She Says… Picture Day

I know I just posted a bunch of vacation photos and I’m sure most (all?) of you are tired of looking at pictures of my kid. But we just got Owen’s school picture back today and I have to share it.



Also, really REALLY wish we had gotten his hair cut prior to the picture being taken. But, you know, life happens. And my little boy was rockin’ a surfer dude style for picture day.

Oh how he’s grown since last year’s pic:


He looks so much more… serious. And thoughtful. And mature. And while I definitely see that same devilish look from 2012 these days, there IS something more grown up about him.

We’ll be fighting about laser backgrounds for these pictures in no time.


8 responses to “She Says… Picture Day

  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe how much he grew up in just a year!! What a big boy!

  2. ohhh, he’s so handsome!! great comparing the two pics 🙂

  3. So big! I definitely need to post Eli’s from this & last year!

  4. What a great looking kid! If you think he looks grown up now, wait until the baby arrives! 🙂

  5. I LOVE school pictures and I love comparing year to year – Owen seems to have grown by leaps and bounds!!! So awesome! (And I love the longer “surfer” hair – but you’ve seen pics of my kids, so you know that!) I got my boys’ pictures back last week and I couldn’t stop looking at them. Where has the time gone??? I get weepy just thinking about it. (And their school did something really sweet and posed them together for a “brothers” shot, as well as individual ones – I died.)

  6. I got a little weepy looking at these!!

  7. Such a change!! He really does look so much older!! My daughter is now 10, and it just blows my mind looking back at pictures of when I first met her and my husband! She was only 4, and I just can’t even believe the changes every year. I really think the biggest changes were from 4 to 5. And then one day, she just started looking like a big kid, instead of this little girl. It’s crazy!!

  8. What a huge difference! He looks like such a KID now!

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