She Says… It All Adds Up

Project: Big Boy Bed could have been as simple as mattress on the floor. But no, things are never that simple around here. Somehow my brain turned that simple change into a catalyst for making all kinds of bigger changes.

Here’s what I intended to buy:

  • Twin bed (Our crib converts to a toddler bed, but since we are planning to use that crib in July for the new baby, I didn’t think it made much sense to transition multiple times. Straight to the twin!)

Here’s what I kind of forgot we had to buy in addition to the things above:

  • Mattress
  • Box spring
  • Duvet cover
  • Duvet/comforter
  • Twin sheets (x2)
  • Waterproof mattress protector (x2)

And then those things made me think of something else…

  • Video monitor (We never got one when Owen was a baby, and I’m glad we didn’t because I would have obsessed over it… but now I want to see what he’s up to when that door is shut and he has no crib to confine him! We’ll likely get 2 cameras so we can watch both kiddos on the same screen.)
  • Dresser? (Currently Owen’s clothes are all in his changing table. He is very much potty trained at home, but still wears diapers for sleeping, so we also kind of need a place to change him. Unfortunately he loves to climb his current changing table like a little monkey, and even though it’s securely bolted to the wall, I think it will be better if we take it out of his room once he is let loose. Also, we’ll need it for the baby about a million times more often, so it makes sense to put in the nursery. Which means that… now we need a dresser too? Maybe with a changing pad on top?).

And then somehow my brain made the jump that since we’ll be moving the crib and changing table OUT of Owen’s room and INTO the new nursery, we’re eliminating what we have been using as a guest room. Of course we knew that was going to happen, but the actual date (next Thursday) of the bed coming really catapults these changes into reality.

So, naturally, I started meeting with contractors to possibly put a bathroom in our basement to create a guest suite away from children… before the baby comes. Ummm, yeah. Maybe not the best timing, but it certainly would be useful!

I’m trying to convince myself that most of the new things we’re buying for Owen’s room are balanced out by what we DON’T have to buy for the baby’s nursery. And they will also be used for years and years to come (my good, sturdy twin bed lasted me until college!), so we’re investing in solid pieces, rather than something flimsy as a placeholder for the “real deal” when he gets older. Still, this feels like a much bigger chunk of change (in all senses of the word) than I bargained for.


16 responses to “She Says… It All Adds Up

  1. Sounds like you’re nesting! Ha! Just a thought on Owen’s changing table- since you barely use it, just change him on his bed. He’s gonna be in a pull up at bedtime before long anyway, and he will do that and his pjs himself. You can always take him to the baby’s room if he needs a big change. Anyway, can’t wait to see pics!

  2. I agree with what Liz says about changing owen’s diapers- just change him on the bed or floor. (Although being pregnant, bed is likely much easier for you than floor.) We stopped using our changing table probably around a year because our son would wiggle around too much and roll over. Far too dangerous!

  3. *lol* this is EXACTLY what happened with us, and I too felt thrifty for saving “all that money” on not having to get stuff for the baby’s nursery. HAHAHA a nesting mother’s logic. Switching to a twin bed went really well for us, just FYI. Amber was also not escaping her crib, and I think at first she did not understand that she could get out of her new bed easily. So we didn’t have any trouble at all πŸ™‚

  4. I hear ya – it’s so easy for these things to snowball, even when you’re trying to be thrifty! I’ve been searching for a crib for the new baby (since Miles won’t be ready to transition to a bed yet) and this inevitably leads to searching for new bedding, new curtains, etc. Having a girl this time around is giving me a dangerous (and FUN!) excuse to spend money! πŸ™‚

  5. Another vote for skipping the changing table. We made the switch in November to get ready for #2 in January. When we moved him into his “big boy room” we left the low dresser/changing table in the nursery, and now I can’t imagine lifting my 35 lb 3-year-old (who is impossible to potty train, but that’s another story!) onto that thing! We use the floor or bed.

    And we did the same thing with the video monitor! Never had one when #1 was a baby, but got one intending to use it for #2 (living in a bigger house now too, thought it would be handy). We thought we’d test it out on #1 when we moved him into a bed, and now I can’t imagine not having it for him! Plus we have a motorola one that lets you talk to them through the monitor, so we can yell at him to get back in bed. πŸ˜‰ Still haven’t set up the 2nd camera in the nursery, and the baby is now 3 months. Oops!

  6. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Ha! It will all come together!

  7. I still have an end table from my childhood as well as good set of wood drawers my parents obtained, pre-Jen. They have been painted and refinished several times and still look great. It’s nice to have parents who had good taste.

  8. You could do the real thrifty thing and just move Owen into the guest room without buying anything! I’m not into decorating for kids (no nursery or cribs or themes for us) or anything like that – just a bed and dresser that was my husbands before we met, regular sheets, etc. Although we did just inherit my childhood bunk beds and will be moving those into his room in the next few months. Just food for thought.

  9. Not sure if you are going to do this, but we put a baby gate in the doorway of the room when my kids transitioned to their “big boy beds”. Just gave me extra piece of mind that they weren’t wandering around during the middle of the night.

  10. You’ll have a bed to to change him on! Our changing table was rather flimsy and we got rid of it for more space before she moved to her big bed and never regretted it. Her room was big enough that we had the twin (from college days) set up in there like a day bed so we kept a waterproof pad on it to change her. Especially if you need it only for nighttime, I wouldn’t worry about it buying another changing pad for the dresser.
    Also, about the dresser, I HIGHLY recommend checking nto antique stores, craig’s list, etc. We just bought a “big girl” dresser for Emmy so we could move the smaller dresser to the nursery in preparation for baby because her bed now was my grandmother’s and is a dark wood color and the dresser is painted white so I had been wanting something different anyways. We found a fabulous dresser with mirror in great shape for 150.00 at an antique market and it is solid wood. I would have paid at least 400 for just a dresser, no mirror, the same size and I doubt it would have been as solid. And just remember, even if baby no. 2 wasn’t on the way, eventually you’d have to get a big boy bed, etc. but yeah, it’s amazing how expensive it still gets! πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  11. Davie slept in our room for the first 18 months. But I knew eventually she’d be in her own room , so we started buying an actual bedroom set. I wanted her to have one good solid set she could take with her someday when she goes to college. πŸ™‚ Right now we have the box springs and mattress on the floor, but they’re sitting inside the frame with the headboard and footboard in place. We just took the slats out of the bottom of the frame so it’s not so high and she can get in and out of bed on her own. We put the little removable side nets on either side so she doesn’t roll out accidentally. I’m glad we went ahead and invested in a good set. You’ll be glad you did. πŸ™‚

  12. And Beth is right – Craigslist is awesome! You can sometimes get whole bedroom sets, or just pieces you need. We also watched for sales, so we when we bought the bed and dresser we got the nightstand for free.

  13. @Liz M., Ha! Totally. I’ve got a list of project a mile long that I am itching to get finished so I can “be organized” for when the baby comes.

    @Chris, Great idea. We will start with that! I told Owen we were going to move his changing table and he seemed really sad about it… but maybe we all have some adjusting to do πŸ™‚

    @Ruby, It is kind of backwards thinking. Hahaha. But we’ll need all of these things at some point I imagine. I’m so glad to hear the bed transition was an easy one for you! I’m hoping I can say the same.

    @Carly, Oooh, yes, a girl means you HAVE to buy new EVERYTHING. Right???

    @Sue O, I never thought about using the camera to tell him to get back in bed! We got the Motorola one too, so maybe that will come in handy for us. You’re right about lifting the heavy toddler though — even if I wasn’t pregnant, that’s getting harder and harder!

    @Lauren, I was thinking the same thing. I should write a new version of that book for pregnant ladies.

    @Cousin Jen, I hope Owen says the same about us when he’s older!

    @Hilary, Unfortunately we can’t do that. The guest room is a teeny tiny room (barely big enough for a nursery) that is currently almost entire covered up by a queen mattress on the floor. We never set it up as a real guest room because we knew it would be a nursery before too long. I also didn’t want to change too many things for Owen all at once. I think this switch will be best for everyone, even if it’s causing me to spend a little more money right now.

    @Jennifer, This is a great idea. We have a gate at the top of the stairs, but I’ve heard others say that the gate at the door helps their kid understand that you’re really not supposed to leave your room at night. We may do that if he decides to explore.

    @Beth, Great idea to keep an eye on Craigslist for the dresser!

    @iamstacey, That’s a great idea for how to keep the bed low. Will have to see if that works once our bed is delivered/built.

  14. Maju Sweet-Thing

    Just woke in New Zealand to the news of the explosions. Hope you and all you care about are safe and sound.

  15. Depending on your desire to continue to have a “changing table” in Owen’s room, all I’ve ever had in our daughter’s room is a dresser with a changing pad. I didn’t want to buy furniture that was obviously a changing table since I planned for it to last many years. It has been great with no problems and will be something that can go with her if she wants it when she leaves home or something I’d be happy to keep in my house.

  16. We just moved Eli into his big boy room… I’m due in October with baby #2. We opted to move Eli’s room instead of using our guest room as the nursery because the current nursery is closer to our bedroom. Hubby’s parent’s still had his solid oak bunk beds from when he was growing up. We just took the top bunk, which is awesome because it has a railing all the way around it! Luckily for us, he’s a really cautious kid and is NOT a climber… he’s afraid to climb down by himself! Woohoo! (We’ll see how long THAT lasts!)

    Also, we just put his nighttime diaper on him on the floor… or on the bed.

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