She Says… The April Fool’s Joke That Wasn’t

In general, I think most blog/website April Fool’s Day jokes are kind of lame. Once in a long time there’s one that makes me laugh out loud (this YouTube one was pretty funny), but usually they are so ridiculous that no one gets fooled, but instead are left rolling their eyes.

And, clearly, in my case, the classic “I’m pregnant!” farce is not funny… ’cause it’s true.

However, I giggled a little when Benjamin told me about an idea he had. You know how I’ve been shocked at how big I am already with this pregnancy as compared to how I was with Owen (which was still very big for a 1st baby bump)? He thought I could tell you all that we finally found out why: That I’m having twins!

Kinda funny, right?


Ok, maybe not.

In other news, I have been quietly avoiding the topic of switching Owen into a big boy bed since introducing the idea back in February, but that is about to change. I’m resisting this transition for many reasons, but Owen not being ready for it is not one of them (they’re all MY issues, not his).

  • I’m worried about losing the control that I have when he is in his crib
  • I’m stressed about upsetting/changing our peaceful and happy routine that has been the same since he was about 4 months old
  • And although I love the person he is growing into, I don’t want to admit that he’s not a baby anymore

Still, if we ARE going to make this transition before Baby #2 comes, I’ve heard from many sources that we should do so at least 3 months before the baby arrives so that Owen doesn’t feel pushed out or like the baby “stole” the crib from him. Given that he’s already totally jazzed about the big boy bed and has been asking for it for weeks (months?), I don’t think we’re going to have that problem. In any case, it seems like now is about the right time, a little over 3 months before baby brother arrives.

Benjamin is gently encouraging me to just bite the freaking bullet and move on.

So… the bed is ordered. It’s being delivered on April 18th. I have 2 weeks to get over my reservations so Owen doesn’t sense my doubt (the kid senses everything). On the bright side, that also means I have 2 weeks to pick out the fun stuff like sheets and comforters to turn his nursery into a real, live big boy room.

I’m 99.9% sure this is going to be a total non-issue, despite my incessant blogging about it.

Fingers are crossed.


10 responses to “She Says… The April Fool’s Joke That Wasn’t

  1. Good Luck! There’s no way I can give up the crib yet but since Kellen isn’t ready either I don’t have to admit it 😛

  2. Believe it or not, I have a fb friend – someone I knew when I was little – who was pregnant over April Fool’s day and did the twin trick on facebook. Then she found out just a few days later that it really was twins and had to announce it again, for real this time. Such a great story for the kids when they are old enough to understand!

  3. Just think of his room as a giant crib. The following worked for us. Childproof what you can. For us that meant strapping furniture to the wall and getting tamper-proof outlets. Remove toys and books if they distract him from going to sleep. Use a baby-gate for the doorway so he can’t roam the halls and slip into your bed. Yo may have to do a few nights of silent returns or other methods to keep him in bed, but he will catch on quickly. Good luck.

  4. We converted Bennett’s crib to a toddler bed last August, shortly before he turned 2. I was a bit worried that he would get out of bed a lot, but he surprised us. It was as if there was a magic forcefield there. He never got out of bed and instead would just cry for us. 7 months later, he still doesn’t get out of bed on his own in the morning. Only recently has he started getting out a bit at night, but even then, he just goes and opens and closes the door and then gets back in bed.

    All that to say, it may not be as bad as you imagine.

  5. I was just about to ask you about this as I saw all the big boy bedding you’ve been pinning! Good luck with the transition.

  6. I worried about all of those things, too, and we have been pleasantly surprised at how well things have gone. Elle LOVES her big girl bed and understands that the crib is going to be used by baby brother. She could not have been more excited for us to finally set up the big girl bed and let her sleep in it, which killed me a little bit as I let go of another piece of my baby girl, but it was preferable to fighting her over moving to the big girl bed! She sleeps like a rock in the bed and doesn’t seem to know she can get out and roam her room – she even just lays quietly in bed until we come get her in the morning. My niece is a month older than her, and my brother tells me she did the same thing in terms of following the boundaries of a big girl bed … for about six months until she realized she could get out and play and read, but now all they have to do is tell her to back to sleep on their video monitor and she hops right back in bed. I’ve heard there might be a regression when the baby arrives or possible issues when we night-time potty train, and I’m sure it won’t be all smooth sailing, but really, Elle has transitioned without issue. We love having the video monitor, and she loves that the “camera talks to her” to remind her that she needs to stop kicking/tossing/turning and go to sleep, which we’ve only done a handful of times if she’s still awake an hour or so after bedtime. But basically I worried for nothing and she has made me look like a fool for ever waiting/doubting 🙂 I hope Owen’s transition goes smoothly and you’re pleasantly surprised at how well things go! 🙂

  7. I was worried when we switched Ethan, but like others have already said, it’s like he didn’t even realize he could get out of bed if he wanted – he would just stay put and wait for us in the morning. And he never wandered around at night. That didn’t change until right after he turned 4, when he realized he could get out of bed if he wanted. But he still doesn’t come wandering around too much at night – we get the occasional nighttime visitor, but we just walk him back to his room and it’s fine. And he does get up himself in the morning now and go looking for people, but that’s fine, too, since he sleeps until 6:30-7 anyway. The hardest part was the going to sleep part. Initially, he was scared in the big boy bed by himself, so we had about a week of me sitting on the floor and singing to him as he calmed down. But he adjusted quickly. My big worry now is that Miles and Ethan are going to be sharing a room when the new baby comes – and Miles is absolutely not ready to give up the crib (he’ll only have just turned 2 when the baby arrives). Add a newborn to that mix, and who knows what kind of adjustments we’ll be going through come September? Yikes.

  8. My older son (Sam) was a crazy sleeper in his crib – jumping, rolling around, etc. He always resisted going to bed. When we switched to his bed, he gave us trouble for a long time (still has trouble falling asleep sometimes now at age 6). My second son (Oliver) was bad about night waking but slept really well in the crib (no trouble going to bed, didn’t move around, etc.). When we moved Oliver to a bed, we had #3 on the way so we were also moving him in with Sam. Since Sam had given us so much trouble, I was terrified that moving them in together AND transitioning Oliver to the big boy bed at the same time. But we decided to rip the band-aid off and get through the transition before the baby arrived. They surprised us! Oliver had NO trouble transitioning (he was totally ready), and he had zero qualms about giving his room up to the baby. And Sam didn’t mind sharing his room at all.

    I think Owen sounds more like my Oliver – you have a solid bedtime routine and he responds well to it, so keeping it all the same except for the type of bed should be no problem for him. I hope I’m right – good luck!

  9. @JMT, Hilarious! How awkward to have to backpedal like that.

    @Anonymous, Great advice, thank you. So far all of the furniture is bolted to the wall and there are only books in his room (no toys). We’ll see what kinds if shenanigans he can get into, though!

    @Chris, I’m so hoping Owen is one of the “magic forcefield” kids who thinks he can’t get out of bed on his own. I’m thinking he is.

    @Kristin, This is so great to hear! Thank you. I just ordered a video monitor too, so hopefully Owen will take as well to it 🙂 I, too, expect some regressions along the way, but I guess I have to admit that it’s time to make this change!

    @Carly, It cracks me up that these sweet little kids don’t know they can get out of bed. I’m so glad to hear the transition was so easy with Ethan, because I see a lot of similarities between these two. Fingers crossed for you in the next big change!

    @Julie, I think you’re right… Owen has a strong routine and has never really put up a fight about going to sleep. The kid loves to sleep! We may have some middle of the night/early morning issues, but silent returns to bed should show him what we expect from him.

  10. My daughter had to switch somewhat abruptly to a big bed and she’s done fine but my worry is that she will roll out of bed since she still moved around a lot in her crib. Therefore, we used her crib bumpers (gasp! yes, she had bumpers…) and tucked them under the sheets so that when she does move around, she still has a stop so she won’t roll out. She’s done great and also won’t get up until we come get her. Owen will do a fine job with the switch!

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