She Says… Kidville

I don’t always blog about the local events we attend or the places we go because most of you are not from my area (so it wouldn’t be very interesting), but over the weekend we found a really, REALLY fun, kid-oriented place that actually has locations all over the world! How did I not know about Kidville before?

Their motto is “Happy kids. Happy families.”. And I have to say, when we left there on Saturday we were certainly a happy family with a happy kid.

The newest location in Wellesley, MA had their grand opening this weekend and invited us to be part of the celebration. We watched a ribbon cutting ceremony and explored the new space. Kidville has a little bit of everything:

It’s a boutique with carefully curated kids products…


a gym…

kidville7 kidville6 kidville5

(Gratuitous belly shot, for those who keep asking!)


a music class/show, complete with a 4 piece band and original songs…

kidville8 kidville11RR and parents

a place to do arts and crafts…

kidville13 kidville12

and even has a salon where your kid can get their hair cut.


It was immaculately clean (!!!) and offered the kids plenty of space to run around. Well, if there hadn’t been quite so many people they could have run around more. The grand opening was packed! When we go back again, I’m sure it will be a little more calm.

And go back we will. Kidville offers TONS of classes for kids (music, art, dance, gymnastics, pre-school, etc.). They also host birthday parties and have “open gym” time. I’m most excited about the open gym time, as we’re always looking for places where Owen can go climb and jump and monkey around to his heart’s content, especially indoors if it’s cold, rainy or snowy… which, for the Boston area has been, well, the last 6 months!

All in all we had a wonderful morning exploring this fun new space, and the people who ran the event were over-the-top sweet. They knew Owen and I by name and even cut one of their balloons down because Owen was fixated on taking one home.


As any parent of a 3 year old knows, the balloon may have been Owen’s favorite part.


In case you’re wondering: No one compensated me to write this. Our family was specifically invited to the grand opening, but it was a free event that we likely would have gone to even without the invitation. They did send us home with a fun little goody bag for Owen when we left, and provided some of the (non-blurry) pictures you see above. Thanks, Kidville!


6 responses to “She Says… Kidville

  1. Sounds like a blast! I wish we lived closer to Wellesley, I’m always looking for indoor play spaces, especially during the winter in New England! Jamtime in Maynard is closer to us and is “open gym” all the time. We’ve had Ethan’s bday party there the last two years, and we are frequent visitors on the weekends, January thru March! If you feel like coming northward, let me know – we’ll meet you there! 🙂

  2. @Carly, I just checked out their website. It looks awesome too!

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! I wish we had one around here!
    I love the bump photo! You look great, Mama!

  4. I have been reading ur blog since my husband and I started TTC and u are an inspriration to me. Thanks u for being so open about everything and sharing ur world with us. My husband and I just found out we are expecting our first! I am so excited. Thank u again

  5. What an amazing place. I’d definitely take my little one if I lived close enough. Unfortunately, there’s nothing like that here where we live. 😦

  6. We have something called “Wallabies” but it’s certainly not as expansive or interesting as this! In fact, it’s pretty much an expensive germ-factory. I avoid it. I am actually considering moving to another (somewhat larger) area so that we have something like this around. I find it incredibly difficult to engage my toddler in fun activities when there is just nothing around for those bad weather days.

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