She Says… Extreme Nesting

When I was pregnant with Owen I was nesting and decorating and futzing with the nursery from the day I found out I was pregnant. I went into overdrive when I found out he was a boy, and was “ready” (in the “house is ready” sense of that word) for him so early.

This time? This time I’m a mere 6 or 7 weeks from meeting the little guy and the nursery still looks mostly like a storage closet. Hey, the crib, changing table and glider are built and in the room, so if we HAD to bring the baby home tomorrow, all I’d have to do are put on the sheet and changing pad cover (which are already washed thankyouverymuch). So the necessities are there. But the cute stuff? The details that I love dreaming about? Well, for now they are still all in my head.

But while we haven’t had the time to start accessorizing the nursery or even pick up newborn diapers at the store, we HAVE found the time to embark on a huge nesting project outside of the nursery.

EXTREME NESTING: The uncontrollable urge to start a huge construction/renovation project on one’s home while pregnant. The completion date may or may not be dangerously close to the baby’s due date. The pregnant woman who conceived of the project may or may not be physically able to help in any way due to her huge and unwieldy belly.

Apparently it’s quite a common affliction for pregnant ladies, if my friends are any indication. I posted about  our project on Facebook yesterday and countless friends responded with hilarious stories of their own extreme nesting — some good, and some miserable.

Despite the fact that our house is pretty new and has lots of space, the nursery is taking over the one real “guest room” space we had available. Since we’re expecting a lot of different family visits over this summer and in the coming years, we figured it was as good a time as any to renovate our already half-finished basement (aka Benjamin’s office) and add a guest room with bathroom. As good a time as any, that is, unless it overlaps with having a newborn at home. You know, that doesn’t sound so good at all.


Nevertheless, we broke ground on the project yesterday. The contractor took one look at the watermelon in my stomach and joked, “We better get going! That bomb’s gonna go off soon!”. Damn right, dude. Get to work.


He says 3-4 weeks, so I’m assuming 5 or 6. Which puts the completion date RIIIIIIGHT around the time I’m expecting to pop this baby out (based on the possibly false assumption that he’s going to come early like his big brother did). So everyone please cross your fingers that both of our timelines stay on course and there aren’t any surprises.

Did you experience Extreme Nesting? How did it turn out?


12 responses to “She Says… Extreme Nesting

  1. It isn’t so much extreme nesting but extreme buying that got us. While pregnant with Paisley, we were in the process of buying my husband’s vet clinic he works at and while pregnant with Graham, we bought 15 aces of land that we will one day live on. Both seemed to be terrible timing since they were so stressful but it all worked out!

  2. Yup, with my first I had to tile the shower….

    With my second from the day I got pregnant I had the nesting bug but instead of construction I just purged and purged and cleaned and organized and purged some more. Our local thrift store was probably sick of seeing ‘that crazy pregnant lady’ every week with a car load of crap.

  3. With Ethan, I was all about that nursery — new carpet, paint, furniture, curtains. With Miles, the nursery was a storage room until two weeks before he was born — which is when we decided to replace all of carpet on the 2nd floor of the house. Brilliant. And this time, I am PURGING (three kids are going to have a LOT of stuff — I need to get rid of a lot first!) and organizing like nobody’s business. Just last night, I spent most of the evening on IKEA’s and Target’s websites, buying new shelving and storage stuff for the boys’ room, the baby’s room, the kitchen, etc. I can’t wait for all of it to get here so I can just dive into the extreme nesting! Good luck with the basement!

  4. I know you are going to be so happy with the result of this project- it sounds perfect! My extreme story is we sold our house weeks before I had my daughter but didn’t find a new house. So we moved in with my parents- got to their house with our stuff about 3:00 pm and I had the baby the next morning at 11:00. Four months later, we’re STILL house hunting!

  5. Yeah my “nursery” and Kellen’s new room are in shambles right now. Like, mid construction shambles. And I have a makeshift bedroom on the first floor. It’s stressing me out but I’m holding out hope that it will get done just in time! With Kellen, my MIL finished putting the last coat of poly on his floor while I was having him! The 3 day dry time and my stay at the hospital coincided perfectly 😛

  6. *lol* this was us, but luckily we did the project just before I became pregnant 😉

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve had less “cute details” nesting going, but more “odd jobs around the house” stuff. Like organizing the tools. Le sigh! I think this time you know what a baby needs (very little) and how much you can get done when having a baby AND a toddler (very little), so you know what to focus on & you’re not trying to feign control over something you nothing about yet (hence the registering for every single rocking, swinging, buzzing, soothing, pretty, adorable, expensive “must-have” baby item).

  7. Oh yes. We refinished our entire basement and had new carpets installed in the house while I was pregnant. We started early though, so my husband was able to wrap things up without getting too close to the due date. We have friends that are due in the middle of June who are closing on a house next Monday and have big plans for renovations. Not sure they’ll be in the house by the time baby gets here!

  8. It may seem to you to be “extreme nesting” but to me it sounds like a reasonable project. I totally understand wanting a space for your guests after baby #2 is born. I hope that your contractor keeps to his schedule but it sounds like you’re being realistic about your expectations for the actual completion date.

    I wouldn’t call what we went through as “extreme nesting” it was more like really poor planning on our part. We bought a dump of a house (lovely on the outside but a total project on the inside) around the time I got pregnant with our 2nd (July 2011). The contracting company said it would be done by October (my due date was in March). Then it was Christmas. Then it was the end of January. Finally, I delivered in early February and my husband lost it on the contracting company and they got us in there by the end of the February when my son was d/c from the NICU. Let just say that from February 25th to May 25th 2012 were some of the most challenging months of my life. We were living in a construction zone with a newborn and a 20 month old. It was just stupid. Saying all that, we survived.

    Kate, I would say that even if they don’t get the rooms in the bsmt done in time for your 2nd arrival, it shouldn’t be too disruptive. They will be down it the basement for the most part, right? I found when were working on finishing our basement it wasn’t nearly as bad as when they were upstairs all over the place….and there was no-where-to-escape!

    One of the funniest moments I remember from our construction zone days, is early on when I was still trying to nurse-bottle feed-pump. I had just finished one of those sessions with my youngest and I came downstairs with my bottles of pumped milk to put in the fridge. In the kitchen, there was about 5 construction guys (most in their early 20s) just staring at me with my boob juice! I probably should have been embarrassed but I literally was so sleep deprived and at the end of my rope that I just laughed. Whatever. In fact, there’s been a lot of “whatever” and “close enough” since my 2nd was born. You will soon see, Kate. Life is chaotic with two kiddos underfoot but you don’t worry as much about the details. Good luck with the construction project. It’s always stressful (no matter what your circumstances are) but worth it in the end.

  9. We live in a small condo, which leaves me mostly organizing, reorganizing and cleaning as part of my nesting extravaganza. I’m hating how many projects are half-finished, so I’ve spent large chunks of time on the weekends going through things trying to check them off the list. I realized that I had reached some new levels of nesting mania this weekend, though, when I bleached all of the trash cans in the house 🙂 I feel like the next few weeks are going to fly by, and even though I know we’re mostly set, there’s so much I want to have settled/done/squared away before Baby #2 arrives!

  10. YES! We decided to rip up the carpets in our bedroom, which resulted in removing asbestos tile from horrible looking hardwoods (That ended up having to be professionally refinished) 10 days before Liam was born. 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to see what it looks like! The basement and the baby. We are in the same boat, we’ll close on our house late this summer and baby #2 is coming in October. And..well…you’ve seen the house pictures. There will be MANY last minute projects:)

  12. The kitchen in our condo was outdated, but not in the gawd-awful-70’s-golden-harvest-scheme way. Just kind of bland and dated. At 28 weeks pregnant with #2, the cabinet door came off in my hand. So we started redesigning our kitchen. The cabinets went in at 35 weeks pregnant. I was tiling the backsplash the night before she was born!

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