Parades are definitely not my thing either. And it kills me that they’ll televise a whole four-hours of one like I want to watch that! Your belly is adorable and Owen is super handsome. Can’t wait to see the new little one.

  5. Owen has changed so much in just one month!! He’s looking much more like a little boy. And yes, he reminds me of a certain young lady I used to know :).

  6. lol, no judging on fashion here. I remember how hard it was to find anything that fit at that point of pregnancy. You’re looking great, any day now 🙂

  7. Angie All The Way

    Aww what lovely pictures! Owen is looking like you more and more every day!

    Awesome way to turn the play structure into a waterslide! #bestideaever

    The only parade that I truly TRULY enjoyed was at the magic kingdom. It literally brought tears to my eyes with all of the disney characters so lively and full of life – it’s definitely magical and it’s impressive how they pull it off so enthusiastically every single day in the scorching heat.

    P.S. Your letter to Owen on the last days as an only child brought me to tears – your words always express exactly how I feel or would feel!

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