She Says… The Last Vacay

photo 2

Well, the last vacay before the little guy arrives. Hopefully not our last one ever!

photo 6

We headed for the airport Friday morning to enjoy a long weekend with friends and their one year old in a condo in Florida. For the first time, I wasn’t even nervous about traveling with Owen.

photo 7


We planned our flights around naptimes so that we weren’t expecting him to nap on the plane (aka expecting the impossible), which proved to be an excellent strategy. He’s to the age now where he is easily entertained by TALKING no matter where he is, so even though he needs to run around, I knew we could keep him occupied in the “waiting” times pretty easily.

photo 1


He’s also old enough to walk everywhere and get himself in and out of seats and security lines, so there was very little need to carry him, which was an added bonus.

photo 3

The best part of all? We flew JetBlue, so he had unlimited access to a tv during the flight. I threw my normal screen-time limits out the window and everyone was happy 🙂

photo 5

Since then we’ve spent our days away from computers and phones and enjoying time in the pool and the ocean.

Man, vacay feels good. Pics to come.


One response to “She Says… The Last Vacay

  1. I will only fly jetblue with Kellen now after having made the mistake of taking another carrier once with him. You don’t really appreciate the fact that they have TVs and the most legroom until you have a toddler and no space to keep him entertained!

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