She Says… The Big Boy Room

If you’ve kept up on the news about what went down in Boston last week, you know that Friday was a crazy end to an already crazy week. Though life felt relatively normal for us (we were not part of the lockdown or police searches), behind the “normal” exterior, everything was different. Owen’s school was closed on Friday while we were encouraged to stay in our house during the manhunt for the second bomber, and I struggled to catch headlines and stay up-to-date via my phone so Owen wasn’t hearing/seeing the coverage.

It was stressful. And exhausting. And the second Owen went to bed I was glued to the television. We were so relieved to hear the news of the bomber’s capture late Friday night, and I spent the rest of the weekend almost completely unplugged from all news/social media/email in a sort of backlash against the time I had spent pouring over media during the week.


On a MUCH lighter note, the switch to the big boy bed that I have written/obsessed about far too much happened last Thursday, amidst the craziness. The bed was delivered and assembled while he was at school. It worked out really well because we were able to get everything set up and have a “big reveal” when he got home. I knew it would either be a huge success or a total failure.


The verdict? Huge success.

So far (we’re on night 5 tonight), he has stayed in bed and called for me in the morning. A few early wakeups, mostly due to being excited about the bed and also the fact that my mom was visiting this weekend and he wanted to see her as soon as he woke up. I’m considering that a huge success since I was scared he’d be out of the bed on night 1 and not sleeping at all. So… big boy bed for the win!


The transition also meant that we moved the changing table and the crib into the new baby’s room, and it has gotten me REALLY excited that we’re actually going to have a little person to put into that room very soon. My mom helped me get out all of the boxes of tiny baby clothes and clean out things like swings and baby seats that have been in our attic/basement since we moved. It’s making our NEXT big transition feel a whole lot more real!

Fingers crossed that the big boy bed maintains its allure and Owen continues to believe he really can’t get out on his own. So far, so good.


15 responses to “She Says… The Big Boy Room

  1. aw, cute! love his room. Also, your belly is looking fantastic 🙂

  2. I am surprised that he leaves those framed pictures above the bed alone! We had to move Faith’s bed away from the wall because she was kicking it, if there were picture frames, she’d be up to no good at all haha

  3. I love, love, LOVE that color scheme and the clouds. Are those wall decals or did you paint them?

  4. The new bed is perfect! You’ll never know when he’ll figure out he can get out on his own – it’ll be a 3am-wakeup-surprise! 🙂

  5. Awww so exciting! Cameron LOVES his big boy bed and thinks he’s such a big boy now 🙂 We’re about 2ish weeks in so far and we’ve never had a rogue toddler yet!!

  6. Love the art display… Is that just yarn and pushpins? Looks doable for me… And cute!

  7. Owen’s room looks great! This has gotten me all excited to get started on my boys’ shared bedroom (have to re-vamp some stuff to make it more “theirs” and less “Miles is moving into Ethan’s room”) and on baby girl’s nursery! So fun!

  8. We have the same noise machine. LOVE it!

  9. How is your house so clean?! I feel like there is just so much *stuff* in my house… Where do you put all of Owen’s toys? and clothes? and just stuff? I’m curious to know!


  10. @Katya, Thank you!

    @Kara, Yeah. They were hanging over his crib previously (he couldn’t reach them from where his mattress was), and it was mostly out of laziness and not wanting to expose a bunch of new nail holes that we left them there. We’re planning on painting someday, so if the pictures become a problem, we’ll take them down and fill the holes when we paint. So far, he just likes to stare at them.

    @onesosmall, Thanks! The walls and cloud decals were actually already in the room when we moved in. We didn’t have to do a thing to the walls, but I definitely used that as a jumping off point when picking the accessories/colors for the rest of the room. The clouds are stickers.

    @iamstacey, Ha! I’m sure you’re right. Can’t wait 🙂

    @Angie, Love to hear that! Go Cameron!

    @Em, Yes! It’s a rainbow hemp kind of twine I found at the craft store the other day, but yarn would work just as well. And then tied onto thumbtacks on both end. Very cute, easy and cheap.

    @Carly, Thank you! Have FUN with the girly stuff.

    @Hilary, It is a lifesaver and I will definitely get the same one for Baby #2.

    @Caroline, Oh, you are so sweet. Owen has a playroom right next to his bedroom, so that’s where we keep most of the toys. Other toys are down on the 1st floor so Owen can play while I’m working in the kitchen, etc. That leaves his bedroom really free of anything other than a bed, clothes (currently in his closet until he outgrows it and needs a dresser) and a few books. It’s a relief to know he won’t be awake at midnight playing with toys, at least 🙂

  11. Oh, you know what? I remember you doing a post a long time ago about an organic crib mattress you got for a review–does that fit on the twin bed frame or did you have to get another one? I’m making an investment on one soon. It would be stellar if the cheaper crib mattress fit a twin frame!

  12. @Sarah@onesosmall, Good memory! We did get a very nice organic crib mattress when we got our crib. It is “crib size”, though, which is smaller than twin. And, since we have Baby #2 on the way, we need the crib mattress in the crib. So we had to get another one — we ended up ordering a twin mattress (and box spring) from the same place as the bed frame so they were delivered and assembled together.

  13. I love Owens big boy room! I think transitioning him before the baby arrives will help make the adjustment of having a new baby less stressful for him.

    What kind of sound machine do you have? We are currently using a sleep sheep, but the poor thing is on it’s last leg of life and baby is only 6mo. Do you keep it on all night for O?

  14. @Stacy K, We have a Marpac ( It’s very loud (in a good way) and stays on all night. It’s “professional grade” and slightly adjustable (tone-wise), and uses air, not a loop, so there’s no repeat of sound. Love it and plan to get the same one for Baby #2.

  15. I’ve been neglecting checking your posts! I had also forgotten that you guys are in Boston. It was a scary couple of weeks. Glad you are safe. Owen’s big boy room is adorable!! It sounds like he’s going to be an incredible big bro. I’m sorry to hear you have GD. Hang in there. Before you know it you’ll be snuggling your new baby looking back with a suddenly terrible memory regarding your challenging pregnancy saying, “that wasn’t so bad” and “I think I could do it again”. 🙂

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