She Says… Do You Need Lungs to Pop Out a Baby?

If so, this baby should hold off a few days. Because my lungs are definitely not working right now.

Remember that non-existent fever Owen had last week? Well, it may not have shown up on my thermometer, and it took a few days to turn into anything, but eventually, over the weekend, it turned into a lovely little upper respiratory infection for Owen. Which of course I got. Nothing major, but it seems to have hit me a little harder than it hit Owen (gee, you think my body’s kind of busy working on something else right now???).

So Owen is back onto his previously-normal routine of inhalers and breathing treatments and I am on a steady course of cough medicine (approved by my doctor and midwife), albuterol inhaler (thanks to my pregnancy-induced asthma) and hot tea. Hot tea when it’s 90 degrees outside just feels… wrong. Thankfully he seems to be feeling fine the last day or two and only a cough is lingering (the curse of an asthmatic child), so he’s back at school. I, on the other hand, am still working and now am also barely sleeping due to hacking coughs. Nice, eh?

Speaking of tea, I’ve started drinking red raspberry leaf tea again like I did around the same time when I was pregnant with Owen. Actually, I think I started a little earlier with my last pregnancy, around 36 weeks. In any case, red raspberry leaf tea is thought to reduce the pain of contractions, possibly shorten the 2nd stage of labor and strengthen the uterus. In addition, it has lots of vitamins and minerals that support the immune system (which I desperately need right now!) and may even lower blood sugar in women with gestational diabetes. It stimulates the uterus, so most pregnant women are advised to avoid it until later in their pregnancy, or at least not to drink more than 1 cup a day. With my last pregnancy I drank 2 cups a day during 36 weeks, 3 cups a day during 37 weeks and 4 cups a day during 38 weeks… and then Owen popped out. Who knows if it had any impact on my labor or uterus, but hey, a few cups of tea are not a hard thing to try. I make a big batch and drink it iced throughout the day.

I’m hoping this baby can sense that now is not exactly the right time to come out, since I can’t imagine trying to breathe through labor when I can barely breathe while doing absolutely nothing. Also, I’d love for him to make it to 38 weeks to do a little more growing. That said… we’re ready any time!


9 responses to “She Says… Do You Need Lungs to Pop Out a Baby?

  1. I also drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during the final weeks of my first pregnancy after it was recommended by my midwives. I drank four cups a day starting around 36-37 weeks. i also took Evening Primrose Oil once a day. My daughter was born fast at 38.5 weeks, naturally without drugs. It was amazing. I don’t know if either one of those influenced the speed or ease of the labor and delivery process, but I’m planning on ingesting both again this time!

    I hope you have a great labor!

  2. Angie All The Way

    Awww girl, I sincerely hope you are able to get over this before baby boy comes! Glad Owen is back in action 🙂

  3. @Jess, I will have to do some research on Evening Primrose Oil! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Kate – we’re on a similar timeline as I just had my second a week ago and Owen and my first are 3 weeks apart. I also come down with a bad cold/cough around 37 weeks. I had been having lots of cramping for a week or so before that but once I got the cold it really came to a halt, and I ended up going a little past 40 weeks. Anyway, I’m a big believer that our bodies know when we are ready. Since I was having an unmedicated birth, I really didn’t want to go into labot when my breathing was less than optimal. Anyway, I was doing red rasberry leaf tea but held off until the cold passed as I didn’t want to do anything to encourage labor when sick. I stuck with ginger tea and honey as I read it helps dry you out. The humidifier also helped a lot. I also took a pregnancy safe cold buster tincture, accupunture, chropractor, you name it! Not sure what (if anything )or helped

  5. Sorry my commentit above was cut off –not sure if any of it helped but at least I felt proactive. Good luck with labor and feel better quickly!

  6. @Jessica, That is very interesting! I have noticed a big decrease in contractions since I’ve been sick. I wonder if it really is that the baby is waiting until I’m better. That is so amazing.

  7. I unwittingly bought 16oz of loose red Raspberry Leaf tea from amazon. Let me tell you, a pound is a LOT of tea! hahaha

  8. Re: hot tea in the summer, I once heard on NPR, “a billion Indians can’t be wrong”. It was something about drinking cold in the winter and hot in the summer actually does for your body what you are trying to accomplish by drinking the opposite and doesn’t turn your body’s thermostat on to try and make up for it. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. @Cousin Jen, Huh! Very interesting!

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