She Says… A Trip to the Hospital I Can Get Behind

Last weekend, before the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, our family spent some time at Boston Children’s Hospital. But, thankfully, it wasn’t due to illness or asthma or injury. It was to do our part to advance scientific research. Those of you who have been reading since Owen was a baby may remember we did this once before (how cute and chubby is he in those pictures?!).


We were contacted by Children’s a few weeks ago because Owen is in the prime age group for a study they are doing on how spatial memory development is related to brain development during infancy/toddlerhood. I’ve declined to participate in a few studies over the last two years because of scheduling or the hassle of driving to the hospital, but Benjamin has been traveling so much this month that this time I was thankful for the morning activity for us.

Also, as a bonus, Owen is now old enough to understand things like “scientists” and “experiments” and he thought it was SO COOL that he got to be a part of this. And, as a former psychology student and someone who is incredibly interested in human development, I think it’s SO COOL to be a part of it too.


The study involved 2 sessions (one Saturday morning, one Sunday morning) where Owen participated in 2 learning/memory tasks assessing his ability to remember the location of different objects he had seen earlier. Just like when he was a baby, he had to wear an electrode cap, made up of tiny little sensors surrounded by tiny little sponges, that would pick up his brain signals during the task.

I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about wearing the cap this time around (he couldn’t have cared less when he was a baby). He wasn’t really into it when we first put it on…


but once it was on for a minute and he was distracted by toys, he was totally cool.


He had fun with the memory task and quickly became best friends with the researcher. It helped that she rewarded him with gummy candy that I rarely let him have!


The setup at the lab is really interesting. They track his brain waves and where his eyes are looking via cameras in an adjoining room.

study8 study7

Once again, I am so thankful to have these amazing research hospitals so close to home, and happy to be part of the work that they do. Now Owen can’t stop talking about being a scientist and doing experiments too.

Little Dr. Owen in the making, perhaps?

Last time I posted about this I got a lot of emails and comments about how others in the area could participate. Here is the link to sign up to be a part of the participant registry at the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston Children’s Hospital.


12 responses to “She Says… A Trip to the Hospital I Can Get Behind

  1. I have deleted several comments on this post because the tone was disrespectful. There is too much going on in Boston today for me to spend time mediating comments and I would rather spread the love. Thank you.

  2. Dear Anon,

    I love reading this blog, and I am not afraid to admit it.
    If I disagree with what Kate does, I do not leave negative comments because
    to me everyone has their own right to raise their child their own way and blog about whatever they like.
    Your opinion may be;
    “I don’t think photos of a scared toddler belong on the internet, purpose be damned.”
    So feel free on YOUR blog never to put pictures like that on the ‘net.
    I won’t judge you for not telling the whole story, or censoring the reality of participating in these much useful studies (which personally I believe Owen would have enjoyed after he was comforted by his mother and distracted by lollies).
    We live in a community where women attack and not support each other. You may find this blog inappropriate, but I find your opinions written in a harsh, judgemental way that was ment to put Kate down not support her in her role as a mother. Which I feel she is doing a fantastic job.

    I don’t know you, and I like to think that since you have a child and strong opinions instead of attacking you for your harshness I would advise you to write your comments in a more positive tone, or even better e-mail Kate in private. You could do a lot of good by just asking Kate a question or the lightening tone of your writing. In this way you are being a whole lot more supportive of another Mother as well as finding out the true reason/story behind why Kate felt the need to post the pictures.

    In any case, Kate- You Rock. Keep up the Good Work 🙂

  3. Hi Kate, keep up the blogging, feel free to delete my comment 🙂

  4. My heart goes out to Boston. Kate- Great parenting blog.

  5. Thinking of y’all. Hope you’re safe.

  6. God you’re worse than CaitlinHTP or KERF. You know most of the people who read your blog anymore absolutely abhor you.

  7. Anon, what’s your damage?? If you don’t like it, STOP READING! It seems pretty simple to me….

  8. Kate, I can’t imagine living the horror you have this week and putting up with blowhards like Anon. Thoughts with you and your family. Anon doesn’t represent any slice of your readership.

  9. Long time reader first time commenter. I’ve been thinking about you and your sweet family and hope you all stay safe in this scary time.

  10. Bless you. Take care and love your family! Ignore the ugly posts for they are Ignorant. God Bless Boatonians!

  11. Thank you, everyone!

  12. kate..u r such a lovely mom….
    im waiting for your 2nd baby EVEN MORE THAN YOU…:D

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