She Says… Art vs. Science

Dear little one,

We are 24 weeks along in this somewhere-around-40-week-long incubation period (though since Owen only stayed put for 38, we’re thinking you may do the same). Although I was pretty tired in the first trimester and pretty sick for the month or two after that, you’ve made this INCREDIBLY easy on me so far. So easy that I fear that once you come out I will have to pay the price for having it so easy now. Let’s just stick with you being a piece of cake, eh?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I feel SO PREGNANT. I look consistently about 5 weeks “larger” than I did with Owen. Thankfully, so far at least, I’ve gained significantly less weight. So we’re doing pretty well in that department. I’m finding it harder to exercise this time around (no time! no time!), but I’m working on fitting in walks and quick strength training whenever I can do it. Better than nothing, but certainly not the “gym 4 times a week” regimen I was used to when I was pregnant with Owen. Still surprises me how much weight I gained while pregnant with him given how I was exercising.

Finally the sun has started to melt the crazy amounts of snow we got over this long, long winter, and I am seeing little reminders of what the warmer weather feels like. We’ll be strolling around town without jackets in a matter of weeks! Hallelujah! Still, it feels like it’s taking forever to get here and I’m so tired of wearing gloves and parkas. Also, we’re quickly approaching the “I can’t zip my coat” stage, so spring better come soon. Or else you and I are going to be 1) homebound to stay warm, or 2) wearing one of Daddy’s coats or a burlap sack, which is not a fashion statement I’d like to make, if possible.

I am so excited to know you are a boy, and to know your name. Daddy and I try it on for size after Owen has gone to bed or when we’re talking and it’s just the two of us. I love to say it, and to write it down. I’m fairly certain I’m going to let it slip to someone else by accident, since I’m getting used to saying it out loud, but we’re doing our best to keep it a secret. Our little secret. I hope you will love it too. I haven’t even met you yet, but I feel like it suits you.

I’ve noticed something that is remarkably different being pregnant with you. When I was pregnant the first time, I was consumed by the science of pregnancy. How those teeny tiny cells turn into a person. What was growing during each week and how your tiny body was forming. While I’m no less in awe of that process this time around, I am struck by how much less I am focusing on the science and how much more I am focusing on the art. Feeling you kick and roll and poke and arch inside me feels less medical and more magical. I’m barely reading the “what’s going on this week” emails and more just enjoying the simplicity and joy of keeping  you safely tucked away from the world. I’m thinking about the music and the voices and the sounds that you’re hearing. I’m noticing our daily routines and patterns and when you’re awake and when you’re asleep. I’m savoring every minute in a different way than I did with Owen. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that I am peacefully enjoying this time with you.

Growing you has been one of the greatest joys of my life so far. You are a masterpiece already.

I have one little request… can you calm down in there a little bit? It’s only week 24 and you are already so much stronger and more active than your brother. I really didn’t think that was possible. I fear for my internal organs as you get bigger.

All the love in the world… and then some,


7 responses to “She Says… Art vs. Science

  1. Love your letters! So happy things are going well. And Amen, I’m about 3 weeks behind you with my 2nd and I feel SO MUCH BIGGER this time. And I feel her moving SO MUCH MORE. I know she’s a bigger baby (my first was severely growth restricted) but still, we have a long way to full term and I’m afraid what that will be like! A trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night evidently perceived as an invitation for a dance party, so we need to have a chat about that. 🙂

  2. therapeuticbaking

    I remember feeling my second son more too. With my first, his first movement was more of a “tickle”. Whereas, with my second it was a full-on kick! I think it’s because you’ve done this before so you know what to feel for?

    That’s so exciting that you’ve decided on a name with Benjamin and have time to “practice it”. I wish we would have had come to some consensus but my husband and I never did.

    Enjoy this time, Kate. Savour it. It goes by so quickly (especially during a pregnancy with a preschooler around). I miss feeling those kicks in the middle of the night saying “hello mommy, I’m here and I’m okay”.

  3. I concur with almost everything 🙂 And definitely about the more active/strong part – I thought maybe it was just a boy thing, because I remember being really uncomfortable with Elle’s forceful jabs and rolls by the end, but this time I’m already feeling kicks/punches that are stronger than I expected!

  4. My second son moved far more than my first 🙂


  6. So exciting! I also gained less weight the 2nd time around, but looked way bigger from the beginning. Of course, the 3rd time, I’m gaining more and looking HUGE (maternity pants at 8 weeks – what???), even with the exercise. Either this baby is really hungry or my body has given up! 🙂 My 2nd son was a different kind of active from his older brother, and knowing them now, it makes total sense. Ethan was active constantly and it always seemed like he was all over the place in there. With Miles, I felt like he was taking these big long stretches and holding them forever (watching my stomach from the outside was WEIRD!) and then he’s casually relax back into position. It fits the two of them to a T. I LOVE feeling the baby move, definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. I’m already starting to feel taps and bubbles in there from #3, at 16 weeks, and I can’t wait for things to start picking up!

  7. We just found out on friday that we were having a little brother too! My husband and I felt a twinge of sadness since we both hoped to have one of each and be done (best laid plans!) but we soon started thinking about our two boys playing together and being each other’s best friends and we now couldn’t be happier. My husband didn’t have any close guy friends to make his best man at our wedding and we at glad that our sons will most likely never face that! And the image of our boys standing up to support each other as one gets married? I die. We decided on a name too and although I wish we had the discipline to keep it a secret, we have blurted it already and so far it seems to have gone over well! It’s incredible to have one child out and running about and who you know so well and another who you imagine and attribute little personalities to but who is till such a mystery!

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