She Says… A Very Healthy Sick Day

On Tuesday at 4:30pm I got “the call” from daycare. Apparently Owen had a fever. It was borderline on their must-send-kid-home cutoff, but it meant that he couldn’t come back to school on Wednesday. Boo.

I was so thankful that this didn’t happen last week (while Benjamin was traveling and I was working in the office leading a training for 40 people singlehandedly) that I was more than happy to bring him home and figure out how to cover both a day’s worth of work and a day hanging out with my favorite 3 year old on Wednesday. Even better, Benjamin was working from home as well, so we tag-teamed the whole day. And, to make it even more fun, Owen wasn’t even sick in the slightest (his fever was non-existent) so it was kind of like an extra weekend day. It went great, and by the time we got in bed at night Benjamin and I both felt like we had successfully done a good job with both work and home responsibilities.

We patted ourselves on the back. Then I dropped Owen off at school this morning ready to get a lot more work done today.

But at 9:30am, a mere 2 hours after dropping him off, I got the same call. Apparently his fever was back. Borderline, but enough to get him sent home (especially since there were 5 cases of fever in his classroom, 2 of which came along with stomach bugs).

Of course I understand the school’s rule. And I understand being cautious when other kids are sick as well. But seriously. Owen is FINE. He’s more than fine! His fever is 100.1 under the arm. For my kid, that is really not a fever at all (or at least nothing to worry about if he’s acting totally normal).

Currently he’s out for a scooter ride around the neighborhood with one of our neighbors right now so that Benjamin and I can each squeeze in a couple hours of focused work before doing another tag-team day.  He’s been blowing bubbles and swinging on the swingset and running around like a maniac. Not exactly a picture of sickness.

Of course I’ll eat these words if he starts puking in an hour or two. But until then, I’m stuck wondering how in the world I’m supposed to wrap up my last few projects at work before I have this baby while my other baby is at home making it impossible to get anything done.


4 responses to “She Says… A Very Healthy Sick Day

  1. Last time we were at our ped for a sick visit, he said he doesn’t it consider a “fever” unless the temp is over 101.5. Interesting how different doctors, daycares, etc. have different standards. Growing up, I thought anything over 98.6 was a low fever and anything over 100 was really bad news!

  2. Caroline s.

    I wonder if your daycare would accept a note from your pediatrician stating that for Own, anything under a certain degree is not a fever for him. That he simply has an elevated body temperature?
    I never knew that a daycare would take a kids temp during the day! I mean I understand if the kid is acting sick, but just randomly?
    Talk to your doctor and to the daycare and see if they would allow it!

  3. I wonder what would cause them to take his temperature if he was acting fine. If his “fever” was that low, and somewhat normal for him, he probably wouldn’t look flushed or feel hot to the touch. Do they temp all kids every day or something? My kid’s pre-k would only do so if he was acting lethargic or if he told them he wasn’t feeling well. I’m all for school rules as well, but I have to say I’d be a bit annoyed.

    As far as getting some much needed work done (if you are working from home), I’d let him watch a little tv. I know you don’t let him watch much (I don’t let my kids either), but if you think it will buy you some time, I say go for it!

  4. @Jen, I would totally agree with that doctor. 100.0 axillary seems really low to send a kid home from school. Especially a hot-blooded little boy who runs around constantly.

    @Caroline, That’s a very interesting idea! I’ll have to talk to his doc at his upcoming appointment to see if “running hot” is a real thing, or if I totally made it up. It’s worth a shot!

    @Jennifer, I’m not sure what caused them to temp him, to be honest. I think it was that there were a lot of other feverish kids in his classroom, and he was probably sweaty and looking flushed 🙂 He also tends to complain about “not feeling well” if other kids in his class are being sent home sick, so maybe he said something that prompted them to check. You’re right on the tv option too!

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