She Says… And Speaking Of Loveys

And speaking of Loveys, Owen did his first “big brother duty” by helping me choose a lovey for the new babe.

I learned a few lessons with Owen and his gross Lovey-sucking habits:

  • Don’t get the kind that have big “feet” (fabric after the knot), which essentially makes a cloth pacifier
  • Don’t get any with a looped tag that you will eventually want to cut and break your child’s heart
  • Don’t get any that are white or partially white — they will not be white for very long
  • Get 4 – we currently have 3, and sometimes have emergencies where the “laundry” one hasn’t been washed and the others are looking grody

With that in mind, I opted for the ubiquitous Angel Dear loveys. Everyone seems to have them and there must be a reason why. They come in a billion and one different designs, so if you choose a less-popular one, your kid hopefully won’t have to “share” at daycare (wouldn’t that be disconcerting, to see another kid cuddling YOUR Lovey?).

I have a few favorites (the spotted dog, zebra and raccoon, even though two of those three break my “no white” rule) but decided that this was a perfect job for the new big brother to feel like he was helping and picking something very special for his little bro. I gave Owen the choice between 3 different animals and he chose the gray raccoon. Without a doubt.


So the unborn is now the proud owner of 4 little gray raccoons, currently keeping his crib warm until he arrives.

On Mother’s Day Benjamin and I were putting together a new glider for the nursery and Owen was “helping”. I opened the Amazon box with the Loveys in it and Owen was immediately smitten. He quickly made them all kiss each other and then lifted up my shirt so they could kiss my belly/the baby. He talked in this sweet sing-songy voice and said, “These are your loveys, baby! I will give them to you when you cry!”. My eyes were welling up with tears as he gently, gently laid them down on the new ottoman, covered them with a blanket and shhhed us while he pretended to put them to sleep. He said he would do the same to the baby when he arrives.

I die.

That was worth every penny. I look forward to many more sweet moments with the new baby and his Lovey!


6 responses to “She Says… And Speaking Of Loveys

  1. Oh you are in for a treat sister. My toddler is in love with his brother! For the first couple months I think he gave all his kisses to his baby brother. Brother love is in the air! It’s incredible.

  2. Joke Vermanen

    We switched the bedcuddle every week. She chooses one from her suitcase full of special ones. This way she is not attached to one in specific ánd doesn’t get habbits that she can work on, because every cuddle is different.

  3. Owen is so sweet – he’s gearing up to be an awesome big brother!

    My kids chose their own loveys (we just gave them all different blankets until they started showing an obvious preference for a particular one) and two of them picked Angel Dear blankets. They are adorable, but not immune to the “cloth pacifier” problem. My daughter sucks and chews on every single one of those little nubs, and the ears too, despite using a regular pacifier as well. But every kid is different – my son never put his in his mouth.

  4. We have the Lamb in white and the white/blue and we LOVE them. I even bought Andy the puppy pillow and he starts out sleeping on it every night. The pillow is a slipcover over the pillow itself, so you can wash it!!! They really are the best! Great choice!
    ~your NOLA pal. 😉

  5. Angie All The Way

    Owen is a true sweetie and will be a wonderful big brother and this story is pretty much the tell tale sign – something so important to him and he’s opening the doors for his little brother to have it too. I die. Hopefully little bro will attach to a lovey the same way.

    When Cameron was an infant I would have paid a lovey or paci fairy any amount of money to sprinkle their dust over him to allow him to attach to something, but no dice. The kid wanted nothing but me and my boob and all through the night. I tried 14 different kinds of pacifiers and many lovey type things but nothing would suffice in the first 8 mths. But as he got older, he developed a strong affinity for all things stuffies. He has about 283447 different stuffies and he takes turns on which one he loves that day, or none at all. He also doesn’t love any ONE blankie, but sees that other kids love blankies at day care, so he’ll whine for “blankie and pillow” every now and then (like on our vacation when he had to nap in the car or in his stroller) and the good news is that it doesn’t “have” to be any one specific all the time which means there won’t be any “detaching” which I guess is the pro to all that rough first year!

  6. 1. Eli also sucks on his lovey… named Bud. It’s gross. We only have 2 and I have to wash one every other day or so because they start to smell horrible!
    2. Eli’s Buds are the Angel Dear mice. We have a blue & a gray. Like I said, they start to smell after a couple of days of constant sucking, but I LOVE them. They are soft & wash easily. Ours are starting to fall apart, but I think that’s because I tried to soak them in hydrogen peroxide to get the stench out and it ate away at the material. Whoops! I’ll probably be ordering a couple more for Eli when I order baby girl’s!

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