She Says… Travel Ban

Woo boy, last week was a doozy.

Another one of those busy work weeks for me (running a training for 40 people single-handedly, which meant early mornings and late nights and being on my feet constantly in between) coinciding with a long trip for Benjamin (all the way across the country in L.A.). Thankfully Owen did his part this time by not coming down with some awful illness in the middle of it and everything went very smoothly (despite my blood pressure skyrocketing during every commute because I was constantly rushing TO work after dropping Owen off and FROM work to pick him up before it was way past his normal dinner time).

Two things got me through it: 1. Owen was angelic almost the whole week. He slept well (yay for the new clock system!), did efficient drop-offs and pickups at school and was so much fun to hang out with for the time we spent together in the mornings and evenings. 2. It was the LAST time this will happen for a long time.

That’s right. I’ve instituted a travel ban for Benjamin until Baby #2 decides to come out and play.

This trip to L.A. was a big job for Benjamin, and one we didn’t want to turn down, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a TEENY bit nervous about him being across the country while I was nearly 36 weeks pregnant (2 weeks away from when Owen arrived). I didn’t THINK anything was going to happen, but, you know… you never know.

When Friday morning came and I got Benjamin’s text that he had landed in Boston, I let out an audible sigh of relief. We did it. I held the baby in, successfully completed a challenging week of work (times a million while super pregnant), and he completed his last trip.

We’re filling this weekend with mundane things like walking to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, mowing the lawn together and actually enjoying a night out to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (which was actually last Monday when Benjamin left for his trip and we didn’t even exchange cards to celebrate). And it feels lovely.

Now I’m hoping for a few more weeks with this baby on the INSIDE so we can enjoy our last few weeks of a family of 3. Just not TOO many more weeks, mmmkay, little guy?



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