She Says… Silence

Silence does not = baby.

At least not around these parts. If you were reading back when Owen was born, you’ll remember we blogged from the labor room and pretty much live-tweeted Owen’s birth (ok, not really, but we kept everyone updated with progress reports and leaked the first few pictures). So to those who have messaged and emailed and checked in hoping that I popped the baby out since I didn’t blog yet this week, unfortunately the answer is no. Not yet, at least. I’m still pulling for Owen’s prediction of the 4th of July.

That said, I am still feeling pretty comfortable (you know, aside from the very uncomfortable things about your body getting ready to have a baby) and I’m thankful that I can still gallavant around town with Owen on scooter rides (him riding, me walking) and taking him to the playground. Even in the heat. Benjamin has been around more than usual as we’re both slowly but surely finishing up all of the work we had scheduled to do before the baby arrives (I’m working right up until my due date, but still want to have most/all of my projects wrapped up by the end of this week in preparation for whenever things start happening) and we’ve had some very, very fun “final” days as a family of 3.

Aside from the nights when I’m up with pretty painful contractions and false labor (3 nights so far in the last week), I’m sleeping pretty well. Last night in particular I got over 8 hours and woke up feeling so thankful that the baby gave me that precious gift before he arrived. It’s a feeling I know I won’t have very much after he arrives 🙂

Like so many other simple pleasures, I’m soaking it all in. Enjoying every minute with Owen. Marveling in his every move and giggling at the hilarious things he says. I do this even when I’m not counting down the days until his little brother arrives, but there is something so special and bittersweet about these last few days (weeks?!) before our lives change dramatically. I’m sad for how his world is about to be rocked, but I’m thrilled for how much joy his brother will bring our family and for him to experience the awesomeness of sibling love. With every transition in his little life he has far surpassed my expectations, and I’m certain that adjusting to his new baby brother will be the same.

Owen has no school this week (it’s the only week all year that they close) but I didn’t want to “waste” my maternity leave by taking vacation days. That means we’re balancing Benjamin and I tag-teaming working from home and still participating in some of the family fun activities we want to do before the baby arrives. Alas, between that and timing the crazy contractions I’ve been having, that means little time for blogging. But rest assured, when there’s baby news to share (even just “we’re heading to the hospital” news!), you’ll hear about it!

And, if there’s no baby news soon, I’ll start writing about something else. I promise.


3 responses to “She Says… Silence

  1. Wishing you a safe and special birthday for your baby boy!

  2. Oh Kate, you bring back such a strong memory I have of right before Maeve was born. I clearly remember sitting in our living room, about a week before Maeve arrived with Esme in my lap (well, as much in my lap as she could be with my belly the size it was!) and all of a sudden bawling because I was so sad that it wouldn’t be just her anymore. Such a silly thing I know because we were all so excited about the new baby coming–but there is something so special about those last few days of just 3. Everything changes, and yes, it changes for the better (most of the time:), but it’ll never be the same as it was. I’m glad you’re taking a moment out to really enjoy this time. Oh–and just to let you know another one of my most fond memories, is having time alone with just Maeve in the hospital. I had a lot of alone time with her seeing as Paul had to split his time between being with us and getting home to Esme–he didn’t spend any nights in the hospital with me. That too was a very special time, re learning how to breastfeed and co sleeping (I had no choice as I had a c-section and on my own really couldn’t get her in and out of the bassinet, so just kept her in my hospital bed with me almost the whole time). When you get home with the baby real life really starts–so just as you’re enjoying these last few days with just Owen, make sure too to enjoy those first sleepy, hazy days alone with the new baby.

  3. @Lily, That is such a sweet memory. I await those first few days in the hospital when I can bond with Baby #2 as well. Soon! It’s all happening so soon!

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