She Says… The Easter Bunny Came!

Eggs were dyed…

Easter 2013-1 Easter 2013-2 Easter 2013-7

and eaten.

Easter 2013-4 Easter 2013-5

The Easter basket was hidden (in the bathtub!)…

Easter 2013-10

… found,

Easter 2013-9

… and immediately dug through.

Easter 2013-8

Bellies were filled. Well, mine with a big, active baby (and a few Peeps and peanut butter eggs) and Owen’s with more chocolate and sugar than his little body has ever experienced.

Easter 2013-13 Easter 2013-14

I regulated the treats well at home (only put 2 Peeps and 2 marshmallows in the basket, allowed him to choose ONE to have when he opened his basket, and then put the rest away as special treats to be awarded after eating good dinners).

Easter 2013-15 Easter 2013-12

But I restrained myself from controlling him while we let him go wild on an Easter egg hunt at his Grammy and Grampy’s. I’m working on loosening my grip on stuff like this. Though they only put treats in a few of the eggs, Owen promptly stuffed his face with waaaaay more chocolate than he’d ever eaten in a day and didn’t eat a bite of dinner that night.

Easter 2013-17 Easter 2013-18

On the ride home Owen started whining that he was hungry… then that he had to poop… then that he was going to be sick. Clearly his “dinner” of sugar didn’t sit very well.

Easter 2013-16 Easter 2013-21

But in the end we made it home without any bodily fluid accidents and he slept like a rock, despite no dinner, a late bedtime and no bath (which may be the first time we’ve ever skipped bath since he was 4 months old).

Easter WIN.


3 responses to “She Says… The Easter Bunny Came!

  1. Glad our spoiling didn’t have any long term effects. Great photos of a fun day!

  2. I love it! Can’t wait until Kellen “gets” it like this. I thought he might care once he noticed the eggs had things in them but he was too excited about the hotwheels from his basket 🙂 Your little man looked so handsome in his bow tie!

  3. Aww, how sweet! What a beautiful maternity dress and such a handsome little outfit on Owen!

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